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  1. I'm in catch up on this thread but the SNP sitting down etc has f**k all to do with anything. The Supreme Court didn't rule on the basis of the competence of the argument and Westminster will never rule on the basis of the competence of the argument. That element matters after the route to a democratic outcome has been established.
  2. They will lose but if that defeat resulted in the party completely imploding as you seem to be suggesting then they would be finished for a long, long time. I wouldn't fret - he'll be suggesting the opposite next week. Like Douglas Ross, this one spins like a top to suit the tory mood du jour.
  3. Just what the country needed according to some analysis on here. Also fully backed by D Ross esq - "SNP must follow" etc etc. Dangerous c***s the lot of them.
  4. Keir Starmer campaigning to be Labour leader: "The shadow Brexit secretary told journalists during a visit to the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday that the SNP would have a mandate to hold a second independence referendum if it wins the 2021 Holyrood election." Keir Starmer as Labour leader a year after the 2021 Holyrood elections: "No Section 30 under a Labour government regardless of political situation, says Starmer"
  5. There is zero point in anyone voting Labour in the hope that that they'll be more likely than the tories to grant a referendum. Labour will never do it. They're far more dependent on soft tory voters in England than they are on SNP voters in Scotland. Thereafter, the question of voting Labour is one that is baked into an unchanged and potentially unchangeable UK. Given that SLAB loathes those of us who favour an independent Scotland, I will never vote for them. That's the same SLAB who are part of the British Labour Party and who, according to Jedi, have much more in common with the SNP on matters of policy than they do with the tories. Yet, they've jumped into bed with the tories in multiple Scottish councils to push aside the party which had the highest vote share. We know where we stand with Labour. Ian Murray is their shining example. Whatever the route to independence might look like, Labour are at the very heart of stopping it from happening. On that basis, they can f**k off.
  6. In other news, the Daily Mail makes a roaring c**t of itself ... Sadly updated since.
  7. It worked brilliantly for them before ...
  8. Just so we don't lose the hypocrisy in the mists of time.
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