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Found 4 results

  1. Next Sunday sees the high flying Hibs visit McDiarmid Park. Hibs have averaged 12.6 goals a game so far and seem to be playing with a lot of confidence. Saints had a poor start at Kilmarnock, not just the result, but the performance wasn't good. hibernian have not beaten St Johnstone in a league game for 5 years. Hopefully Molde kick Hibs all over the place on Thursday resulting in plenty of injuries, and McGinn gets sold. We really need at least a point here. Previously, I'd have fancied usto be able to battle out a point, but this season I'm not sure our midfield look like they're well equipped to play defensively. Maybe we should just go for a baws oot toe to toe first to seven wins type game, as the Hibs defence is poor and the one area you feel they are vulnerable. I think we'll revert to a back four with Foster at RB and similar midfield to yesterday, with Scougall in behind Watt in attack. Hopefully Hibs bring a good crowd through, as in recent seasons Edinburgh away supports have been relatively poor; but now both sides of this rugby loving city are going well, would expect a few more of these glory hunting old firm wannabes to attend.
  2. Anyone else giving this a bash? Out next week.
  3. Hello all. I am Albino, First Earl of Monklands, captain of the entertainment industry and holder of the freedom of the town of Coatbridge, the cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh and the Isle of Skye. I got where I am now through decades of hard work and ambition. Here’s a brief business history: In 1988 I was working in an independent bookmakers. My boss, a huge Airdrie fan, was so convinced that Albion Rovers weren’t going to win the Second Division that he offered me special odds of 50/1. I put my money where my mouth was, and in May 1989 I became £2,500 richer. It remains the only bet I have ever placed, but I have been taking gambles ever since. The night the Rovers won the league, I went to see some friends of mine playing a concert in Glasgow; they were on the pub circuit with a band called Osmium. After one conversation with them afterwards, with no qualifications or experience, I took on the task of managing the band. It was hard work but using my bet winnings I promoted them in every way I could, even buying a second hand van and taking them all over Scotland. Six months later they recorded and released a self-titled album and I managed them through their first UK tour. Within a year of starting out we were all rich. Osmium signed with a major record label, but with their success story under my belt I went on to manage many up-and-coming acts over the next few years. I couldn’t go on juggling bands one at a time but didn’t want to lose the all-important personal touch, so in 1993 I founded Albino Entertainment, an agency with a principle of hiring good and honest management personnel to look after each exceptional talent we take on, taking care of business and letting the bands take care of the music. As I type, AE is one of the most successful businesses in the industry, managing thousands of musicians and entertainers worldwide. Still based in Glasgow, ur net keeps growing wider but our standard has always stayed extremely high. That’s our philosophy. Having never forgotten my roots, I returned to them with my second major business, AlbinoBet, which opened its first betting shop on the site of my old bookies. Today we’re a worldwide online betting firm and can offer you odds on everything and anything. 25% of all AlbinoBet profits going towards charities which raise awareness and help those with gambling addictions. Most recently I founded Albino Enterprises, which uses the profits of Albino Entertainment and AlbinoBet to invest in arts and sports, including financing independent film and TV, art and film restoration and preservation, a network of sports academies and my chairmanship of Albion Rovers Football Club. After three decades of dominance, now I feel the time is right to begin to loosen my reins on my affairs. I recently turned down a knighthood but accepted my honorary Earldom, so now I want to slow down and spend some more time in my West coast residence, formerly known as Ayrshire, and my Greek estate, formerly known as Greece. I’m looking for an enthusiastic new entrepreneur to join my company and share the reins at the top level. I can offer you opportunities beyond your wildest dreams, but first, I’m interested in what you can offer me. This process will be a custom-designed test of your suitability to work for me and my businesses. To succeed in this process you need to be an all-rounder with initiative, creativity, an eye for talent and the ability to pitch and sell. You will need individual, teamwork and leadership skills. The theory is that by taking part in this process you will learn what it takes to be not only a trusted employee, but potentially an heir to my business. The game works very similarly to the television programme, but unlike TV’s The Apprentice tasks are not weekly, there will be a number of tasks over the course of each week, so be prepared to be online especially between 8-10pm several nights a week. I expect consistency, dedication and a high standard of work at all times. As current champion, Invergowrie Arab is entitled to an automatic place if he wishes to defend his title. For the rest of you, to sign up please post on this thread. All welcome. I will of course also be looking for two aides to supervise and appraise the teams- for this job you must be honest, loyal and fair-minded, preferably with some previous experience in this process. Please send me your applications by PM. Thank you, and good luck. Albino Founder and CEO of Albino Entertainment, AlbinoBet and Albino Enterprises Sign-up list GingerSaint Grim O'Grady Chris_DK ArmadaleKillie (lichtgilphead) Wilkinson1998 MarkoRaj itzdrk number one wasp
  4. Anyone fancy a friendly or bounce game this Saturday? Cambuslang Football Academy 98's are looking for a suitable opponent to let us look at some new players, are happy to play 97's team or a 99 team. if teams are available get in touch and I'll book a pitch George 07966088328
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