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  1. Think there will be a lot of businesses across a whole range of industries disappearing as a result of this.
  2. Condensing games and multiple games a day I agree with. No need to move it to 5s though. * * Actually, might need to switch it to 3s if clubs only have s couple of players.
  3. While we are currently here in a football bubble, that might be a useful suggestion. But this issue is far wider reaching. There will be a lot of people worried about what might happen with their jobs if a full lockdown comes about. Many might not be willing to chuck their money in rather than clinging to it.
  4. So, for your own safety, you were there on Tuesday then?
  5. Doubt the game would go ahead without the floodlights to be honest.
  6. Because those roads are definitely likely to be in top condition for all cars and buses travelling.
  7. Murdoch was not so much 'chucking away your old Nokia' more like 'Ray McKinnon stupidly dropping an iPhone down the toilet'.
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