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Found 4 results

  1. There has been a few mentions in recent threads from other posters plus me So, I have been salivating over the jiayu g4 since February , from a company renowned for being late with the launch. It was meant to be April, but delays delays. Part of the problem was the advanced version was 2 gig RAM , and just before launch the chip manufacturer mediatek upped the spec of the quad core to 1.5mhz which caused probs with the 2 gig but not the 1. The basic version launched , but it was hold off for ages for the advanced and when it did a month ago it was only the white version. 10 days ago the black appeared , so I bought one from spemall, with a extra battery and shipping. Phone £205, battery £20 ish and shipping £10er or so. Website says email in 24 hours with dhl tracking number so I left it 36 with the time difference, and raised a ticket. They responded within the advertised customer service of 24 hours saying it would be dispatched on Monday past. 24 hours later the sales team were still replying to queries on the product page saying dispatch within 12 hours, which made me "uneasy" as that was 4 days afore my date. Fair doo's, email from spemall on Monday with dhl tracking number, but then a few hours later asking for $25 as I am in a "remote" area although I expected that. Paid it through paypal and within a couple of hours saying "thank you, product dispatched already". Sound. Dhl tracking working, currently at second point in Hong Kong. Looking good So, for a revised total of £250, I will get a 2 gig RAM , 32 gig ROM, 4.2 Android phone, packing a 13mp rear/ 3 mp front camera, 3000mah battery, with spare and charger for it, dual sim which godsend up here, hspda+ 42 meg speed capabilities , 4.7 screen with gorilla glass 2 and the ability to take an SD card. Only thing comes close is the nexus in my mind, but integral battery, no SD card rules that out for me. Xaomi launched the "red rice" recently, which is 42 meg capable, spec close to the cheapo iPhone5 but with the advantage of android. It's under £100. These are out the same factories as the big boys, aren't clones but proper brands that outsell Samsung etc. I will update when I receive a house brick in the post and my bank account is emptied
  2. Apologies if not allowed on here. I’m looking to get into coach at the Junior Level ahead of the new season. I have a lot of experience at a decent Youth Level, and have a SFA C License. Based in the Glasgow Area. If any clubs are looking, please don’t hesitate to contact me through the forum for more information. Cheers!
  3. Hi folks, I'm looking for super fans of Non-league clubs to help test a brand new technology platform built in Scotland for fans to do the following things: 1. buy digital tickets for home matches rather than queue for paper ones. 2. be rewarded for loyalty and recognised by the club for every penny spent with the club. The overall aim is to increase people coming down to home games, putting more money into the club and hopefully, it will help clubs of all sizes build a more sustainable, local and loyal base of fans. If you would like to potentially get involved in testing send me a message. Cheers folks
  4. Why is the fan experience so rubbish at so many scottish football clubs! Some clubs do it so well but the vast majority don't. I feel like a new brand new fan every time I go to my club even though I've been a fan for years and years, I have to go down and pay for a ticket in cash and get a paper ticket back, I'm asked to enter a raffle every time I go, are there no other ways of raising money?! I'll all for supporting my club but it feels like I'm stepping back in time.
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