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The New Raith Rovers Thread

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1 minute ago, San Starko Rover said:

Decent wee chat with Steven MacDonald about ticket sales, shirts and Murray still looking at players. Good idea to give everyone a bit of info at what’s happening while it’s been quiet. 

2nd this and he also said there will be a Striker and a few CHs coming In at some point and Murray has sent people down south to look at a few teams for players and also Murray is going to make good use of the loan market never said anything about the said Striker/CHs being Loans or permanent

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6 hours ago, Jilted John said:

It’s not worked out like that for the leagues in Wales or Ireland.

IDK, Wales and Ireland showing stronger national sides recently. “Scottish” football can benefit from more players to choose from, but fitba takes a hit.

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Can we go back to playing every game behind closed doors? Apparently we save our best performances for when nobody is there.

Feck thats nearly a goal every 4 mins, must be something about having no crowds [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]

Every Raith fan right now.
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