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The New Raith Rovers Thread

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Makes sense. Now that Anderson’s here and our defence has been positively re-shaped, Mendy has pretty much zero chance of a game unless there’s bad injuries in the defence, and I’m guessing he could be instantly recalled in those circumstances. 

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I wonder what formation we will play now that Vaughan will be our for the foreseeable? We had changed to a front two with one in behind but I don’t think Gullan is overly effective in the hole. I wonder if it’ll be Allan in the middle with Anderson and Bowie on the wings.

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16 minutes ago, RaithTheRover said:


From Kelty Hearts Twitter:

“55. GOAL!!! Nando backheels to Fash who slots home the equaliser! ❤️🇱🇻⚽


Stirling Uni 1-1 Kelty Hearts | #TheMaroonMachine | #SLFL”


Well blow me over...maybe, just maybe...

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That is absolutely horrible. He’s done both of his ACL’s in his last three professional starts. There’s no words for that sort of misfortune.

The start before that, he scored a hat-trick in the Scottish Cup against Dunfermline in front of 6000.

Gutted. Obviously for the club, no doubt that’s a massive blow to our promotion chances, possibly fatal. But more for Vaughan himself. Can he come back from this?

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