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Found 7 results

  1. Expected it at some point so it was no surprise to get a visit from the TV Licensing people today, some call them 'goons' or the 'BBC heavies'. Having just moved house and in the process of moving my belongings to the new address I wasn't that surprised to be paid a visit by the BBC TV Licensing enforcers, they were actually waiting for me??? Its just like you would expect from a gang or loan shark coming to collect a debt, one quietly spoken who does all the talking and a bigger silent one to act as the muscle. I enjoyed this encounter especially the bit where I showed them the living room with no furniture and no tv with an aerial cable attached to thin air. As you would have guessed there I co-operated fully letting them in and gave them my name mainly to see what would happen if I did (a little experiment for your benefit). I was asked if I was going to use a tv on the premises and I replied that I wasn't sure yet as I rarely watch tv anyway and if I did it would only be to play console games or play DVDs. I'm such a tease!! They think they know they have one nearly in the catch net. I know they will be back to see how I'm settling in and I fully expect glorious threatening letters from their employers over the next few months, which will be treated with an absolute lack of seriousness and of which I will be quite glad to post up on here to show what the mob that call themselves the British Broadcasting Corporation. Put it this way why should I pay £154.50 to watch shite that I have no interest in? The BBC went downhill the day Spike Milligan passed away and then after we are now forever subjected to /tortured by reality tv shows and tv personalities with no personality. I own a tv at my old address but rarely watch it, maybe Family Guy or American Dad to round of the day but nothing much else. At this moment I'm not looking to take it over to the new property nor do I have any plans to watch live TV or iPlayer etc. This is the age of the super media and the internet where the dinosaurs like the BBC do no rule the Earth anymore. However I don't mind listening to the BBC radio, some good worthwhile stuff there and its free. I'll update this thread when anything happens, threats, threats of being taken to court, threats of prison, more threats etc etc. I'm sure there are many on here who have there own experience of the TV Licensing people and the heavy hand of the BBC? The other side of it, if I ever become a lonely old man in a few decades I will know my investment today will ensure I should have visitors every so often to invite in for a cup of tea and a chat.
  2. TV Tax

    Just curious to see who still pays to be told what to think.
  3. Special programme, special thread? Let's see whether Treesa can shrug off the latest bunmps in the road to a strong and stable Brexit deal, and whether Jezza can resist pointing and laughing in order to simply get the labour message out there. Last chance to compare and contrast in the same arena, so should be interesting...
  4. Good old BBC Videprinter

    GOAL! IREP Portadown0 - 1Ards Ruddy 17:00' (pen) GOAL! IREP Portadown3 - 0Ards Shannon 78:00' (pen) GOAL! IREP Portadown2 - 0Ards Hughes 63:00' GOAL! IREP Portadown1 - 0Ards Garrett 54:00'
  5. TV License

    Can only imagine that there will be a few P&Bers unhappy that you now have to pay for a TV license even when watching catch up on other devices. I still say that the BBC is great value for money (but less so these days) http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-37226030
  6. The TV Coverage Thread

    The TV coverage always divides opinion so keep all your chat here. Both BBC and ITV have announced their line ups... http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/36246839 http://www.itv.com/euro2016/itv-offers-fans-a-french-football-festival-at-euro-2016 There's also a couple of Euro 96 documentaries to look forward to plus the BBC are also doing a full rerun of Scotland vs England and England vs Germany from that tournament over the next week.
  7. Scottish Election Night

    I've reached the point that I want to relive election night but looking through YouTube I can only find UK-wide BBC/itv/sky coverage. Ideally I want BBC Scotkand or STV coverage, if anyone knows where I could find this then thanks.