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Found 1 result

  1. As it says on the tin. Details for the forthcoming university season have now been released meaning the likes of Stirling, Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt know their schedules. What seems like a constant proliferation of the university football program over recent seasons has continued again. Scottish 1A expands from 5 teams to 6, playing 10 games each instead of 8, and the Queen's Park Shield (which is of course now played as a separate knockout cup) is now all-in at the Last 16 instead of the Quarter-Finals. They also seem to have cut the number of byes in the British Trophy such that only 2 teams go in at the Last 16. So there will be a heck of a lot of university football next season, but a lot of glory to be won over the course of it. Here are the relevant divisions + fixtures: British Premier North - Durham, Loughborough, Northumbria, Nottingham, Sheffield Hallam, Stirling Scottish 1A - Abertay, Edinburgh, Heriot-Watt, Napier, Strathclyde, Stirling 2nds Wednesday 30th September (S1A) Stirling 2nds v Strathclyde (S1A) Edinburgh v Heriot-Watt + Stirling - no game Wednesday 7th October (BPN) Stirling v Sheffield Hallam (S1A) Napier v Edinburgh (S1A) Heriot-Watt v Stirling 2nds Wednesday 14th October (BPN) Northumbria v Stirling (S1A) Heriot-Watt v Strathclyde (S1A) Stirling 2nds v Napier (S1A) Edinburgh v Abertay Wednesday 21st October (BPN) Loughborough v Stirling (S1A) Strathclyde v Edinburgh (S1A) Abertay v Stirling 2nds (S1A) Napier v Heriot-Watt Wednesday 28th October (BPN) Stirling v Durham (S1A) Heriot-Watt v Abertay + Stirlings 2nd v Edinburgh - moved to Dec 2nd Wednesday 4th November (BPN) Stirling v Loughborough (S1A) Strathclyde v Stirling 2nds (S1A) Heriot-Watt v Edinburgh Wednesday 11th November (BPN) Sheffield Hallam v Stirling (S1A) Edinburgh v Napier (S1A) Stirling 2nds v Heriot-Watt Wednesday 18th November (BPN) Stirling v Northumbria (S1A) Strathclyde v Heriot-Watt (S1A) Napier v Stirling 2nds (S1A) Abertay v Edinburgh Wednesday 25th November (BPN) Nottingham v Stirling (BT R1) Stirling 2nds v Loughborough (BT R1) Heriot-Watt v Manchester Metropolitan & Cheshire (BT R1) Edinburgh v Leeds Wednesday 2nd December (BPN) Durham v Stirling (S1A) Stirling 2nds v Edinburgh + Heriot-Watt - no game ==================== Christmas break ==================== Wednesday 27th January (QPS R1) Robert Gordons v Stirling (QPS R1) Glasgow Kelvin College v Edinburgh (QPS R1) West of Scotland v Heriot-Watt Wednesday 3rd February (BPN) Stirling v Nottingham (S1A) Edinburgh v Strathclyde (S1A) Stirling 2nds v Abertay (S1A) Heriot-Watt v Napier Wednesday 10th February (S1A) Abertay v Heriot-Watt (S1A) Stiring 2nds v Edinburgh + Stirling - no game Wednesday 17th February British Championship R1 British Trophy R2 Wednesday 24th February British Championship R2 British Trophy R3 Wednesday 2nd March British Championship SFs British Trophy SFs Wednesday 9th March Queen's Park Shield R2 Wednesday 16th March British Championship Final British Trophy Final + Queen's Park Shield SFs Wednesday 23rd March (Varsity) Edinburgh v Heriot-Watt etc. ==================== Easter break ==================== Wednesday 4th May Queen's Park Shield Final dates tbc? - British Premier North playoffs dates tbc? - internationals
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