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  1. Fair play that you've finally been proved right that your club is absolute box office.
  2. For appointing a dud, letting him sign an imbalanced squad of duds (several of the same duds that failed in this league the year before) then reluctantly accepting his resignation? He's surely still due a hounding. Played at the level of football he has AS A MIDFIELDER as well.
  3. He does normally last a bit longer overall. Although in terms of having signed last season's Morton losers - from an October season start he left in December. That's pretty similar to a July start and departure in September.
  4. Gutted he's took the shitebag route at least before the Morton game in a few weeks. Was looking forward to a real shame game that sends him over the edge. The most inevitable outcome Scottish Football has ever seen though - right up to the having a go at the fans towards the end. Hopefully Falkirk's the next destination for him and his ragtag collection of merry men in L1 next season. When he has literally resigned from every manager's job he has had...
  5. Nah, you had beat us 5-0 up there the Friday before in the league, this was after your 3-1 win the following Saturday in the Challenge Cup.
  6. Which is what we want to think, but the reality is he has picked Blues since arriving, bigged him up in interviews and spoke out against the criticism of him.
  7. Who's plan? Because there hasn't been any sign of a plan for over a year that involves Lyon in, Blues out?
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