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Found 2 results

  1. Let's hear the bets teacher meltdown moments from your childhood. I have two that spring to mind. First was my business teacher during high school, Mr Wilson. Really decent guy with me especially for a R*ngers fan and would always be up for a bit of banter. He had a really nasty streak if you got out of line though. There was one particular day he must have had all the sh*t thrown his way, one of the lassies in our class just gave him too much jip and he launched a chair right across one side of the room, barely missing a few pupil's heads. Absolute seething moment which I'm glad it wasn't directed at me. The second was actually in the same corridor. It was in English class and we had a lot of mouthy girls in 2nd year. We'd had this substitute teacher for ages, replacing the affectionately titled "paedo Reid". I've no idea if he was or not, always seemed alright. Anyway, one day she this replacement was getting so much cheek from the girls in our class that she literally just broke down in front of us, crying and gibbering on something along the lines of "why me?" "why?". Actually felt sorry for her but it was astonishing to see.
  2. South Yorkshire Police are the latest to go Full Snowflake. https://twitter.com/syptweet/status/1038891067381350401 The 'compassionate' Totalitarian 'Progressive', Feminist Long March through the institutions across the West continues its infestation apace! Have any of our more easier triggered P&Bers (you know who you are) reported their fee-fees being hurt to the fuzz? Perhaps had an Armed Response Unit choppered in on you for engaging in a 'hate' crime such as telling an 'offensive' joke, wolf-whistling or sharing song lyrics? Share in this safe space thread!
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