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The New Raith Rovers Thread

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Townie fans trying to rip the pish is cute, for a club that seem so cash strapped. Where are they getting the money for the Murray signing?? Seems like they’re up to their old tricks. #DDCB’s

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What is delaying the announcements is that they are waiting on clearance.
Ah, right. I assume that's an external source then i.e. the SFA, players agent? I don't really know much about clearances and stuff.
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With the registration window opening yesterday, I imagine the SPFL (SFA?) received a deluge of registrations, and there'll be some manual element to processing them. It could well be a day or two.

I believe this is a relatively new phenomenon, because professional contracts are required to run until certain dates (either 31 December or mid-June).

Previously you'd have had registrations expiring right across the summer (like the year all the Rovers' contracts were set to expire before the end of the play-offs...) based on each club's own whims, so there wouldn't be the same watershed moment for registrations.

Anyone who's announced a signing prior to yesterday has been announcing an agreement, rather than a completed deal. Airdrie and Stenhousemuir have both been burned this year. In theory, it could've happened to us with McGurn. It'll be the turn of someone else, who hasn't learned the lesson, next summer.

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8 minutes ago, Hadji said:

Easy to see the townies signing policy for this season if u can't beat them buy them  :thumbsdown

Yes because I'm sure they're really concerned about the threat from a team hopelessly marooned in the seaside leagues. 

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