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Found 7 results

  1. Dilemma facing fans as prices escalate on tickets, trains - increasingly seen as a "consumer" by SFA, so are we best to look elsewhere for our football fix, is our £££ spent better in Europe? https://thefootballblether.com/2018/01/22/the-supporters-dilemma/
  2. General overview of Scotland's place on European Football stage, the pro's and cons of following Scotland versus European Football. Discussion on Scotland's place in Britain, Supporters Club, ticket prices, Czech Football and much more. https://thefootballblether.com/
  3. Is the SSC too expensive, is it delivering value for money or should hard earned money be better spend on trips abroad? Ahead of the upcoming renewal subscriptions, looking for thoughts, comments etc. https://thefootballblether.com/2018/01/22/the-supporters-dilemma/
  4. Ladies and Gents, I've spoken about the Scottish Football Supporters Association a few times and shared some stuff on them before. Paul Goodwin, a good mate of mine, is spearheading the organisation to challenge the SFA on a number of issues in the Scottish game but is trying to get a "fans mandate" to do so. So far there are over 14,000 responses on the national survey and the biggest ever (in Germany) was 18,000 so that is the target here. Please take the survey and share the link where possible. https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/sfsa-benchmark-2017
  5. It looks like the SFA have sneaked out their 2017 Club Licensing status document on a Friday evening. All Premiership clubs have been granted a European license other than ICT. I'm not sure why ICT missed out since they have a better set of ratings than Dundee, who were awarded a license. Not that it matters since ICT will be joining us in the Championship next season. What's more interesting is that Rangers have had their 'Legal/Admin/Finance & Codes' rated as silver, better than, say, Hearts. This requirements for a silver rating includes the following 'The auditor’s report in respect of the annual financial statements shall not include an adverse or disclaimer of opinion'. Didn't the auditors' report in Rangers 2016 accounts include an 'emphasis of matter - going concern' regarding the need to raise further funding? What is that if it's not an 'adverse opinion'? Does this awarding of a European license mean that Rangers are into the Europa League?
  6. Hello to all the die hard footie fans out there. I am currently looking for anyone who considers themselves an avid twitter user and football fan to take a moment and fill out this extremely quick survey questionnaire. Currently, I am undergoing a research project which is looking to evaluate twitter's impact and role amongst Scottish football and the more participants, the better. So if you have a spare moment, I would be greatly appreciative if you could spend a minute filling out this survey. http://kwiksurveys.com/s/Z6BfLVoT All the best, Paul
  7. First time poster, long time lurker. Sure a few of people are interested in hearing about the SFA football academies, currently ran at school's across Scotland trying to promote "technical skills" amongst young footballers (S1-S4). I currently work in one of these schools, but am not involved in the academy. At the moment the best kids are selected (ones who already have schoolboy terms at clubs) and the kids are brought in from the surrounding area and are educated at these schools. They miss PE and a few other classes when they attend footballing skills classes ran by SFA coaches. It seems a good idea and was set up 4 years ago by that Dutch guy the SFA had (who's name escapes me) and now Brain Brian McClair is in charge as he is the new SFA performance director, looks like he is wanting to make some major changes... The latest rumours on the football academy are that Brian McClair doesn't like that boys are having to come in from all over to travel to a central school. Apparently it has been suggested building a residential SFA school - akin to the Ajax academy or the models in England, but more realistically (due to financial reasons) the football academies as we know it will be shut down and reopen in private schools. So the boys would be enrolled at the private school, board there and attend football school SFA academy at the private school. Personally I think McClair is saying "the parents are arseholes that are feeding these kids packets of monster munch for their tea. If we have control of their diet and a large proportion of their leisure time we can make better youth players". While the private schools will be rubbing their hands at more fees and boarders coming in, it remains to be seen how these, on the whole, scumbag kids will cope in that environment, especially the boarding. The parents should look at it as a once in a lifetime opportunity to send their child to top schools, but it's anyone's guess how they will actually react.
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