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Quick Question Thread

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4 hours ago, mathematics said:

What gave me today’s shits?

A) yesterday’s porridge?

B) yesterday’s haribo ?

C) yesterday’s jackfruit kebab at Bobbins in Aberdeen?

D) yesterday’s “Breakfast Toast” (7.1%) at Bobbins in Aberdeen?

E) yesterday’s Peroni at Bobbins in Aberdeen?

F) yesterday’s large dominoes pizza (and garlic bread pizza)?

G) An adverse reaction to the studenty , self-proclaimed rugger buggers that would no doubt have been in there in big numbers to watch the rugby

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Got one for any electricians out there. Replaced a couple of light switches and noticed that the live and neutral wires were quite badly frayed. Then when flicking back on the switch on the board it went straight away and tripped the RCD. Assume that the wiring will need replaced? How easy/expensive is it to replace wiring at the back of a light switch?

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42 minutes ago, H Wragg said:

A decorating question.

Does black grout work with white tiles of a matt finish or is it only really a go-er with gloss ones?

This will be in a bathroom if that affects what folk think.

Got this done recently, went with medium grey grout,(black would be too much. IMO.) with white tiles, works well.

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2 hours ago, Grahame said:

What's the correct way to spoon a yogurt?

Always big spoon. I find the idea of being tenderly held by a Muller Corner I can't see to be quite disturbing.

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12 hours ago, Grahame said:

What's the correct way to spoon a yogurt?  

A:  Spoon Concave:   You can regulate your scoop easier it might yield greater volumes.  

B  Spoon Convex:    It fits the shape of the mouth better, tongue the underbelly and the spoon shapes perfectly with the mouth's roof.  

I've always went first 70% B then close with a switch to A and tongue the last 4%.  

I'm missing something here. Unless you're living on the International Space Station, surely if you spoon convex the yogurt ends up on the floor. The required technique would be to spoon concave then rotate it when it's in your mouth (piss off, Kenneth!) to get the advantage of shape against the roof of the mouth and taste on the tongue.

Or have I completely misunderstood the question?

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6 minutes ago, Grahame said:

You'd be surprised at the amount of yogurt you can house of the summit of a concaved spoon.   Try it next time you yogurt, it might change your life.  

Ah, you mean hold the spoon upside-down but the yogurt is still on top! That's the part I was missing.

BTW I really hope you meant to say "next time you EAT yogurt" and weren't using it as a verb.

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