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Found 1 result

  1. Yes, it's that time of year again. 2014's bed-sheet's may still be warm but it's time to take entries for next year. This year, I'm taking on the glorious honour from Fuctifano who's done a great job the last couple of years. If you know the idea and have played in a previous P&B Dead Pool, send me a PM with your squad of 15 names and reasons for fame when you're ready. I'm not going to mess with any of Fucti's rules, other than I won't be vetting picks when you submit anymore. If you pick someone who's ineligible e.g. someone who's either too young or already dead (you'd be surprised how often this happens) then your pick will stand but will be ineligible for points. In other words, you'll be playing the game with a 14 person team. Otherwise it's no change, so here's the script as was last year,: Dead Pool 2016 - Upcoming Provisional Rule Changes: The Lauren Hill Rule - US College Sports stars or coaches will no longer be allowed. The Liz Taylor Rule - No, not that one. If the person is a relative of a famous person, is he or she also a celebrity? I'm going to go simple with this one; does the person have their own wikipedia page? No, then no dice. CONFIRMED AND VERIFIED ENTRIES (99) doulikefish Bobby Skidmarks tinkerbelle Chris_DK BONACCORD1 D.V.T. Shotgun Expatowner DA Baracus Desp Savage Henry Mambostaggie Mr Bairn booj Spain Grim O'Grady Funky Nosejob Marr1 p&b is a disgrace sureiknow pub car king DavidMcG bigbri groaninjock ShandonPar turboshandy Enigma superwell87 Sergeant Wilson Biscuits mojito Bold Rover JustOneCornetto JasonElgin Mo Wonderboy Supermik The Naitch Michael W Tynieness qos_75 aberfeldy The_Craig Fuctifano SuperCaleyGoBallistic nessies long lost ghost thisal cal234ey Ned Nederlander lichtgilphead Ben Twilly paulathame Arabdownunder Albino Rover invergowrie arab lolls mozam76 ayrunitedfw blootoon87 Disco Duck spiggle Raidernation bobby carlos Eye Valley drs pawpar D.Pac Alert Mongoose Miguel Sanchez chomp my root DBA Abroathlegend36-0 AberdeenBud Eednud sparky88 Bert Raccoon Sloop John B Sherrif John Bunnell 10menwent2mow lichtie23 Marching in Flipflops capybara Lex Lofty weirdcal cille mhernaig Gareth_Glasgow true_rover Once A Rover always a Rover Mozzamozza 19QOS19 Jersey Bud The Master Njord Jamaldo JamieStevenson Oddy choirbairn Ziggy cdisaaccie
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