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The New Raith Rovers Thread

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24 minutes ago, mr_malcolm said:

Just go without feeling guilty . It’s a really shite situation to be put in by the club you love . I’d be lost without having forfar to go and watch every Saturday .

Just throw a pie at the c**t and the board who allowed this to happen

Ironically you'd end up with a criminal record.

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4 minutes ago, Disgruntled Goat said:


I am absolutely in favour of rehabilitation as the key component of any justice system worthy of the name but you can't have rehabilitation without remorse. And Goodwillie hasn't shown any remorse, he hasn't used his experience & notoriety to help educate young men that no means no even if she said yes earlier in the evening or anything. He's just greeted he can't drive a fancy car anymore, woe is him.

Honestly using rehabilitation as cover for this signing (& then waving it away by saying it was a footballing decision anyway, as if that makes it fine) is disgusting cowardice from Raith Rovers.

Just absolutely appalling all round. Feel for the fans who are deeply unsure about how to react to this going forward, as a Staggies fan for 30ish years, I can relate, haven't gone to Victoria Park this season, and what Malky did is obviously no where near as vile as what Goodwillie did.

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Holy fucking christ.

First and foremost, disregarding the gravity of the topic at hand, many clubs have had experience this season of shitting the bed and releasing car crash club statements. Most notably Raith’s friends at Dunfermline and Falkirk.

But those statements were wholly to do with the game of football, nothing more. This is more.

There has been a reaction over the last 24 hours from Raith’s fanbase which has been unlike anything I’ve ever seen in football. I’ve never seen as many people ripping up season tickets and declaring they will never back like this. That shows how moronic of a decision it was in the first place. To then double down and basically say the club is forgiving a rapist is unspeakable and should be the final nail in the coffin for any self respecting Rovers fans until this slimey c**t and the folk that signed him are thrown into the fucking Firth of Forth

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