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  1. Spot on. I can't remember the last time I watched BBC News as they've become a parody organisation.
  2. No sure this qualifies as a conspiracy theory or something more sinister.
  3. Can only be security. No idea why anyone thinks this is a good thing to host - the best you can hope to achieve is "unscathed".
  4. You can always nod off to the rhythm of the Hancock arse bob as an alternative to counting sheep.
  5. Ftfy. UK govt event. UK govt planning. Given the limited community transmission as a result of Nike conference, I'll be surprised if there is much in the way of a spike here in the aftermath of the event. But if there is, the decision to run it lies squarely with the UK govt.
  6. Even sadder when someone lifts it and shares it here for the bants. Woeful.
  7. It's absolutely mental. My wife bought a 66 plate Mini Cooper D in July 2019 with 21000 miles on the clock for £8600. Looking today for the same car on the same 66 plate with mileage of c35000 and there is nothing under £9000 on Autotrader - with most examples being a good bit higher. It can't go on and I'm surprised anyone who isn't completely desperate would even contemplate going into this market. I bought my car for under £22k 7 months ago and the same car is now showing at a starting point of around £28k. Crazy stuff.
  8. I might have linked to this before but this boy is a stark raving lunatic.
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