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Found 5 results

  1. I hope everyone is excited for this as I am. Did consider going along to this but after watching us recently, a cold Wednesday night at the spaghettihad really doesn’t appeal to me at all, it’ll be IPTV and a glass of orange juice for me. It really makes utterly no sense to me that in December we cram as many games in as humanely possible but in August/April we have the normal 1 per week. Hopefully a Martin Boyle dive and penalty conversion gives this thread a bit of life, I can’t imagine the match will have much.
  2. Want to know a fun fact for any day of the year? Consult the diary of fun to lighten up your day. Lets start with the glorious 12th of July (my birthday).
  3. Sounded like Motherwell put on a good show v the Govan-based team. County beat Dundee. Yet both can't win, so what will be the outcome this week?
  4. Good afternoon As in many other parts of the forum December is the awards season. The politics forum is often more heat than light and it is probably only marginally better than the juniors but it would be a shame not to recognise the contribution made by many on here, who are presumably foregoing friends, family work and sleep to bring you the latest on the way the world works. Please send me a PM by midnight on Christmas Eve, preferably including reasons why you have made your choices. The results will be unveiled in a gala evening of celebration over the holiday period. In the spirit of the continued ulsterisation of our politics there will be an even split of yoons and natz. Which category you put posters in is up to you - for example who knows where Ad Lib Stands on the constitution today. The categories are as follows. Please choose a Max of 3 for each. The Reynard Memorial Frame for Best P&B Yoon The Farage Tankard for worst P&B Yoon The Adam Busby Plain Envelope for worst Nat Martin McGuiness Fraternal Prize for Nat of the Year Let the bloodletting begin...
  5. Why do I get the feeling that England are still going to spawn their way into the next round? I'd drop Gerrard, he's been largely dead weight in two games. Hart Jones Jagielka Cahill Baines Sterling Wilshere Henderson Ox-Cham Lallana Rooney 1-1
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