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  1. Reports today that Leicester were happy to wait till the summer but Rodgers pushed through the immediate departure.
  2. Pitch is all good. Game on.
  3. Did you read the report? No mention in their contracts about notice period or compensation, which sounds like the contracts were fucked up. Falkirk haven't done anything legally wrong, however, they have in the eyes of the SPFL rules. Don't quite understand where you think you'll get compensation considering it was never in their contracts Did YOU read the report, and to the end, where it said the contracts were fine and that the assumption that not having specific mention of notice period or compensation meaning that no compensation was liable or that they could walk away without notice was wrong?
  4. Dundee United 2018/2019

    Signed for St Mirren
  5. And Keelan O'Connoll from Bournemouth.
  6. Smackdown Thread

    Really thought they were going to have him lose it there.
  7. First shot on target wins.
  8. If by confirming you mean highlighting todays press rumours, yes, confirmed.
  9. Hence the by now. Do keep up.
  10. Bit of a car crash of a post right there. We let our wide players go, and haven't signed replacements. JJ culpable for dragging that on so long. Tidser on the bench could be down to that. But what about the previous times JJ benched him? No dice. Bringing up the Dumbarton result is laughable based onthe line up that night and the fact McKinnon wrote off that, and the other cup. The manager is making a rip roaring arse of things and needs emptied immediately. The board and the direction of the club also need sorted but that's not happening imminently, are we to just let the charlatan continue to drag us down in the meantime?
  11. Not wholy directed at you, but the debate on here and the Morton forum keeps deflecting to the board only when the criticism of the manager is intensifying. Case in point, there is a 'Johansson's future' thread on there but not one about the board. The board talk is on the Johansson discussion, deflecting from the here and now not the other way about. Duffy was a clown and was rightfully hounded in the end by some and binned, JJ the same but worse. Time to hound and bin. The board need to explain themselves as the new focus from the start of the season seems to be gone (taking JJ's word as the only gospel). If that is indeed the case and we are returning to the loser rhetoric of previous years, it won't be accepted and they will be hounded. The Tidser thing is just the latest debacle on the JJ list though, not the whole conversation. Tactics, selections, performance, results, attitude, and ability to identify and make use of a good player have all built to an easy assessment of dud.
  12. Why does it always have to be one or the other, the board or the manager? Both are major issues at this club and both are not mutually exclusive. Why does it take another absolute failure of a manager getting to the point where he needs binned immediately before the main detractors of the board actually open their mouth more frequently? It's the worst time to do it when there's a more pressing short term issue that needs dealt with, the manager flatlining. JJ is a dud. Another with a loser mentality full of excuses for his failings. To think, we thought Duffy was as low as we could get in that category but FFS JJ has found a whole new level. Hound the manager, get him out, then focus on the continued stagnation of the club by redirecting that hounding towards the board.
  13. Doubt you'd see many of those. In the c**t stakes, McKinnon sails past JJ but doubt anyone would suggest that McKinnon doesn't have more legitimate claim to the term Manager than our charlatan.