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  1. Court scored. Moyes was signed late on yesterday on short loan from Bonnyrigg.
  2. It's also interesting that on the back of the poll yesterday the only article the BBC carried in their politics section was authored by John Curtice. Normally these things are reported and the analysis piece linked in. Strange approach to offer no BBC staffer report on what was, by any measure, a headline in Scottish politics.
  3. "Australia" is the substitute word for "No". There was a briefing note issued to everyone working on or commenting on EU Exit that Australia was the default word for No Deal.
  4. Would be interested to see the shift in the voting intentions of EU residents living and working in Scotland. Were they not something like 80% No last time round.
  5. Boy's an utter weapon. Much easier on the eye when you don't see his ramblings.
  6. The same people are aghast at Murrell for allegedly maligning Salmond whilst simultaneously retaining the view that Salmond was/ is a beast irrespective of the result of the trial. Spinning like tops.
  7. The boy should have booted him square in the baws and taken the ban.
  8. No argument there. He should have resigned. He's supposed to represent people and he's not been doing it.
  9. Hope the c**t dies. Share the concern that this is fake though.
  10. Jeremy Vine = c**t. Had R2 on in the car when this arsehole highlighted his show today on Ken Bruce's time. After bemoaning people celebrating that Trump (also a c**t) had Covid, he summarises the Ferrier incident and comes out with: "Dominic Cummings didn't have to resign but she's already been dumped on by her own party". Doing the right thing now = "dumped on". There are so many ways of being impartial on this that it's almost unbelievable he should describe the SNP as dumping on someone. "Taken swift action - do you agree with it" would be fine. But the pejorative use of "dumped on" implies the SNP should really have left well alone. Except they'd have got battered if they'd done so. Maybe under the new mgt he'll get punted for being too right wing to be impartial ...
  11. This may be true but if they secure enough of the vote within the context of the framework of the Scottish Parliament, they have a right to enact their policies. The point then is what happens when those policies are enacted. You cannot say for example that all Labour voters favour remaining in the union come what may. That is patently not the case irrespective of the party's position on a policy level. When we have the referendum we'll see where the majority sits.
  12. When the Conservatives legislated for a referendum on EU exit, did they get a majority of the vote? They took 36.9% - are you saying they had no right to call that referendum? The referendum was determined by majority of the vote. In the event that the SNP continue to be elected into government in Scotland through a system where it is manifestly more difficult to get an overall majority, they have a cast iron case for delivering any or all elements of their manifesto and it is then for the people to judge them at the next election. Maybe you're suggesting every election should carry a +50% share of the vote constraint and that no policy should be enacted without that. If there is a pro independence outcome at the next election, there absolutely should be a referendum and then you can have your "majority" question answered
  13. Do you honestly believe that there is a gap between these 2 statements? Cummings could have been sacked by the Conservative party but they doubled down on him. Ferrier can't be sacked from her seat by the SNP but has had the whip withdrawn and no longer sits as an SNP MP. But you know that of course. If Cummings had an ounce of decency he'd have chucked it. If Ferrier has an ounce of decency, she'll chuck it. She will, hopefully, be charged for her stupidity. Don't let that stop you building a wee set of gallows though.
  14. Why does anyone have the power to do anything at any level. Are you arguing that no party has the right to do or change anything in the absence of a majority of the vote? If independence minded parties secure a majority of seats at the next election on a mandate which includes a referendum then said referendum should be legislated without further argument. If you disagree with this then every major decision by any UK govt over the last 80+ years has no mandate behind it.
  15. Nobody gives a single f**k about whether an uber Yoon is optimistic or pessimistic about Scotland as an independent country. You'll be unhappy when it happens but you'll get on with it just the same. And this isn't about if it happens - it is definitely going to happen.
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