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Found 1 result

  1. Below are practices/phrases which clearly define people who should be on the register: Please feel free to add any I have missed below and the list will be updated. Standing up to wipe your arse Referring to square sausage as Lorne/Slice/Flat Referring to Toasted cheese as Roasted cheese Referring to French toast as eggy dip dip/eggy bread Referring to a chippy as a chipper Sitting down in the shower Keeping coins in a wallet or back pocket Having toast with soup Referring to the outsiders of bread as heels/bread coat slices Keeping keys on a contraption attached to your trousers Referring to Tomato Soup as Tommy Soup Having a "wee" team when you really support one of the cheeks Having multiple aliases/dotting accounts Sitting down for a piss (if you are a male) Not using bullet points when creating a list. Liking Nick Grimshaw Clipping a mobile phone to a belt Wearing a Bluetooth headset (possibly allowed if driving, but only when driving) Sugar and vinegar on a pancake Wearing a belt made of anything other than leather Owning folding spectacles Using an electric blanket if under 65 Having Biro pens sticking out a shirt pocket Adults wearing football strips with their name on the back Having spectacles on a chain around your neck Men wearing pinky rings Wearing a short sleeved shirt with a tie Sharing a pint in a pub Wearing a clip on tie Having a manbun Wearing full tracksuits when not participating in a sporting activity of some sort Men who shave their chest Men who use sunbeds/fake tan Men wearing v neck sweaters with nothing underneath Wearing socks with sandals Brushing your teeth in the shower Adults watching wrestling Men wearing white t shirts, or vests, under shirts Wallet chains Men who wear hats indoors. Men who drink Lattes/Cappucino's/Soy Lattes/Chai Tea Latte/Chai Tea/Green Tea/Peppermint Tea. Men who add flavoured syrup to a coffee. Older men wearing leather jackets People who put Coleslaw / fruit on pizza People who wear black brogues with stonewashed denims Men with combovers Half and half football scarves Grown men wearing full football kit to go shopping with the wife Comic collectors Tomato sauce / milk in soup Picking bits of jobby out your arse and pinging them at folk in a communal shower. People who wear driving gloves People who think T Shirts are underwear and should not be worn in public. Clip on sunglasses Wearing St Mirren pyjamas Making Football Manager walkthrough videos from your mum's basement Wearing your work id badge on the way to or on the way home from work Phoning Div to get back on P & B Full-body lycra on a portly, middle-aged cyclist Wearing speedos Carrying a comb in back pocket Wearing sleeveless jumpers Owning a mobile dj business Males wearing trousers that inadvertently or purposefully reveal arse cleavage or underwear, in public. Wearing cheap running shoes with jeans Full Kit Golf Wankers Being pals with Jesus Tinted/react to light glasses Personalised voicemail greetings on a non work phone Tucking t shirts/polo shirts into jeans Attending a nightclub on your own Sitting beside someone on a half empty mode of public transport People who use wallets made of fabric other than leather People who speak to you when you are at a urinal People who wear crocs, especially with socks, unless you are a waiter at a swimming pool update 10 Here are the categories http://www.pieandbovril.com/forum/index.php/topic/228912-beastisms/page-16#entry10184585 Here is the scale http://www.pieandbovril.com/forum/index.php/topic/228912-beastisms/page-16#entry10184591
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