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Found 3 results

  1. MONTROSE FC GET NEW NIKE KIT FOR 2017/18 SEASON Trophy Win For Montrose FC! 5-3 Win Result! Forfarshire Cup (1892) Montrose FC are now in their 138th year, having played their first game of Association Football on 8th November 1879 against Arbroath Wanderers. It was in those early days of the game, when the fans were known as ‘the strangers’, a goal was referred to as ‘a point’, the goal itself as ‘the citadel’, and the goalkeeper was known as ‘the custodian’. This was at a time when there became a need for an agreed set of new rules, as teams had begun to play outside their own localities, with travel becoming easier with the coming of the railways, and the increased leisure time available to workers. Montrose FC lost by four goals to nil, due largely to the non-understanding of the new rules, by the Montrose players. Updates regarding the team’s progress while they were playing away was, of course, not heard on the radio, nor seen on television and certainly not via mobile phone, but by way of ‘Progress Telegrams’, which were sent back to Montrose every fifteen minutes. Season 1891-1892 was one of the finest in the Club’s history. January 1892 saw them take on Dundee FC in the final of the Forfarshire Cup. They were clearly the stronger side on the day, having scored five goals to their opponents three and subsequently won the Cup. However, not immediately though. The opposing team lodged a protest at the final whistle, complaining about the poor state of the pitch and that they had been distracted by the late arrival of the Montrose team, which, in turn had an effect on the lack of the light towards the end of the match, resulting in them being ‘put off’. This complaint led to the Cup not being presented on the day of the final, but this did not prevent the people of Montrose celebrating their win. Local public houses, the Black Horse Inn and the Commercial Hotel had been granted special licences for the celebrations. One can only imagine the folks of the time making the most of this special occasion. At the Protest Hearing, Montrose protested that their delay in arriving was as a result of their travel arrangements and was therefore not their fault. The match referee at the time, Mr Gamble, reported that the pitch had been perfectly playable and that the light had no bearing on the final result. Unsurprisingly, Montrose FC got their first trophy, which was proudly displayed in the ‘Gutta Percha Boot and Shoe Shop', at 82 High Street. Montrose were sometimes called ‘the Stripes’, because of their black and white strips. Montrose colours are now blue and have chosen www.customkit.com to supply their Trophy III kit, in Royal Blue colour. Managing Director of PSL Custom Kit, Mr Nick Kernick said, “We are delighted to supply Montrose FC with the NIKE Trophy III Kit. NIKE’s design technology can enhance the performance of players, in play or in training. When you consider the quality and design technology within the kit range and the benefits and comfort that come with this, soon makes you realise that NIKE is the way forward to boost your team’s performance.
  2. So.. If we manage to beat Peterhead and Annan/Forfar, and Montrose went up this season, how would you expect them to finish next season? Come straight back down? Or mid table? Deep down I have a good feeling about tonight, but that could be just a little bit of bias and a dash of deludedness
  3. Seemingly the BBC News Website with nowt better to do with their time have reported that someone is using a government computer down in Whitehall to accurately update stats, squads and the like for Scottish football. Arent they not supposed to be working for the government instead of keeping tabs on how many goals adam Rooney has scored or who plays for Montrose? One of the highest number of the edits from this civil servant is for Nadir Çiftçi lol http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-30747142
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