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  1. Maybe. Just seemed very specific calling out that the manager is there.
  2. It wouldn't be an SPFL decision. It would be the resumption of Uefa Article 48 which covers broadcast blackout hours (which was suspended during covid). It is expected that these rules will be coming back into force. In the UK, the blocked hours cover 3pm Saturday games. Streaming is likely to be allowed for overseas fans but not domestic.
  3. And it might do just that. Hopeful though that there was a specific reason the club sent this particular tweet. Not quite the 'I'm fucking staying' Wolf of Wall Street scene but still.
  4. By all made up wishful Ayr fan accounts. Other accounts state that Bullen has missed out on one of his top retention targets and that his plans for next season are now in utter chaos. * * also made up but just as credible.
  5. Baird will be fine, when not played beside Sean Fucking McGinty and Fjortoft.
  6. Last years Ukraine song I would have accepted but this years one was pish.
  7. Happy Wagner-versary. https://fb.watch/cRZYf0QfNL/
  8. Ouch, sore one with the manner of it. Right Queens. Down and make Falkirk your bitches.
  9. Partick hint that their next signing is a left back and journalists begin linking them to every available player shocker.
  10. FFS Arbroath, you had 1 job. After we did you a favour as well. You'll no be needing your other favour on the final day then.
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