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The New Raith Rovers Thread

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7 minutes ago, grumswall said:

We've technically won this cup back to back so as long as we get away from the game without any injuries etc then I couldn't care less about the result. Hopefully we see more game time for the likes of Spencer as well.

Not lost a game in this cup for over 4 years now!

A win would be nice to build on Saturday especially with 5 of our next 6 away from home, every bit of confidence and momentum will help.

However, any injuries to our paper thin squad would be a disaster, we don’t have a lot of scope to switch things up at this stage but hopefully see the likes of Ngwenya, Spencer, McBride, Thomson get a run out. Would have given Mitchell a start as well but after Connell’s performance on Saturday I would be starting him again to see if he can continue from there and get himself into a good run of form. 

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32 minutes ago, Raith_Raver said:

Are you deliberately thick, or is it your normal state?

2 hours ago, Raith_Raver said:

Or the folk who have to queue in the rain at the office window to get a match ticket then queue again at the turnstyle to get in

Calling someone thick and not being able to spell turnstile is not a good look.

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My opinion on this cup is still that it isn't worth the effort unless you get to the final. We've done that now enough times that I'm happy to get out of this one early.

Start Thompson, McBride, Ngwenya and Spencer. Get some extended time into Mitchell and Coulson from the bench. 

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This cup is an absolute waste of a Saturday fixture and nothing more than an injury risk. Play as many as possible that haven't had much time this season from the start and if we win, we try again with the same strategy next time. 
Would have been better for everyone if the games that where postponed where played this week and these Cup games punted to a Wednesday etc.
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“A few more weeks of running…then I can start getting into training, building up the training and return to the game.”

Sounds like IM’s offhand suggestion Lang might be back in late Oct isn’t totally far-fetched, although adding that up, mid-November seems reachable.


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