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Found 1 result

  1. Who will be the last man standing in the race for 10th and who will Arbroath replace? Tears, snotters and breakdowns guaranteed, as we head into the final third of the season 8 points separating 6 sides should mean some fun and games over the next two and a half months...Fun that thankfully I can watch from afar with a smug grin on my face. Of the candidates Falkirk and Partick who were looking like certs for the bottom have picked up since the window, Morton and Dunfermline are in freefall, Alloa after a bright start have stalled and Queen of the South probably have too much over the rest, but still can't relax just yet. The runners and riders: Alloa Athletic Don't suffer too many heavy defeats and usually seem to be competitive in games. Everybody's certs for the drop at the start of the season have surpassed all expectations thus far. Jim Goodwin is working miracles and I've always been impressed by his teams. Every team needs a regular goal scorer and Alloa have Trouten who is enjoying a purple patch in the twilight of his career. But they are starting to stall a bit, and as I type have slipped into the play off position, albeit in a run of tricky fixtures. Alloa trolled the rest of the league at the start of the season with the pitch and should they stay up it will be hailed as a masterstroke, with every other club using it as an excuse for their diddiness. Everybody loves an underdog and I am sure everybody wants Alloa to stay up. My prediction : 8th Dunfermline Athletic First of the huge, big, big clubs finding themselves in the mix No strangers to the seaside leagues in recent years and there's a very real prospect of them heading back with their bucket and spade. Promotion play offs last season. This season they would bite your hand off for a play off spot at the other end. Changed manager early in January which was probably a month too late, giving the new man no real time to change things in the window. Don't score many goals, with 'Dunfermline nil' being a phrase that is commonly heard. and thus a deep depression has set in at EEP. New signing Bruce Anderson may end up being the messiah, after a debut goal, but one man makes a team, does not. Sphincters are twitching in West Fife, but if they do go down, they will at least have the comfort playing their cousins from Kirkcaldy four times next season. My prediction : 10th Falkirk The next of the huge, big, big clubs in the brown stuff. If crowds won leagues, Falkirk would win hands down every time. They are that big. Can't recall the last time the Bairns were actually in the seaside league. They are just too big a club to go down. At one point it was looking inevitable they would go down, but appointing a new manager and completely overhauling their squad has seen Falkirk slithering their way towards safety. Unbeaten in 2019 they are only heading in one direction and I doubt anyone will fancy playing against Falkirk at the minute. But of course a good run can quickly turn into a bad one and a word of caution for Bairns is that they have a potential bombscare in their team in the Edge. But they have recruited well and have got their hands on one of the best managers around so all appears to be rosy... My Prediction : 5th Greenock Morton Let's face it. We all want to see Morton go down. Even some Morton fans probably want to see Morton go down. Not because we hate Morton, just because the entertainment value would be priceless and Ainsley Harriot needs more exposure. Another of the clubs who are no strangers to the seaside league in recent years. The Inverclyde Riviera's finest are currently living up to their reputation of being perma-diddies. Turmoil in the boardroom, turmoil in the dugout, turmoil on the pitch and turmoil on the terraces, this season has seen it all. If ever you think your own club is in a bad way just look at Morton and you will soon realise it could be worse. The 1922 cup winners started the season well but losing a great manager to a rival club, seems to have rattled them. There is hope however and Morton are the only team to have beaten Ross County twice, and they also have a few points of a cushion over 10th, so that is at least some cause for a great feeling at Cappielow. Have benched their best player last couple of games which makes absolutely no sense to me. My prediction : 9th Partick Thistle The third of the Huge, big, big clubs in the mire. Like their fellow giants Falkirk, the luvvies are unbeaten in 2019 and not so long ago were heading for oblivion. The knives were out for Caldwell after a few short weeks in the hotseat, but he has turned it round recently. Currently bottom but can move off that spot with a win in their next game. Are staring back to back relegations but they probably will have comfortably enough to avoid that feat. Seem to have recruited well in January and regardless of your thoughts on Harkins, he has the ability to do special things in a game. The only one of the six still in the cup which could be a hinderance, but it could help them if they carry on their good form. My Prediction : 7th Queen of the South The least likely of the six to go down, but stranger things have happened and they certainly can't relax...just yet. It's difficult to mention Queen of the South, without mentioning the D word and supporters of the Dumfries club never shut up about it... 'He's our Precious' But to be fair we'd all be the same if he played for our club. Queens will be comfortably nowhere near the bottom spot, unless Dobbie's hamstring goes again. But even with his goals they have not exactly set the heather alight. They'll probably see themselves as being able to sneak into a promotion play off spot but personally I think they'll come up short. My Prediction : 6th Over to everyone else...
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