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The New Raith Rovers Thread

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1 minute ago, MC_Lachlan said:

That last 30 minutes of the Hamilton game really came at a heavy price.

65 minutes gone, 4-0 ahead, top of the league, playing great football, on course for our 5th consecutive clean sheet and excitement building for a successful season ahead with Spencer and Vaughan pulling the strings.

25 minutes later, we’ve conceded 4 to draw the game, lost Brad Spencer for 6 weeks due to a broken foot and Lewis Vaughan for the same period with a cartilage tear and it’s suddenly hard to see when we’ll get our next win.

Football eh?

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Acht well, that's us fucked good and proper. No amount of 'oh but we have X, Y and Z that can step up' is going to cut it I'm afraid. No Spencer and Vaughan is pretty catastrophic to our squad at the moment. 

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Can't spin that any other way than an absolute fucking disaster.

Need to try and shitfest our way through to October and take it from there.

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I find it quite daft when teams lose games with freak events, lose big games more often not or have horrendous injury luck and we’ll have posters from that club saying “only *insert team*” as if it’s never happened to another team before but f**k me, only Raith Rovers.

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So, with Vaughan out we have a couple of choices. Keatings is a similar, if less productive (so far) player to Vaughan, so we can plug him in. Alternately, we switch to a different approach, perhaps two up top (Poplatnik and Varian or Mitchell as the heavies), and play Connolly and Zanatta wide in a 4-4-2 or 4-2-4.

Of those two, the slightly riskier is the second, but the lack of playing time for Keatings suggests JMcG might not be totally confident in him. Additionally, Keatings for Vaughan certainly reduces some of the threat, pace and creativity that we loved last year.

So does JMcG use the Aberdeen match as a test for formation adjustments or simply plug in a replacement for Vaughan? Might he take the third course and try Varian for Vaughan without other changes? It certainly would be outside his normal position, but he has played as a second striker before…and on the other hand, he is reported to prefer his left foot, so might match well with Keatings in a front two.

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