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Found 1 result

  1. First game for me in a wee while this weekend. 3 points is a bit of a must here to really put us a good bit clear of the Sons. We can all rest a little easier if we win this and start concentrating on climbing up a few places/fucking up peoples parties at the other end. It would be great fun to end this car crash of a season by ruining the dreams of others and hopefully putting in another 6 goal demolition of some c**t. That wont be this weekend though, the football hasn't been great recently and a scrappy win will do. As far as lineup goes.... I would hope Grant has been working on some stuff and is ready to come back in. Not sure even on current form he is as much a bombscare as Watson. Midfield of Tumilty, Taiwo, Sibbald, Kidd and Robson. Jak and Nelson/Longridge up front. I think playing Longridge behind 2 strikers is trying to force the issue a wee bit and our best performances this season have come with the above midfield which is more balanced, and more effective in keeping the back door shut.