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The final part of my Ross Millen interview. 

Ross talks about his short spells with Livi and Clyde as well as his 18 months with Queens Park, to date. 


Also, re Austin. I saw him a few times for East Fife and he was really good. I'm surprised how he's done since joining Falkirk as I thought he would do really well there, but, as has been said, everyone has underperformed at TFS this season. I think if the rumour is true, Hopkin will get the best out of him. It could be a really good signing for Livingston. 

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18 hours ago, andylivi1 said:

Rumours that they want to increase the rent which is already an astronomic amount which will obviously effect the Club finacially, when u think about it what other landlord would get away with renting out a place but not maintaining it ? We have to maintain the ground ourselves which comes at a cost too. 


John Sim when he was our landlord at Starks.The lease you have appears similar Tenants repairing lease ,responsibility for pretty much everything lies with the club

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2 hours ago, Ayia Napa Daz said:

I wish Livi fans on here weren't so quick to plug rumours of our key players leaving so quickly. It just builds momentum in the wider press and fucks me off.

Aye, just to balance it - I've heard we're losing Pittman, getting Austin and Penrice is telling Partick to do one and signing a big amber PCA in January and promptly protesting on top of the Macaroni Bowl screaming "this is my home now"

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49 minutes ago, Livilion28 said:

I think if we lost pittman or byrne our midfield would struggle so much. Byrne probably been our most consistent players along with Halkett and pittman. It wouldn’t surprise me seeing a few spl clubs offering to take them away from us 

Naw they've no, they've all been shite.

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3 hours ago, Ayia Napa Daz said:

Pittman has apparently signed a 2 year extension with Livi


2 hours ago, ATLIS said:

Heard Pittman signed a two year extension

Where did you hear that? Hope it's true enough


3 hours ago, Trump said:

Austin left Falkirk by mutual consent, essentially to join Livingston. In return it seems Pitman will be a Falkirk player in January. What’s he like?

Don't see why we would be sending a player to Falkirk "in return" when Austin is a free agent.

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1 hour ago, Ayia Napa Daz said:

I've heard that Byrne and Halkett are set to sign new deals with Livi in the next few weeks.

Also hearing this along with Pittman, 2 year deals. 

Also hearing Austin was in line to sign for us but Inverness have nipped in and offered silly money for him and that’s now his likely destination. 

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