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The New Raith Rovers Thread

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He must be foaming at the mouth now

Good (not really) to see the moaners are back in their pre season training. Boy behind me is "seek fed up" of Connolly "hiding" and cutting in. Boy in front just shakes his heid and does his crossword.29172813_16247159801662.thumb.jpeg.619a845fa91fa8d6cfc946271cb503fa.jpeg
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3 minutes ago, grumswall said:
6 minutes ago, TxRover said:
Confirmed one of the “Trialists” is actually Mitchell.

He's listed as a trialist on the match day app, he's not listed on the team sheet as one. So we do still have 3 trialists involved today.

That makes more sense…but we have 4 trialists, A, B, C, and D.

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I was going to say that he looks like someone we've picked up from FEFA for the day. Not that he's done anything wrong, at all, he's just clearly fairly young and a little green. 
16 looks a wee bit more composed, although other than one lovely ball into the channel he hasn't been too involved. 

That’s correct the boy is at fife elite academy just saw his dad post about him playing beside Berra at the back. Sure he’s only 17.
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3 minutes ago, Raith_Rasta said:

16 Coming a lot more into the game. Looks a big dude too.  Comes across like a player like Wilson at the pars

16 was well composed, if not heavily involved. Looks useful in a general sense, takes care of the ball and moves it precisely.

Bene and Berra look quite the old, married couple at back. Bene looks surprisingly comfortable at RCB after all the time he spent at LCB, and Berra has slid in at LCB with no problem at all. Connolly looks very good.

RaithTV doesn’t recognize the LB Trialist as a Fife Elite player, and say he looks quite young.

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3 minutes ago, Raith Against The Machine said:

Some pass from Coulson to send Mitchell through there. Perfectly weighted. 

It hadn't clicked with me that Mitchell was a striker. I like having youth strikers around the place. They never turn out to be any good, but there's a whole load of hope bundled up in "get Bryce on!". 

Coulson is a very aggressive passer going forward. It results in a number of failed attempts, but every now and then it hits perfectly. He’s going to break into the lineup soon.

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Coulson and Mahady might well be the height that JMcG desires, and the comment by RaithTV commentary about not being sure any more strikers will be sought is interesting.


Edit: And there’s Mitchell with a lovely score too.

Edited by TxRover
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