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Found 5 results

  1. Heard Nicky Campbell mention this on 5 Live the other morning, so decided to download the app to my phone. It is basically an interactive trivia quiz, with a cringeworthy presenter asking 12 questions, while trying to be humorous. The quiz takes place twice per day, Mon-Fri, at 3pm and 9pm and 9pm only on weekends. ~130K players are vying for a share of £1000 (though it was £8000 last night), by achieving 12/12. A wrong answer eliminates you, except when you have invited friends to play - which gives you extra lives to extend your stay in the game. (I am not sure yet how this works). Attached is maybe one reason to take part.
  2. Hi guys. Tomorrow night we have The Big Scottish Football Quiz with Tennent's. It's at Drygate Brewery in Glasgow, 7pm. We still have a handful of tickets remaining, just in case anyone might be interested. It's £12 a table, four to a table. Plus you get a free pint of Tennent's in arrival. First prize is a signed Scotland shirt for the whole team, second prize is a new Scotland shirt for the whole team, third prize is a festive pint glass from Tennent's and a copy of Nutmeg. The link is below. Would be great to see some of you there. https://thetwo.one/BSFQ2017-2
  3. Hi All - new here. I was sent this b***h of a football quiz it has a few scottish teams but have only found one. Help needed! Aim is to find 50 clubs. https://www.reflectdigital.co.uk/find-50/football-quiz-play Decent Friday timewasting...
  4. Posted this on the 'Premiership' forum but why not here too eh? A couple of mates and I have a twitter account that's aimed at getting some decent quizzes in to scottish football, would appreciate it if you guys gave them a wee look in and tried some out: Our twitter handle is @sfaquizzes and our quizzes can be found here: http://www.sporcle.c...gg6/contributed and here: http://www.sporcle.c...uir/contributed Let us know if there are any mistakes/what you think. Cheers.
  5. With Cardinal Richelieu's hoor of a quiz over, the new season of the Film Quiz, in the second year of its two-year sponsorship by King Kebab, will be starting very soon. Most of you know the drill already, but here's a quick run-through of the basics: The quiz is weekly. Generally the rounds will be posted each Saturday with a deadline of midnight the following Friday. It's a mixed ability quiz so the questions will be of mixed difficulty. Usually there will be a theme to each round and, as ever, guest rounds are more than welcome so if you wish to host or submit a round of your own feel free to PM me. The rules: Answers should be sent in a PM to me- please start a new PM each week as I will be deleting my PMs regularly. Deadlines are as per the P&B clock and are not negotiable. Answers sent within half an hour after the deadline will be counted but will be penalised with a 1 point deduction. For people's names I'm looking for first and last names for full marks. I won't be fussy on spelling. For foreign films I'll accept either the English or the "local" name. The quiz is meant to be contested in good faith, and there is no prize, so please don't cheat. Round 1 will be posted this weekend. All welcome.
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