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  1. Ooft, a pay off to go with the fine and the compensation. He has cost you an absolute fortune, got you relegated, and was doing a great job of ensuring you stay there. Hope the next appointment proves as fruitful.
  2. Ghost goals galore, match abandoned due to both teams abusing the referee and both awarded a 3-0 loss.
  3. Houston openly stated he didn't want another Manager job and wanted to be an assistant, helping a young manager, when he joined Morton. Fits the brief but his contribution at Cappielow by all accounts was even more woeful than JJ's so be warned.
  4. Used to leave a wild card place in my Scotland squad on Football Manager when fucking about, for the player banging in goals regardless of level.. Fans used to slaughter me for calling up someone not good enough from a low level. Good to see Steve Clarke adopting the fannying about approach already.
  5. And here you are, continuing your life's work of adding absolutely nothing to anything. Having sat through every second of that, I will continue to state we deserved even worse than we got, thanks. Were you one of the pellets who applauded the team off at the end? You seem like the sort. Wrong'un.
  6. 6-0 was embarrassing for United, we were way worse than that, really not that hard to grasp. If I was a United fan, the OP in particular, I would be fucking raging that my team didn't hit the easily available 10 to send P&B into absolute meltdown.
  7. You explicitly stated we were 6-0 bad. We were not. We were easily 11 or 12 bad. Poor show from United. You better hope the league doesn't come down to goal difference. No... And that it should have been. 6-0 flattered us. Do keep up.
  8. What's your point? Embarrassing result for United tbh.
  9. Would have thought the 'if' and 'somehow' in his post was pretty self explanatory that it was an unlikely scenario. It didn't, he won't, pretty stupid thing to try to jump on.
  10. Big thanks to Dundee Utd for staying in 1st gear. Not sure I could have stomached the next 6 years of MorTwelve patter.
  11. Looking forward to the off the chart shame game at your gaff in 2 weeks. Get the police horses ready.
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