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  1. My wish is that every cùnt who had their Christmas tree up before the end of November be served up a serious dose of the skitters on Christmas day. I'd like to have seen the Venn diagram for these people and October poppy wearers. Other than that I'm good.
  2. I don't read his stuff but I wonder how much he detests Barbados and their nationalism. Imagine hating a country becoming a country. That's some amount of hate to carry. All these countries across the world and this cùnt hates their nationalism. Most of us see the diversity of nations as a good thing.
  3. Pritti Patel would be arresting anyone trying to stop them. Or worse.
  4. I'm on my first trip abroad since the pandemic and nobody told me Virgin tv go was given the boot as of 1 January and our full exit from the EU. Just another Brexit benefit - cùnts.
  5. It'll screech to a halt in Wales if Plaid look like gaining a level of traction that threatens the wider status quo.
  6. Come on tae f**k min.
  7. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-11-16/prince-andrew-s-2-million-loan-paid-off-by-top-political-donor?utm_source=upday&utm_medium=referral
  8. They're probably keen to get rid of whoever is keeping the brakes on to stop Patel personally tipping migrants into the sea. Too woke, that's the problem.
  9. Presumably the £3m comes with "access" and we've seen what that can bring when it comes to handing out contracts.
  10. It would be if the guy in question was anything other than a disingenuous, odious cùnt.
  11. I see they've shat the bed, apologised and are removing the product. The question is, who thought it was a good idea in the first place? These things don't happen by accident given the amount of time and effort that goes into marketing and product placement. They can ram their shops up their arse.
  12. Johnson's an arsehole. Just in case that's not already understood. Greta Thunberg is an incredibly resilient and talented individual.
  13. Even if it's not genuine, it's not a big stretch to see him pushing something like this out.
  14. The boy's a thick arsehole. Rinsed again.
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