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  1. Oh Kez!!!

    Should his dad have gone gay earlier?
  2. Question Time

    Has anyone been able to identify any past or present SNP councillors or MSPS in any of these audiences? Seems strange that there wouldn't be any when it was so easy to pick out a whole bunch of tories.
  3. Question Time

    Sparky, you're having a bit of a mare here. That aside, what we can now see from QT is that the audience is not a free from manipulation vox pop of the people. But it is presented in that way. So you get people who are or were in positions of influence turning up as if they are random punters. If the BBC are aware that these folk hold or have held political office, they should be introduced as such. The impression of random selection is wrong. When you come to Scotland with this stuff it gets really exposed because the panel, the audience and the folk chosen to ask questions are skewed heavily towards unionist views. And they don't even blush when the same people - see William Orange from the last one - are selected despite the odds of that happening being supposedly slim. It's a farce.
  4. Oh Kez!!!

    Which is a shame because a lot of the stuff would carry an impact if the sheer aggression was set aside to let the facts or data speak for itself.
  5. Ruth Davidson.

    She will spin like a fucking top and then tell us all that Boris is the man. This will be followed by the inter-exchange of separation, Nicola Sturgeon, independence, divisive referendums. All the while conspicuously ignoring that her party are responsible for 100% of all recent divisive referendums. Boot.
  6. Fuckin steady up! I can just about cope with the gender reassignment but H_B is on ignore and I've never pumped any Hebrideans far less been thrown under a bus by one. Seething.
  7. General Politics Thread

    Couple of rather obvious reasons. 1. Those who supported independence came out in droves in 2015 to show they hadn't gone back in their box. 2. Unionists may not have rushed out with the same enthusiasm. 3. Unionists who did vote stuck with their party of choice. This created an incredible swing to the SNP. In 2017, from memory, the SNP did not make a massive deal about independence - a mistake perhaps. They tried to focus on the folly of Brexit. But back then, Teresa was still belting out the old Red, white and blue Brexit line and the people were disinclined to acknowledge the clusterfuck. On the other hand, Ruth Davidson focused almost exclusively on independence. The loss of seats was something of a natural adjustment based on how Scotland is split on the constitution. The shift back to the SNP will be because, other than the Greens, the 3 main parties couldn't give a f**k how badly Brexit hits Scotland as long as they remain tied to the larger neighbour. It's nothing to do with Sturgeon - she is an excellent FM and an outstanding politician. The unionist fraternity despise because she is so dangerous to them.
  8. Toilet Graffitti (the best of)

    Get that on the wall.
  9. Football nation cup final

    Let's be clear about this. You first thought the match was on a Thursday because Linlithgow had used their influence to cause this and you were quite content to call us for everything for causing the match not to clash with our own fixture. Then, when it's demonstrably clear that Linlithgow didn't influence the date of the final, you want us to climb into an argument where we do seek to influence the EoS on their decisions. You'd have been well advised to stop making a roaring arse of this some hours earlier but before you next post, have a think about it please - you're due a decent one after all this pish. We would rather have hosted the final. But we won't seek to influence the people organising the tournaments.
  10. Football nation cup final

    With respect - not that you deserve it - Livi was one of the 3 major domestic cup competitions in Scottish football. Their match somewhat trumps something at our level. But we hosted them quite happily on 2 Saturdays where we were playing away from home. I think we'd have managed Camelon and Spartans alright. Are there any matches in the senior leagues set up for Saturday 26th? My guess is there are not because it's the senior Scottish Cup final. As Tynie says, we've had a booking for Prestonfield on Sunday 19th for months as we are hosting a local schools tournament and it would be a major disappointment to the community if we were to let them down. I'm sure Tranent will look after you all just fine too.
  11. Football nation cup final

    Linlithgow have had no say or influence in the setting of the date. Linlithgow played Crossgates in the League Cup at the start of this season and hosted Livingston in the Betfred Cup on the same day.
  12. European Election - 23rd May 2019

    Are the conservatives actually contesting the EU elections or are they going to dismiss them completely as of no relevance on the grounds they're about to get a total fisting? I saw something over the weekend where they were lining up the "protest vote" pish. It may be a protest vote but the problem for them is it will repeat rather than be a one off.
  13. Interesting game yesterday for a neutral. Thought Annan seemed more up for it to start with and no surprise when they took the lead. Stenny got a lift from the equaliser and were marginally the better team until Annan scored their second. Overall not much between them but Annan had a bit more strength and purpose. I thought Cook played well on the left for Stenny but they didn't have the same threat down the right. The referee should have been onto Annan much earlier in terms of the time wasting - it was absolutely blatant from very early in the match and continued pretty much unchecked. I guess that's why Annan kept doing it and when you're playing for a promotion it's as understandable as it is frustrating.
  14. Question Time

    Soubry would gain some kudos here by nutting Farage.
  15. Question Time

    Absolutely. c**t from head to toe.