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  1. Fuckin hell. Going to be a long haul if this is his level.
  2. Am I right in thinking that the queen has weighed in to give us a bit of a pep talk? If so, here's a pep talk for her - tell fucking jug ears to stop wasting every c**t's time and send his wee brother to the States on holiday.
  3. He just needs reminded of how much can change in the space of 8 games. Surely the 2013/14 crash and burn hasn't been entirely swept aside by the David Gray moment.
  4. Are you still fucking here? He's like an unflushable shite.
  5. Having learned today of the death of a fellow Rose supporter as a result of Coronavirus, I think we need to remind ourselves of what "underlying conditions" means. There are a huge number of people with underlying health conditions which are managed perfectly well. These are people whose departure was not in any way imminent but for whom things change if this thing gets into them. Appreciate that for the most part, we talk in terms of impact at national level but days like this show the wind up pish from the likes of Sensible for what it is.
  6. Maybe every day's a Sunday during a lockdown - fucking feels like it given the dugshite flying on this thread. Bring on perpetual heads gone.
  7. The 1690s are mostly raging - unsurprising. If Salmond wants to start going after folk in the SNP hierarchy he's going to do absolutely no good to the wider cause he has driven for much of his life. If this were to reach the stage where he was creating pressure for the FM I suspect that would not be well received by the vast majority of independence supporters who recognise that she's trying to steer a consensual path to independence - almost flying in the face of how politics is working just now.
  8. Sputtering more than usual I suspect. That said you'll be carrying the virus of a thousand Portonians or whatever they're called.
  9. I'm currently on my way home from London and it's been pleasant enough walking through the city given there are so few people around. I am now at City Airport which I'm not too comfortable with but at least I don't work here. I noted the post from Ross earlier commenting on the additional carriages being added to Swiss trains to support social distancing. BA have done something similar with their planes by cancelling the 14:40, 15:40 and 18:00 flights to Edinburgh so they can fit everyone onto the 17:10. Did I say they were doing the same - I meant opposite. No happy.
  10. All evidence suggests that the world is not about to "man up" as part of its COVID-19 response. I now expect this season not to finish - at least not this season. No idea how that would be managed.
  11. Just noticed this. Didn't feel much like early spring!
  12. All I'm saying is that squads of players are now being quarantined. Arsenal v Man City cancelled because of quarantine. Real Madrid in quarantine. Just because players are part time and earning £200 a week or whatever doesn't mean they won't have an impact. If they're quarantined from a football team, logically they'd need to isolate in their day job. None of this is just about 300 spectators or 22 players in a squad - those 22 have all got a reach into society during the day. How does the league deal with different teams being quarantined at different times? Countries are going into lockdown - it's naive imo to think that the UK won't follow. At that point, who knows how or when you finish a season?
  13. It's not just about spectators. The minute a player is confirmed, the whole squad may go into quarantine. That might only last a few days but it could be a few days attached to each and every occasion. On the back of part time footballers going into quarantine, there needs to be consideration given to the people they in turn have interacted with in their day job. Employers are not going to be happy about the risk of multiple quarantines from Monday to Friday so boys can earn their wages on a Saturday.
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