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  1. Derek Gaston told no new deal from Morton.
  2. That one is entirely excusable. The whole of Scottish Football celebrated that one well, except for you know who...
  3. "the now former Championship club Falkirk Fc". Bet he loved typing that
  4. Weans on the pitch and being declared 'winners' after stinking out the league and scraping survival through the Play Offs. At least the faces of the kids show how tin pot and cringe it is to be there.
  5. Expulsion should be declared eternal for an aggregate playoff result like that. Welcome to the new bumpkins.
  6. ^^^^^ Annoyed because Dundee hate us more than his own insignificant rabble.
  7. [emoji38] Well that post is all over the place. Keyboard mashed a wee bit too hard I think. Points for effort though. Nobody is on board with the Easdales yet, unless it's confirmed the Easdales are on board. And humbling apology for what? Not liking the guy and preferring other candidates at previous times in history? Doesn't affect whether someone thinks he is the right appointment this time or not, which he is, a fact that most are happy to discuss the merits of rather than fizzing about what big bad VT said about poor Hoppy before.
  8. Installing himself as manager and a self-funded assault on the Premiership. Bring it on.
  9. Morton fans united for once with a wee bit of positivity. Even VT on board. Trust this pair of roasters to come and dampen the mood.
  10. Pretty happy with the cv of the guy Hopkin has just appointed as his assistant rather than Livi's drug dealer to be fair.
  11. Anton McElhone, new Assistant Manager. https://gmfc.net/2019/05/16/anton-mcelhone-appointed-assistant-manager/
  12. It's a rarity for Morton in an appointment that has been met with universal approval from all Morton fans. On the face of it, a bloody good appointment. As for Tidser, he won't be short of offers. Dundee had made an offer to him, not sure if their relegation makes that more or less likely to follow through. Hope we make a compelling offer to at least be back in the mix but, unless the money was as ridiculous as reported and nobody gets close, can't see him following through with the PCA.