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  1. At least the SNP contract challenges were with a company who actually had a ferry. The SNP didn't hand out a multi million pound ferry contract to a company with no fucking ferries and, as it turned out, no intention of getting a fucking ferry. If we're going to have a debate on contract management, unionists are going to get absolutely fucking annihilated. Carry on.
  2. It is. It's an utter disgrace of an organisation and is shown for what it is by the likes of C4 News who are not beholden to Downing Street.
  3. I've not read this through yet but it doesn't feel like it's black and white. There's a bit of damned if you do, damned if you don't. Let's say SG had dropped the case against Salmond because there was a strong likelihood they'd lose it. How would that have been viewed by the likes of the Tory contingent? I'm confident they'd have got slaughtered for not pursuing this. As it is, they're getting slaughtered for pursuing it. Maybe if folk in positions of influence were a bit less handsy, other people wouldn't have these decisions to make. As it is, "handsy" wasn't criminal behaviour. But, had that verdict gone the other way and the SG had dropped their action, all hell would have broken loose. It's easy for people like Adam Fucking Tompkins to be a total c**t after the fact. There goes one Grade A w****r.
  4. Which of these is most important to you? Is it: 1. Centre/left on economy and health. 2. Centre right on justice 3. Pro indy Fwiw, I'm not that far removed from that profile. But 1 and 2 are completely unachievable within the UK for the foreseeable future. They're entirely achievable in an independent Scotland. There is only one option which will offer at least a chance of living with principles for any length of time. But we're not a one party state - contrary to what Twitter would have us believe. So if you think Anas will deliver what you need crack on. If you think Douglas will deliver what you need, crack on. Sometimes life is a bag of shite and you end up going with the least worst option. I don't think the SNP are the least worst option but I've no issue with folk who do.
  5. You can absolutely criticise the SNP. I never for a moment suggested you couldn't. But good luck voting Yes in an Indy referendum - I hope you're alive to see it. I'm only pointing out the blindingly obvious consequences of your intentions. You'll definitely get competent govt as part of the UK framework ... If you believe that, I'll go and take an absolute f**k to myself and you can keep sprinkling fairy dust round your house. How any of us vote after indy will be interesting - it'll be great to have the choice. And you might not be politically homeless then. But if you believe Scottish Labour or Scottish Conservatives or a combination of those 2 will be more competent then fire away and elect them instead. It is what it is for now.
  6. Picking one up tomorrow from Park's Maserati. 3 way split in rear seats so all good. That said, these are different times and I've not seen the car yet!
  7. This is all well and good as long as you're absolutely content to spend a long, long time living under a UK Conservative govt. Of course the indy movement is wider than the SNP but there is no other vehicle through which it can be delivered. Crack on if you're happy waving a flag from time to time. I'll be voting SNP twice because anything else gives succour to the Alister Jacks and Iain Murray of this world and will allow the Galloway lunatic fringe to crow furiously. As long as you've got a glow about you though.
  8. Spot on. Jackie Baillie and Ruth Davidson dancing on the head of a pin. Now there's a thought.
  9. Nigel was right, you do reach breaking point quite quickly when there's no queue.
  10. I may have mentioned this before but "bandwidth" does by tits in. "Have you got the bandwidth to take this on". "I just don't have the bandwidth at the moment" Alternatively: "I need this done pronto" "f**k off I'm busy"
  11. Yup. ArtisticScornfulColt-mobile.mp4
  12. If he hadn't then it's not a moment too soon.
  13. You might want to include a few heads goners on here in your list.
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