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  1. Dawn Butler was quite right. It's time someone on the opposition benches started calling him and/or one of his henchmen a lying cùnt every single day. "Let the record show that X was removed for calling Boris Johnson a lying cùnt". Every single day
  2. Well if the trigger for unilateral action is that the UK doesn't want a border in the Irish Sea and nobody wants a border on Ireland, why did the UK push so hard not to be part of the CU or the SM? You've got Tories telling us there needs to be free movement of everything between the UK and NI. There also needs to be no border between NI and the Republic. At the same time, any talk of an independent Scotland immediately draws out reactionary statements about hard borders between Scotland and England. The need for a new agreement is simply a result of the UK making a complete and utter cùnt of this - even though they pushed for it and campaigned on it. You'd need to zip up the back not to see this coming. The EU are perfectly entitled to maintain their stance of protecting the CU and SM. The UK either wants control of its borders or it doesn't. Time to make up its mind.
  3. There are very few taxpayers from London and the SE like you. The vast majority are not craven, sash-bashing arseholes. Most of them don't give a f**k about Scotland either. They're not bothered by "the union". In fact, you're possibly unique in strolling about the South East, hating Scotland and desperate to see it fail so you can assert some sort of moral superiority.
  4. That tremor was Scotland breathing out!
  5. Absolutely. Others for our time include: You tried your best and failed. The lesson is, never try. And If something's hard to do, it's not worth doing.
  6. Now running @scottories twitter account imo
  7. To be fair, I've not got a problem with that. It's an honest image - not something you can say very often about him.
  8. I rarely watch or read the news these days but if something particularly irks me and the story is big enough, I'll occasionally visit Reuters site and see what they're saying.
  9. A quote for posterity. Enjoy your night mate.
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