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The New Raith Rovers Thread

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Well at least Drysdale's comment of a reduced budget will definitely be true now. Him and the board have just signed it off as nobody will buy a season ticket or sponsor the team after this.

Imagine being a player having signed a 2 year deal?!?

Barr might just suddenly have a change of heart....

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What have you done?

I mean on a night like this i know how bad it is to have everyone laughing at you but fucking hell that is something else. There was a thread on the killie forum and i've just been thinking about how he'll never get a managers job again and then this... THIS. What the hell raith?

At least if you come down you'll have the chance to hurl abuse at him next season.

When I wake up in the morning please let this all have been a nightmare :(

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STV now running the story of him being appointed. Dazzles currently deleting tweets all over the place


Apparently be unveiled at 2pm, so enjoy your last 14 hours of Locke free Raith

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Think we can get Reilly on loan from you lot? We're obviously going to be getting players from you so I'm just thinking who the likely candidates will be..

There are very few players from Locke's time still left at the club, aside from Paterson, Walker etc.

You're more likely to be getting Callum Tapping and Dave Smith. Commiserations.

McHattie, on the other hand, could end up being a decent signing for a Championship team. Jason Thomson was a shite, young Hearts full-back at one point after all.

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