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Found 7 results

  1. The Catalan government are pressing ahead with their Independence Referendum on the 1st of October despite pressure from the spanish government and courts in Madrid. Spanish premier Rajoy has promised any means possible to stop it though stopped short of declaring martial law and troops on the ground as not to inflame the situation between Barcelona and Madrid any further,the Catalan premier puidgemont has promised to mobolise the Catalan people in any event of troops being deployed. Catalonia is one of the most wealthiest areas of Spain,a country of 7.5 million that puts far more into the spanish economy than what it recieves back from the central government in Madrid. It also casts envious eyes to the Basque Country and see's how the 2.5 million basques enjoy full autonomy,devo max,home rule etc,Catalonia's parliament is much on a par with Scotland's powers wise. Interesting times on the iberian peninsula other countries with similar grievances towards Madrid like the Basque Country and Galicia are eyeing up proceedings over in Catalonia with interest.
  2. The Republic of Ireland will soon be going to referendum to decide whether to legalise abortion. A brief overview of the current situation here, with the core law up for repealing as follows: This is an interesting framing - where do you stand on the equal right to life of the unborn child and the mother? Should the state be involved at all? What of the situation where the mother wants an abortion, but the father wants and agrees to post-birth unilaterally care for the child?
  3. Worth noting, I suppose, that along with the Catalan referendum, the KRG have called a referendum for the 25th of September. This being in the face of the international community telling them not to and last minute talks aimed at postponement. Those talks look to have failed, and there's more than likely going to be a yes vote. What happens next is anyone's guess, as economically the KRG is in no place whatsoever to implement it. Certainly, the US and UK (and French) governments have an Iraqi policy based on a unified Iraq. This referendum is going to piss off a lot of people in Iran, Turkey and Baghdad as well. There's talk on the ground here that the government hasn't actually got around to printing ballot papers yet. Israel has come out and said, in effect, "gaun yerself, Kurdistan". It's going to be interesting viewing, certainly.
  4. Hello, My name is Alex and I am a sociology student who is interested in your oppinions. Whether you voted Leave or Remain, this is your chance to voice your oppinions about everything Brexit! Below is a link to a 10 minute survey, where you get the chance to express yourself on issues related to Brexit. At the end, there is a space where you are free to write as much as you like about your thoughts on anything to do with the referendum and the UK leaving the EU. https://uvacommscience.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_881tzZDkMMN6GVL I would be very grateful to both leavers and remainers for your contribution! Thanks a lot for your help, Alex
  5. I believe we need to actually know what we're voting for. Does that make me mad?! This says it all Http://scotlandneedsfacts.com I like the idea of independence... But I have no idea what that actually means. Very frustrating!
  6. I am planning on having a small house party on the 18th September whilst our votes are counted with Scottish food, drink, decor etc. Does anyone know of or have any good party games we can play? I have seen that there were drinking games for the debate shows, maybe one could be created for the result show but it would also be good to have some games before this as it doesn't start until after 10pm. I'm considering pin the sporren on the kilt/Scotsman also thought about a Scotch Egg hunt. What else?
  7. I left Scotland to begin a new life and raise my family in Canada in 1981. Why? After 7 years of University and 2 engineering degrees in Naval Architecture, after I graduated, there were suddenly no shipbuilding opportunities left in Scotland. The shipowners and the government had decided that the Korean and Japanese could build ships cheaper. Tens of thousands of families were displaced, and unemployment was epidemic along Clydeside. Shame on them. I came to Canada with 50 Clydesdale pounds in my pocket. No exaggeration. When I went to change them for dollars, the bank refused to accept the banknotes stating that those were not pounds. I see the same attitude today in England ! Try exchanging a Clydesdale note south of the border and be prepared for an argument. Now I will return to Scotland. I will bring my resources and knowledge and I will establish a new business - but only if Scotland is independent. I see that the next generation has the resources and potential offered by the Scottish Parliament to build strong careers and communities through new industries throughout our beautiful country, but they need your support to complete the job. Scotland is a very wealthy nation. Extremely wealthy. So why has this economic growth and potential filtered down to benefit of Scots so slowly? Because too much of the wealth is trapped by the English treasury, who then hand back a small proportion for Scotland to run its affairs with. What if Scotland held onto its wealth and did not send it to London? Would that not go a long way to helping the Scots people? Vote YES please !!! Stand up or bow down.
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