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Found 8 results

  1. With most teams having now played their final pre-season friendly and sorted the majority of their squad out, it's time to turn our attentions to a key feature of any forum during the close season; the season prediction thread. Will Club 42 Cowdenbeath finally register a placing other than 10th in the bottom tier? Will Clyde finally earn promotion? Will Jim McInally be sacked after failing to win promotion (again) with the largest budget below the Championship? Have your say now! 1st: Clyde, 95pts It's hard to foresee anything other than a truly remarkable campaign for Clyde, given the coaching and playing staff they have assembled over the past eight months. They look well-stocked in every position and have such a variety and versatility in their ranks that you don't ever really see from sides at this level. Clyde will win the league this season. 2nd: Queen's Park, 70pts I don't think I'm exaggerating in the slightest when I say that anything other than an immediate promotion would be regarded as a spectacular failure for Queen's Park, a club which has won the Scottish Cup three more times than any other side in the division. Having undergone some serious squad surgery over the close-season, re-recruiting influential midfielder Jamie McKernon and signing Clyde reject Adam Martin and fellow Clyde reject Smarticor Osadolus, Gus MacPherson surely will have his eye on being "best of the rest". 3rd: Albion Rovers, 69pts It's been a long time since Clyde's junior revolution - I may only have been two years old at the time, but I remember vividly my confusion when Ronnie MacDonald signed almost an entire squad of Junior misfits. A few seasons later, though, and Clyde won promotion from what is now League 1. With the Junior game seemingly always a breeding ground for talent which has slipped through the net, and particularly strong of late, it looks like a shrewd strategy from those at Albion Rovers to hire a Junior manager and sign a raft of players from the less fashionable climes of the Western Region. Don't bet against them finishing second, either - Queen's Park have never had the happiest time against their local rivals! 4th: Edinburgh City, 68pts Edinburgh showed last season that they are no fools in the SPFL and are well worthy of their full member status. Meadowbank has become something of a fortress for City, who have added some real quality to their squad in the form of centre-back Conrad Balatoni and forward Danny Handling. I can see Edinburgh upsetting a lot of sides in this division, and not just because they frequently field a player known best for messaging wee girls asking for pictures of them at bath time. 5th: Peterhead, 66pts Peterhead are a club in total disarray right now, with allegations of disharmony throughout the club rife in the Northern press. No matter how much money they throw down the drain, season on season, their absolute donkey of a manager just can't seem to build a squad worthy of the sums spent. Their best player just signed for an Indian team which Stenhousemuir beat 6-0 last season - sore one! Play-offs a possibility, but we all know how that one ends. Sad! 6th: Stirling Albion, 65pts Don't have much to say about Stirling, really. They're just not very good and their fans seem to want some absolute chump taking them over without any investment of his own. Recipe for disaster. Would be sad to see them going to the wall. 7th: Annan Athletic, 64pts Hey, I don't mind Annan. They are a bunch of triers, but they regarded Jim Chapman as a good manager which is probably why they will never, ever, ever, ever achieve promotion. They're the sort of club the pyramid was brought in to body out of the league system, so I hope when the time comes they enjoy their derbies at Dalbeattie, Gala and Selkirk. 8th: Elgin Town, 63pts Shane Sutherland wants to leave, and, to be honest, he's the only Elgin player I've ever heard of. That can't be good news, IMO. Eighth might be a wee bit generous from me, actually. Also, Craig Beattie 9th: Berwick Rangers, 40pts As much as it hurts me to say this, I can't see my beloved Berwick doing much this year. Junior recruitment can be a risky strategy at the best of times, and with their new players coming exclusively from that level, I can only foresee a season of struggle (but ultimately safety) for our Bandit friends. Unless John Coughlin returns (and if you'll pardon the pun), it's only a matter of time until the Shielfield roof caves in. 10th: Cowdenbeath, 12pts Is it really a surprise? Cowdenbeath have continually brought optimism during recent close-seasons, fooling us all into thinking that maybe, just maybe, they would add something to Scottish football this year. But that's been about four years now, and all we've seen is consistent 10th-placed finishes, relegations, near-relegations and a multitude of Rangers-apologising from owner Donald Findlay QC, this year manifesting itself in deeply sectarian home socks. It's no surprise that this has been celebrated by their mutant fans in the same way Arlene Foster recently was in their village just weeks ago. Now, I thought until today that Cowdenbeath were in okay shape, and would be solid if unspectacular this season, but then I found out that they lost 2-1 to local rivals and what I've been reliably informed by @Brazilianlex is a "top 6 at best" Lowland League side. Given Cowden's troubles against sides at the level of the top of the Lowland League in their relegation play-offs, one can only surmise that this all points towards a massive season of struggle for the Blue Brazil. Have at it, folks! It's a strange one as the league is actually pretty predictable this year.
  2. The run in

    With 7 games to go (plus a couple of games in hand to be played), we're entering the final stretch. How do people see things panning out? Who's really in contention for what and how will the league finish. Championship: 7 games to go and 9 clear, this is Livi's to lose and I don't see them slipping up. Even if Alloa win at Almondvale, realistically they need to make up another 7 points from the remianing 6 games (once you factor in their significantly poorer goal difference). If Livi come through their next 3 against Airdrie, Brechin and Alloa 6+ points ahead, they' won't have to face another team in the top half of the league and should get there without much bother. Not having to face East Fife again is a major boost to their chances. Prediction - Livingston Promotion Play-offs: Assuming there's no monumental Livi collapse, Alloa are home and dry into the play-offs. Fairly tight between East Fife, Brechin and Airdrie, with Queen's Park still in with an outside chance. Lots of games to go between the sides but there's a clear difference in form between the sides. Queen's are stuttering and I don't think will close the gap. Airdrie are inconsitent and by all accounts aren't playing well even when winning. Brechin seem to have turned around their bad form at the right time and East Fife have been impressively consitent since December. Prediction - Alloa, East Fife, Brechin Relegation Spots: Very tight between the current bottom 4 - everyone from QP up is realistically safe. Stranraer have been on good form lately and should end up fairly clear of danger. Stenny have had a tough run of fixtures recently but have been doggedly collecting a respectable number of points here and there for a while, while Albion Rovers and Peterhead can't seem to buy a win beterrn them at the moment. I fancy Rovers to finish bottom despite their two games in hand. Should be close between Stenny and Peterhead but I do fancy Stenny to ovetake them. Prediction - Relegated (Albion Rovers), Play-off (Peterhead).
  3. 2017 WWE PPV Prediction League

    It's been a little while since we've had a WWE PPV Prediction League running. There have been successful ones in the past so lets see if we can make this work again. A poll is currently up to see whether you just watch WWE PPV's and/or NXT Takeover specials. Might take some time for results to come in so we will miss out NXT Takeover: San Antonio and if there's a resounding approval of introducing Takeover into the league then we can start at WrestleMania weekend with that. Also allows others that don't watch it right now to perhaps catch up with it if they need to. In an update on the poll, wasn't a resounding yes to the inclusion of NXT Takeover events, which is fair enough as we already have a lot of PPV's as it is. The next point to address is that this year we will be returning to the proper league format where every PPV score will count towards your total. I appreciate the previous league encouraged newcomers and could have had a potentially new champion every PPV (not that Christophe would allow that!). In this instance there can only be one champion once we've reached the end of the year after the final PPV. Looking for a full calendar year worth of commitment from you all, this would only include popping into the thread to place your predictions just before a PPV. You are competing against your fellow wrestling fanatics and if you stick it out to the end and become the champion, not only will you have the bragging rights as the top boy/girl in The Wrestling Forum. The champion at the end of 2017 will also get to choose a charity for myself to donate £20 to and hopefully defend it the following year. Hopefully my accompanying PPV threads throughout the year will keep the casuals in the loop and give them enough to at least have an attempt to play along for most, if not all PPV's. Rules / Need To Knows Posting predictions does not require a PM, must be posted in the thread as this is the way it's always been. Predictions for a RAW PPV must be in by 23:59 on a Friday. Predictions for a SMACKDOWN or DUAL BRAND PPV must be in by Noon on Saturday. Late entries will receive a 2 point deduction for that PPV. Each PPV's match listing (+ any bonus questions) will be posted by myself the day after the final show before a PPV. SmackDown Live and 205 Live would be the final shows of the week, so will be the Wednesday before each PPV. Leaderboard will be updated the day after the PPV. Each correct answer will be worth 1 point. If a prediction requires more than 1 selection, it will be 1 point per correct selection. Any impromptu matches announced (on the night etc) after the match listing has been posted in the thread it will not be included in predictions. Clash of Champions 2017 Zack Ryder vs Mojo Rawley (Kickoff Match). Match Result - Mojo Rawley Breezango vs The Bludgeon Brothers. Match Result - The Bludgeon Brothers Baron Corbin © vs Bobby Roode vs Dolph Ziggler for the WWE United States Championship. Match Result - Dolph Ziggler Charlotte Flair © vs Natalya in a Lumberjill Match for the WWE SmackDown Women's Championship. Match Result - Charlotte Flair The Usos © vs The New Day vs Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin vs Rusev and Aiden English for the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship. Match Result - The Usos Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura vs Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan will be the Special Guest Referees. If Owens and Zayn lose, they'll be fired from WWE. Match Result - Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn AJ Styles © vs Jinder Mahal for the WWE Championship. Match Result - AJ Styles Bonus: Will Carmella cash in? - No Will Naomi form a team to take on the NXT newcomers? - No How many championships will change hands? - 1 Longest match of the night - Styles vs Mahal There are 11 points max up for grabs this time. Predictions to be in before the Kickoff Show starts. Any late entries will receive a -2 start for the PPV as part of the new rules. Good luck everyone! Once Clash of Champions is over, the Leaderboard will be updated in the OP and the correct answers will be updated in the OP. When the Royal Rumble match list is available, 2018's thread will be created. Leaderboard 1. SamuraiJock (115+9) - 124 = CHAMPION 2. JamieStevenson (112+7) - 119 3. Scotty Tunbridge (100+9) - 109 4. FifeArab (99+8) - 107 5. DavidMcG (95+8) - 103 6. CEMSFC (90+8) - 98 7. Christophe (90+6) - 96 forameus (88+8) - 96 NotThePars (91+5) - 96 10. Randy Giles (84+8) - 92 11. Eoin Doyle (84+7) - 91 12. Bambino7 (DNP) - 81 cdisaaccie (DNP) - 81 14. Dave1875 (21+7) - 28 15. gary1399 (DNP) - 8 16. Alba16 (DNP) - 5 DNP - Did Not Participate. Jordan Rode has returned back to former moniker Bambino7 Ties are separated by alphabetical order. SAMURAI JOCK IS THE 2017 WWE PPV PREDICTION LEAGUE CHAMPION!
  4. Who's going to win

    Thought I'd start this one off. My money is on Portugal. Ronaldo makes the obvious difference but I think they might actually do better without him. I can see Wales having a good tournament, too.
  5. GTF day has arrived but it's a bit early for 1st-10th prediction time, so in the meantime what about this FourFourTwo fans' questionnaire? - What's your greatest hope for this season? - And your biggest fear? - Most important player - Cult hero/terrace favourite - Keep an eye out for. (young player) - Player you'd happily drive to his next club. - What one change would you make at your club? - Have you got the right manager? - What advice would you give him? - Which team do you most want to beat this season? - Opposition player you despise - Opposition player you secretly admire - Where will you finish?
  6. The Future of Football

    Every sport throughout history has had peaks and troughs in terms of popularity but it's fair to say none have become as globally entrenched as the beautiful game in its present form. Although it seems an essential part of life now, structured, codified league football has only been around for 150 years or so. By the time most of us reach the end of our lifetimes, we will have been watching the sport for almost half of the 200 years or so that it will have been in existence. Is football's popularity merely a blip in human history? Will football continue to grow throughout the upcoming decades and centuries or has it reached its peak in the present? If football does decline, what will be the cause? What will replace it? I think gradual changes to the rulebook over time will lead to the game's slow downfall, as such tinkering will eventually modify parts of the game to the point that it becomes boring. Also, the tribal element of football which binds fans to their clubs will decrease in footballing hotbeds such as the UK and Germany, as traditional working class connections to local clubs begin to fade. As passions diminish, the game will become more of a hobby for all concerned. This will lead to people who would traditionally be football fans using their time to focus on other hobbies and the iron grip of football on the rest of the sporting landscape will be loosened. What do you think is the future of football? --- Also, for a bit of fun, I think we should make some predictions relating to how we think the footballing landscape will look at some arbitrary dates in the future. Perhaps Pie and Bovril will still be around so we can measure their success, but perhaps not. 2025 - Video technology has been introduced and the role of referees as the primary arbiters of decision making during matches has begun to diminish. The Champions League has been revamped in a bid to eliminate the sterile group stages. The Qatar World Cup was a disaster in terms of attendance and quality - this contributes to setting back the growth of the game in emerging markets worldwide. However, football is still by far the world's number one sport. 2050 - Rich sheiks and oligarchs no longer view football clubs as toys and status symbols - the game has has begun to fall out of fashion. Football, having abandoned its working class base, has nobody to support it when the bubble bursts and money begins to flow out of the game. It slowly becomes a sport for hipsters and others who wish to relive their youth. 2100 - E-sports and hoverboard racing dominate the sporting landscape. Hibs lose the last ever Scottish Cup final to a team of robots.
  7. Regular readers of When Saturday Comes will have seen the season preview. Unfortunately, only the top flight gets done, so let's do ours here. How will you do? Hopefully stay up, although we are very much an unknown quantity right now, and look weaker than last season. Which teams did you like and dislike most last season? Liked Dunfermline for being hapless enough to give us 12 points. Also Stranraer for being in the top four when many predicted them to go down. Disliked Brechin for still being a bogey side to us. What was the best moment of last season? Winning the league would be the obvious one, but it was assured for almost an hour on the final day. So for the sheer euphoria, the two late, late come backs at home to Ayr (0-1 to 2-1 in stoppage time) and Stenny (0-2 to 3-2 in the last 10 minutes). What was the worst moment of last season? Our own support making out a home match against Forfar to be a mere formality, only for them to turn up and show us how it's done. What would be an appropriate sponsor for your club? Slumberland. Giant or diddy, we've been sleeping for decades now.