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  1. It doesn't matter how many CHs we add. With McGinty on the pitch, your chance will come. We don't actually have any more though.
  2. We treat everyone like that. There is only one direction the sucker punch usually comes therefore you have nothing to worry about.
  3. It will be likely outwith the control of the clubs, and banned domestically once normality resumes. For oversees fans, all clubs will now have a streaming option for them albeit through the SPFL match centre using the Pixie Lotte cameras. They say there is commentary. Not sure how that works whether they have their own or were getting a feed from the clubs. Guess some clubs might choose to continue but just for overseas fans, depending if cost effective. Would hope that clubs who weren't before (looking at you Morton) don't let the experience go to waste and continue to provide improved media output. If not able to stream live, even the option of full match replays after the event (at a reduced cost).
  4. The least you can do when here Dundee fans is offer them Jack Hamilton.
  5. If McPake could do McPake things, that would be grand.
  6. If Arbroath want to grab some more points, including beating Ayr, to make our last day of the season meeting a dead rubber from your perspective, that would be just grand.
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