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Found 8 results

  1. I've moved to Glasgow where I'm looking to get involved in amateur football. Currently play 7s every week and played 11s back in my hometown. Looking for a team within the West End but I'm not sure what teams are around and how to go about getting information. Anyone able to help? Cheers!
  2. We are looking to add a couple of defenders to our squad, especially a left back. We have a good group of players but we've lost a few defenders this season because of work/family reasons and need to strengthen in that area. If you are unattached, looking for a change, or ex-junior, please contact us. We are a well organised Saturday morning amateur team based on the southside of Glasgow. We play in the Premier Division of the Strathclyde Churches League which is a competitive and good standard. Players should have a good attitude and *must* be able commit to being at training and games each week. Training is at Toryglen on a Tuesday evening. Players must have experience of 11-a-side football as the standard of the league is good with ex senior and ex semi-pro players playing within it. Thanks.
  3. Stirling Amateurs are currently looking for players to strengthen squad for next season. Pm for details
  4. Good to see the team believing in themselves now. Nowhere near where we want to be but getting results now. Great league and great set up.
  5. Cartsbridge FC are looking for a friendly on Saturday morning, 12th August, home or away. We're based on the southside of Glasgow. Let me know if your team is available, thanks.
  6. We are looking for football players (especially a left back) for our Saturday morning amateur team, Cartsbridge Evangelical FC, based on the southside of Glasgow. We play in the Premier Division of the Strathclyde Churches League which is a decent standard. We've got a good squad with a good team spirit and we're looking to add a few quality players to help our challenge for trophies. The advantage of playing Saturday morning as well is that you have the rest of your day free. Training is on a Tuesday evening at Toryglen. We're looking for players with a good attitude and who can commit to being at training and games each week. Players must be of a good level and must have experience of 11-a-side football as the standard of the league is good with ex senior and ex semi-pro players playing in it. We are particularly looking for defenders, especially a left back, but we're happy to look at players in any outfield position. Please get in touch if interested.
  7. Hello all. I have come across your forums along with a few more similar around the UK and I think it is the perfect place to let you know about a new website I have built specifically for anyone involved in non-professional Saturday and Sunday League football. It’s a video sharing website, designed to show off all the goals, tackles, funny and bizarre videos taken by ourselves or people on the sidelines. It seems like there is some great footage of the weekend Ronaldo’s not getting the recognition they deserve! The site also has other football articles and news stories, but the intention is to have a “go-to” place for all the best amateur football footage from the UK. The site has been live for approximately 2 weeks and has a self-publicising growth model in order for it to achieve 30,000-50000 unique hits per month within a 24 month period. That is a potential audience of over 600,000. As I write, we are already achieving around 20 visits per day which would result in potential of 7,200 people to watch your videos, as well as the possibility of huge numbers if the video is good enough to go viral. Uploaded videos can include any scenario (Games, training, cross-bar challenges, changing room banter, skills etc). Provided the footage is of non-professional Saturday or Sunday league teams or players then it is fine! All clips will have player names/teams accredited so everyone anywhere in the world watching will know who is involved. Maybe a bit of motivation to work on your free-kicks! Please feel free to have a look at the site and hopefully you’ll be able to create or, even better, already have some videos that could contribute to the growing video library and allow the rest of the country to see it. Thanks for taking the time to read, and hopefully we’ll get to see a few clips of you in the near future! www.anyonegottape.com
  8. Require players for our amateur football team. We offer excellent playing and training facilities, further to the facilities available, we boast a private club for after match hospitality. Our club is well supported from the committee, members and coaching staff levels Players are wanted for all positions. Contact club if interested on 0141 772 1330
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