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  1. Ruth Davidson is slaughtering him on C4 News. DPB is one of the worst c***s ever to post in this forum.
  2. f**k knows but I went through the BBC Scotland news timeline on twitter and I'm pretty sure that if the FM were in the US, they'd have mentioned it.
  3. Goes without saying that Redwood is a fucking clown.
  4. Feels to me like the only position the DUP and UK govt will accept in terms of border mgt is to move the point of check so that the whole of the island of Ireland is part of the UK diaspora. John Redwood on Newsnight - "we don't have checks on goods between Manchester and Liverpool". Bit disappointed that the response didn't include "Aye, neither of them border an EU member state which is part of the EU single market which the UK explicitly chose to leave ya fucking fruitloop."
  5. Maybe not so much BBC bias as BBC - an arm of the state. I was watching some old Eurovision schmaltz last night. Clodagh Rodgers appeared on it and I googled to see if she was still alive. Apparently she got the gig because: "Rodgers was chosen by the BBC to be the United Kingdom's representative for that year, with the intent to ease tensions between Great Britain and Northern Ireland." Since when did a tv outlet decide that they'd base their light entertainment decisions on the basis of heavy duty politics/social unrest? Obviously didn't have a care in the world about the potential impacts. "Rodgers later said she received death threats from the Irish Republican Army for representing the United Kingdom at Eurovision." Arseholes then, arseholes now.
  6. Tweet of the day for me
  7. You don't half talk some bollocks. I would go on from here and point out the bleeding fucking obvious but what's the point - this has been on repeat since May's deal was rejected.
  8. I've got tickets for Royal Ascot and, whilst I couldn't give a f**k whether she or any of the rest are there or not, I don't want the racing cancelled. Also, best that the inevitable flood of tears doesn't impact the football season of that helps with the timing of any announcements.
  9. I'm sorry but SF in 2022 are very clearly a mainstream party in NI and your equivalence to the BNP is just not relatable. Are you saying you think SF need a cordon sanitaire because they'll campaign for a UI? Or because you think they're still terrorists at heart? Or something else?
  10. It doesn't make much odds which side of the divide you were on - a lot of people died who shouldn't have so it's completely understandable that folk affected find this stuff difficult. The point for me though is that politically things have moved on and if Fraser doesn't accept that then he should get to f**k.
  11. This tweet from Murdo Fraser speaks volumes in terms of the thinking that underpins the political situation in Northern Ireland. Either Sinn Fein are now an accepted part of democracy functioning in Northern Ireland or they're not. If Murdo finds it so reprehensible that they be congratulated on their result, it's on the basis that he still sees them as Sinn Fein/IRA. If that's the case, why has the UK govt spent the last 24 years supporting the GFA - unless of course it's pat on the head patronising. If he's so dead set against people voting democratically in Northern Ireland, maybe he should start by protesting to his own party bosses instead of wanting to slaughter others.
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