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The New Raith Rovers Thread

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16 hours ago, grumswall said:

I honestly forgot he was our player until I read this post. Anyone know how he's done at montrose?

Tait won't be here beyond his loan deal from what iv been told. Brs is nowhere near this level. Arnott is raw but does have something about him. Ideally we need two cms in, in January and depending on what happens with varian and poplatnik 1/2 there as well imo.

Poor, a goal and a few matches, then injured in some manner.

I expect to see Arnott get a shot sometime from JMcG, who rates him.

10 hours ago, Brashy's Boots said:

Agree on BRS, apart from Tx saying he has a hot streak which gets him dragged into things. Instead, he has a slow streak, if such a thing exists, which means he can't get out of things quickly enough or even get to them quickly enough in the 1st place. His timing in the challenge is bad and his mobility poor. Can't see him improve and surely won't be considered a weekly starter.

His play trends more toward JCB than Porsche.

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19 hours ago, renton said:

I wonder who we can con into taking him on loan this time?

Maybe the same way ICT conned us 😉

Seemingly out with a knee injury , hopefully he'll be told hes free to find another club 

And I can't fathom out why BRS got another 6 months, when he's clearly not good enough for Championship level  

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Apparently about 6 weeks is the timeframe... personally I’d have imagined longer. Doesn’t sound like a “bad” beak. Glad it isn't ligaments, then he’s out for a lot longer.

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20 minutes ago, R.R.FC said:

Didn’t he break his leg at the start of the season against Hamilton as well? Hopefully a similarly quick recovery. It’s a big blow ahead of two crucial games.

Was a break in his foot rather than leg against Hamilton I think. Yeah, hopefully the bone heals quickly.

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2 hours ago, pub car king said:

2 starting midfielders needed now.

FIFY, which is really depressing. Granted, Frankie might squeeze in there and Arnott looks the business once he gets fully up to speed, but neither is a default starter like Tait and Spencer.

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