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  1. Covered above but the powers-that-be asked to be given the authority to make the decisions but that was refused. The powers-that-be can't make the decisions, the clubs vote on it. No further votes have taken place.
  2. At which point did I claim that a ref did not have to come down?
  3. The clubs have agreed an early inspection due to the state of the pitch and it being deemed highly unlikely anything will change. The clubs have agreed the rescheduled date. The ref coming is a formality. There is no reason to leave it close to kickoff.
  4. We have decided it's off. Does it matter when we get a ref down to confirm it for us?
  5. And we are scheduled to play Arbroath, what's your point?
  6. We had a positive Covid case this morning. That player and 2 close contacts added to the 2 who were already isolating.
  7. Morton to continue their trend of the past few seasons of flitting between blind optimism of sneaking a promotion playoff place and full blown relegation crisis on almost a weekly basis. Delete as appropriate each week.
  8. No, many others instead opted for wage cuts and referrals to footballing staff and redundancies for non-footballing staff. As others have said, what's your point?
  9. Just because that is listed under tier 1, doesn't mean it is automatically allowed straight away. For example, households meeting indoors is allowed in tier 1, but that's not happening for them yet.
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