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  1. Someone's obviously reading the forums and twitter today. Correct decision if they've changed it. Still high but it's a decent product. As others have said, ours at £14 definitely better value than what we got from Dundee's at £12.50.
  2. Morton fans feared the worst, mainly due to our defensive frailties and lack of goals. Defensively, despite shipping 2 goals against your rabble, we have looked better than expected so grinding out enough points for lower mid-table mediocrity, now looks likely. Our only other expectation, is QOS heading to the seaside.
  3. Don't blame you. I understand the thought in trying to maintain value for season ticket holders when they set the prices. But on seeing everyone else's prices, they should have reconsidered.
  4. Forget that talk of £15. They have it listed.... £16. Get real Morton. https://tv.gmfc.net/
  5. Was unplayable for a while with us in the Championship and scored some absolute screamers. If he can get an ounce of that back, he will be a good signing. Career went downhill when he battered his girlfriend though. He's a wrong'un
  6. For the game on Wednesday there. Their manager tested positive so didn't travel and the assistant took charge.
  7. He referenced 2 elements but missed the third - the actual website and hosting of it. There was an issue identified with the ticketing and paywall system, it was running slow and people were struggling to log in even during the test. The big issue though was the entire site inevitably crashed.
  8. The "to all affected fans" statement carries less weight because the preceding sentence calls out "our loyal fans". It's not a huge deal but would have been better to formally acknowledge the other people affected. Also interested on the financial side with QOS due their cut. Had Morton's incompetence done you out of Money?
  9. A much better statement that should have been the one that landed 24 hours prior. Glad they have admitted more culpability and sorted refunds. Still no acknowledgement of the second issue, the camera work, and agree that it is poor show not to referent the QOS fans who got an even worse deal from it all what with missing the goals and all.
  10. On these points, the Pixellot system was working to an adequate standard and was a better watch than what we streamed. The club made the wrong call to go their own way at short notice. Had they not have, 1 of the 2 major talking points (camera work) would have largely been alleviated. Yes, Pixellot still had a few tracking issues (which by all accounts gets alleviated by running more tests to calibrate it) but it on the whole would have been acceptable for a first stream. Ok, they can't have forseen the issues with the camera stream not matching what the cameraman saw. Testing would have helped there though. They did 1 live test, of a training session, using the middle third of the pitch. They spent more time getting an angle on the commentary box than checking they have an appropriate view of the entire field of play though. On the second point, advice at the point of making the change had no impact on the result. It was already set up to fail. The fact they went their own way vs Pixellot had no impact on whether their system could take the strain. They chose to host within their own website which would have fallen under both systems. The website fell several times the previous week when transfer news was announced. The website fell during their only live test (of the training session) under low traffic, and during the streaming of the webcam from Leith under even lower traffic. It was entirely inevitable that the website was going to fall on Tuesday. The only people who couldn't see that were those tasked with running it. The club have been banging on about a new fit for purpose website that can handle the streaming. They didn't deliver that. They added a new wordpress skin onto their existing site. The fans have been calling for months for them to get the system ready, tested and make sure the website is capable. The response from inside the club was that they weren't going to test it publicly. They then changed their mind and agreed to a last minute, barely advertised test which generated low traffic. The system still failed under those conditions. They then rolled on to Tuesday and hoped for the best.
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