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  1. I wouldn't back him. He should have stood back whilst suspended. Winning that seat adds nothing for me.
  2. Spot on. Once Hanvey was suspended, he should have packed up the campaign in my view. But "track down" is extreme language when "caught up with" would have easily sufficed. The only reason they would have for not putting the same focus on the others who have been suspended would be if those candidates had stopping campaigning completely. I don't know if they have or not. Laura K is having an absolute nightmare on the impartiality-ometer.
  3. He's really not. He's merely testing the water to see how many contrary positions can be argued. Quite a few it seems.
  4. Sorry, I think it was the line: "Social media is great if actively updated " I'm afraid we live in the 21st century and social media has never been easier to use or access. I don't readily accept that because people are older, they can't use social media. They're choosing not to. My mother is 81 and when I went into her house yesterday there were 2 laptops sitting at different ends of the table whilst she works on different stuff for different organisations. I accept that we need to be better with the website but the technology is clumsier for that and my preference is to make that more of a point of reference.
  5. "We will now play @WhitehilWelfare this Tuesday in a rearranged fixture with a 1930 kick off." Is there something missing from this update which went out on social media after the Saturday postponement? It went on to Twitter with 6500 followers and Facebook with over 3500 followers. For the non Internet types, it was posted on the social club door from Saturday onwards. It is difficult not to bite hard sometimes when we get this sort of thing. Most of the rest of the world has managed the move to places like Twitter and Facebook. Remember we also got slated on here for over promoting the Falkirk match. If people want advice on where to look to keep up with what's happening then the answer is as above.
  6. Agree but many Torys in Scotland claimed they couldn't support the party if Johnson was leader or if Brexit happened Jackson Syndrome is the term you're looking for. Or just c***s.
  7. The hardening behind the tories can't be unexpected. Scotland has its share of arseholes. A smaller share of arseholes than places like Grimsby but a share nonetheless. They're running their own wee Indyref and the red in the flag is way more important to them than they are to the red.
  8. Snap. Terrific player in his day and an outstanding commentator and analyst.
  9. Oh aye, the one that enables them to stay in the Customs Union whilst a similar request from Scotland was turned down. The Northern Ireland that some daft tory c**t described as having a stupendous deal - or some such. But only described thus to try and exemplify why Arlene was wrong to froth with fury. In Scotland, the line to take is "you want the Customs Union - it'll never work". Shyster b*****ds pretending at democracy. Only a moron would miss the ironing of it all.
  10. He's also ignoring the fact that the SNP, prior to elections following the 2014 vote, said that they wouldn't seek a fresh vote on independence unless there was a material change in the relationship between Scotland and rUK. They then cited a specific example - Scotland being taken out off Europe against the wishes of its people. There is nothing more undemocratic right now than the two main UK political parties preparing to ride over the top of Scotland's governing party and its very clearly stated position. But he knows all of this. Those in favour of a union with England pick and choose when "democracy" should be applied.
  11. Google kens the score - you only need to go as far as "laur" to see what's ranking in the top 3 searches.
  12. That's really disgraceful on her part. When is she going to pin Cummings down on refusal to go near Andrew Neil with his puppet.
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