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Found 1 result

  1. Queen's Park V Peterheid

    Tactics are clear for this one. Only a win will have us charge into glorious fifth in time for the sun going down. The Binos can't have the same luck again this week and The Fash Express seems to have run out of coal at the brow of the hill. Again. What can possibly go wrong? I trust the potential for a trophy-lifting will encourage more than the usual 50-ish Heid fans to make it down. As an added incentive, if you get promoted this could be your last trip to Hampden to see your favourites. In honour of the event we've doubled the price of pies and bovril. For QP fans, a time to thank the players for their efforts and hopefully a good turnout for the post-match player awards. Let's not let the football spoil a good day out. 1-0 to QP after 97 minutes. Jordan Hart with a last minute header.