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Mo Wonderboy

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Combined rosters, solid card actually. 
It's a Smackdown tour - only really missing Reigns, The Usos & Edge from those on TV most Fridays.

For obvious UK tour reasons Becky Lynch vs Bianca Belair headlines each night with Drew & Jinder the only Raw wrestlers brought along for the ride.

Everyone else on the card is a Smackdown superstar (well until the draft a week later, ha)

Rangers are at home the same night in the League Cup so don't be surprised to see Drew vs Jinder on first so Drew can nip along to Ibrox
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1 hour ago, cb_diamond said:

I can lend them my "Ruel Street Rumble" sign that I took to NXT a few years ago...


On 18/04/2019 at 15:21, cb_diamond said:

Yeah I am. Let's see if Braehead security has a sense of humour....



The very fellas! Still amused that these got on the network!

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Just watched the latest Dark Side of the Ring episode about the plane ride from hell. I knew it was bad but christ hearing it in chronological order and from the POV of the flight staff really makes you realise how fucking horrific the culture was within WWF at the time. Flair, Lesnar and Tommy Dreamer - who has been suspended by TNA following his comments on the show - come out of it terribly. Flair in particular does seem to be on the verge of a full scale #cancellation now, which is quite some going considering his past exploits. 

I was at the house show in Glasgow a couple of days before it, strange to look back now and realise how much nonsense was going on behind the scenes. 

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12 minutes ago, We Are Pars Fans! said:

The story regarding Flair has been well documented for about 20 years

The story of him walking up and down the aisle in the scud has always been told in a sort of jovial, everyone-laughed 'whats he like eh?' type of way. The fact that he essentially backed a flight attendant into a corner for about 5 minutes and made her touch him wasn't really spoken about. The girl is interviewed in the documentary and is clearly still traumatised by the whole thing, which completely changes the tone of it and turns what was previously quite a jokey 'Flair being a bit of a pest again' story into something more serious. 

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2 hours ago, Scotty Tunbridge said:


Dreamer would need Triple Hs golden shovel to dig himself out of this hole. Not a great effort here.

I mean that was quite clearly your intention and you condoned it on the tele in front of thousands of people. You compared sexual assault to your haircut FFS. 

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I know Orton's disgusting behaviour towards women in the early 2000s is well documented, but Lesnar always seems to dodge any flak for what he was up to.

There will be a few twitchy arses in the locker room if Dark Side of the Ring ever decide to interview Amy Weber or Rochelle Loewen.


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3 minutes ago, Stellaboz said:

I hope so. That's classic Corny!

Pretty sure his girlfriend had got a piercing in the downstairs region and he was telling her all day that he was gonna squeeze it. He then proceeded to do exactly that when she took a move off him in the ring.

Cornette, predictably went through the roof.

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