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  1. If contributing something of significance is a criteria for posting on here you're miles out your depth ... champ.
  2. We're going to need a fucking lock down to get back on topic.
  3. The schools chat is absolutely fucking riveting.
  4. "Satirical" is one way of looking at it i guess. The responses are not satirical at all though.
  5. Wants healthy debate by starting a topic "Neverendum". That's a massive bias right away. Now you're keen to talk about when a referendum should happen - ignoring the existing thread on this very topic. Maybe if you want healthy debate you should adopt a more neutral tone to start with. Either that or acknowledge that if you want the debate had at the ballot box then don't add "50 years". Anyway, you've no intention of having healthy debate so that'll be me done.
  6. I genuinely hope that it doesn't hit you too hard when we vote for independence. Very decent of you. I've not got a single f**k left to give him.
  7. I'm looking forward to seeing how he handles standing on the steps to welcome his successor. Obama painted a smile on and did his job. Wouldn't surprise me if Trump just funked off to Florida in the huff.
  8. "... such as Scotland being taken out of the EU against our will."
  9. Last night just highlights how utterly shite Westminster has been at communicating all the way through this. These rules on visiting homes seem very much aimed at the Muslim community in my view. That's a community which has a far less vested interest in going to the pub. And has a major festival today. Just be honest about the problem if it's a concern about a population sector. If something were being aimed at u18s or whatever, they'd be quick enough to say so. Anyway, the R rate in many of these places was still about 1 when they opened everything up. This smacks of lockdown as long as you don't have to shut businesses.
  10. Bit of an indictment that there are 31 sitting MSPs and none are likely to be seen as capable of stepping up to lead their party in Scotland. Obviously the 6 MPs are entitled to lead their party in Scotland but the fact the favourite for the job so recently chucked a ministerial post doesn't say much for the rest if he remains the best option they've got.
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