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  1. Which allegedly will still be earlier than Ayrs and could quite possibly be lightyears ahead of Morton's.
  2. Aye, i know but seeing as the thread started with the Dundee conversatio just finishing it.
  3. This is indeed the case if a club turn up without suitable change of kit. The chances of that are slim seeing as clubs have to submit their choice of colours for a game at least a week before it, clashes are then identified and the SPFL instruct the clubs on what kits should be used in the match.
  4. Either, because the referee would just instruct Morton to use one of their change kits.
  5. Wasn't there but didn't realise this. Ooft. Shitebag Rae moving the directors box because there were fans there and he was due a hounding.
  6. Morton had the initial 500 maximum, all in the main stand. They then applied for more and got another 100 in the Wee Dublin End. The cowshed (terrace or seating) wasn't used for paying fans.
  7. Aye, Morton have done a great job lately of ensuring nobody will come in for our assets - benching Lyon for most of the season in favour of Blues and latterly having McGinty at left back with Strapp either out of position or also bombed out.
  8. Quite enjoyed the 'step up from Falkirk' line on the Durnan tweet. Played. 🤣
  9. But none of the best players in said defence. With just 1 addition replacing the 2 you took, Morton's defence is now stronger than it was before.
  10. Morton: Adult (Main Stand/Terrace) – Early Bird – £270 – Full Price – £290 – MCT Member Price – £245 Concession (Main Stand/Terrace) – Early Bird – £210 – Regular – £220 – MCT Member Price – £190 Child (12-17 Year Olds) – Early Bird – £90 – Regular – £100 Child (Under 12) – £0
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