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  1. His foot literally goes straight out then lunges in from here.
  2. Frame by frame, his leg didn't get thrust up, it went straight in. As all accounts attest he had little control due to the shirt pull, that's easily adjudged to be serious foul play.
  3. Haven't seen the incident. But doubt Ayr would have drafted their appeal just a few minutes after full time for that to work.
  4. Isn't that exactly what it is? To be fair, doesn't take long for them to tell you to bolt.
  5. You lot STILL moaning about that even though it massively worked in your favour?
  6. Completely agree. Shocking refereeing. What was he thinking. Appalling decision. Elbowed the defender in the face AND scored with his hand. A thug and a cheat. Completely agree. Should have been a red card.
  7. Gow many clubs actually still regularly operate a cash gate these days? No, it's how we have done it for a while although we do sometimes do a cash gate when using the WDE turnstiles. Yourselves, Dundee and Partick have had it, nobody else. If online is working, you can buy right up to kickoff.
  8. If Ayr have told us they expect the numbers to justify it, it will get open.
  9. Morton don't do cash gates, for home or away fans, unless deemed unavoidable. The standard process is buy online or buy from the ticket office on Sinclair St before walking to the gate. We have had trouble with our ticket partner (shambles of a company from day 1 tbh) which has probably led to Ayr being sent tickets rather than relying on it, with the hope of a decent crowd and not wanting everyone to buy from the ticket office. The announcement of them being binned and a new partner being appointed is due imminently.
  10. Hard to say if Morton will still be interested come the summer but wouldn't begrudge him a place in the squad despite all the snotters about attitude coming from you lot.
  11. Fuckin hate the word Rotherham. Ain't no way a Scottish person is pronouncing that shit... Rorrrurrrum....
  12. Likely only got his start on Saturday because Miller pulled up in the warm up but glad to see him still in there. Confidence dropped after seeing the lineup.
  13. TJF do seem interested in comparing to Morton seeing as they specifically called out that your cash reserves were below that of Morton (while spunking a larger budget to bigger losses) in their analysis of your last accounts.
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