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  1. I'm sure the likes of Channel 4 will but you couldn't mark this government's neck with a blowtorch.
  2. What a fucking horrific employer you've got. No c**t should be put in a position where they need to decline something like this. Thoughts and prayers etc.
  3. No doubt Nicola will already have something in the SNP WhatsApp chat setting out the need to form a square around the Bunter. That's the sort of decisive decisive action a leader should be taking at this time.
  4. There's a bit of cloud cover out there tonight so i thought I'd check when the next full moon is due. It's a week tonight so I think we can expect to see levels of howling increase in intensity over the next few days. Current moon phase is apparently "Waxing Gibbous" - I can see why.
  5. Aye, and within that sub-human scale, she's right at the c**t end.
  6. To be fair, if that person has sought the opinion of 2 party leaders then the potential for becoming part of the argument exists. I take your point but there may be others with similar conditions who will benefit from the response so irrespective of why he did it, there may be value in having raised it.
  7. Looks more likely than not that there won't be a deal. There may be some sort of fudge along the lines of "just because there isn't a deal now doesn't mean there won't be one at some future point." They'll have tables out in the streets of Great Yarmouth for another VE Day style celebration.
  8. Dominic is very keen on artificial intelligence. I'll be surprised if there aren't a few donors lined up for these contracts. And aye, £4bn will certainly boost Britain's place in the world. Lot of shite. That's a million pounds for every 10 jobs created - if they're created. "The money will fund space and cyber defence projects such as an artificial intelligence agency, and could create 40,000 new jobs, the government said." "Boris Johnson also believes it'll boost Britain's place in the world and create jobs."
  9. This c**t's going to have to be dragged out. The link to the analysis of narcissistic behaviour on one of these threads last week was spot on. He's going to dial up the noise and he's not going to accept any outcome other than him staying in office. Start stockpiling the popcorn.
  10. Her judgement has caused her to hook up with him. That's questionable decision making and offers no case at all for giving her a go. She's a boot.
  11. I've not been keeping up with this but has anyone out-Trumped Trump in the last week? There should be a Nobel Prize for Head's Gone and the fat tango c**t could have his moment in the sun.
  12. This is a brilliant place to see thousands and thousands of his insane ramblings - maybe the most beautiful insane ramblings in history. https://en.m.wikiquote.org/wiki/Donald_Trump A few classics: I'm also honored to have the greatest temperament that anybody has. Quoted by Sam Stein (3 November 2016) In theory I could run my business perfectly, and then run the country perfectly. And there's never been a case like this where somebody's had, like, if you look at other people of wealth, they didn't have this kind of asset and this kind of wealth, frankly. It's just a different thing This administration is running like a fine-tuned machine. You know what uranium is, right? It's a thing called nuclear weapons and other things like lots of things are done with uranium including some bad things. We're thinking about building the wall as a solar wall, so it creates energy, and pays for itself. And this way Mexico will have to pay much less money, and that's good, right, is that good? You're the first group I've told that to, a solar wall, makes sense, let's see, we're working it out, we'll see, solar wall, panels, beautiful. I mean actually think of it, the higher it goes the more valuable it is, it's like... pretty good imagination [points to his own head], right, good? My idea. If you have a windmill anywhere near your house, congratulations, your house just went down 75 percent in value. And they say the noise causes cancer. You told me that one, OK. [makes circles with his hands and a noise with his mouth] You know the thing makes so... and of course it's like a graveyard for birds. We have a situation where we're looking very strongly at sinks and showers, and other elements of bathrooms. You turn on the faucet and you don't get any water.. People are flushing toilets 10 times, 15 times. They have so much water that it comes down. It's called rain. I don't know. I really don't know. I don't know. I don't know John Lewis. He chose not to come to my inauguration. He chose -- I don't -- I never met John Lewis actually, I don't believe.Trump was responding to how civil rights icon John Lewis will be remembered, as quoted by Tyler Olson (3 August 2020), "Trump withholds praise for John Lewis, notes he 'didn't come to my inauguration'
  13. This made an appearance on CNN this evening apparently. Live TV has its moments.
  14. What a sack of shite this boy is. The only way he can top this is to croak live.
  15. If Biden sits on his arse and does next to nothing for the next 4 years that'll be a step forward from being run by a fucking sociopathic, narcissistic arsehole. He's unlikely to tweet stuff like "LIBERATE MICHIGAN" followed by SUVs arriving in town full of tooled up arseholes. That's the sort of thing that could easily be overlooked by those who want to see progress rather than just resetting the clock to "sane".
  16. I'm looking forward to the handover moment. 4 years ago, Obama stuck his face to smile and did the decent thing. The man child might not be quite so balanced.
  17. I'm looking forward to it. Watching this demented c**t crumble into a blubbering pile of orange shite will be a tiny fraction of comfort for the last 4 years.
  18. Seems very easy to have them intertwine. The aggressive land grabbing and its impact on those from whom the land is being grabbed isn't a Jewish thing to me. It's just pish behaviour. I'm not anti Islamic either but the scattering bombing of Yemen by the Saudis is also just pish.
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