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Found 7 results

  1. Saints along with Arbroath, Airdrie, Edinburgh City and Cowdenbeath,
  2. No topic for the dullest group in the draw? Hardly surprising I guess. Maybe there'll be more interest when we get closer to the fixtures...
  3. Aside from getting Cowdenbeath again pretty happy with the draw from an ICT perspective. Suspect we'll face Hearts at Tynecastle, possibly on TV as well, and hopefully we get Cove away. Looking forward to Cove and Cowdenbeath killing each other when they play.
  4. Hi, I was wondering if there is any though around the Highland league to developing a promotion/relegation structure below it. I just wondered as if Cowdenbeath were to be relegated from League 2, they would almost certainly select to play in the Highland League. If that happened, how would they cope?
  5. Looking forward to this away day again, was a pleasant experience for myself in August. It's nice to think that we're both from lovely, cultural areas of historical importance. Unlike Cowdenbeath of course who aren't, they come from a shitehole. Looking at recent form you'd argue Berwick are perhaps the slight favourites, although both teams are doing reasonably well this year. Unlike Cowdenbeath who have 0 points in 2017. Team news now and whilst I don't want to give any clues away to Gary who'll undoubtedly be reading this, I would imagine both teams will be starting the game with their first choice right backs. Unlike Cowdenbeath who sacked theirs. Can only imagine a nice friendly meeting between two teams on the up at the moment. Unlike Cowdenbeath who are slumping into nothingness. Anyway, it'll be nice to have some sensible discussion with Edinburgh fans on here before and after the game. Unlike Cowdenbeath who just call me names. Edinburgh 0-4 Berwick.
  6. I'm in Scotland on 19/20 March and was planning to see Raith v Hibs, which I see has been moved to 5:15pm for Sky. Thinking about trying to squeeze in some of Cowdenbeath v Dunfermline at 3pm, any ideas on the best way to get from there to Stark's Park (i.e. is there a direct bus to the Linktown area)? The 4:30pm train from Cowden is cutting it a bit fine given the 15ish mins walk from KDY station to SP.
  7. A shocker of a start to big Nishy's career in management, but the Cowden point of view will be that the home games against Darren Young's whipping boys are their easiest league matches of the season. A poor result for them here could be the ultimate bad omen. Rovers must see this as a winnable game, too: our hosts have been on the end of some serious drubbings already, and I think they already have two first team players suspended for red cards. We can take advantage of that ill-discipline, if ex-Brazilian John Gemmell is available to play. He's the ideal man to play from the start and wind up the opposition. Without JG, here's how the expected ARFC line-up looks: Stewart Reid Dunlop Dunlop Turnbull Young Davidson Mullin McRobbie Love McFadden Bench: Lochhead & Trialist.
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