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  1. Smackdown Thread

    Nice. My comment was more in relation to a piledriver being allowed, particularly one like that, rather than the matchup itself (but yes, happy to see the continuation of those 2 going at it for the foreseeable future).
  2. Partick Thistle vs Falkirk

    Well you sound like bags of fun. Not to mention creepy. Sit down.
  3. Smackdown Thread

    Just caught Smackdown. Rey's canadian destroyer piledriver on Andrade was a thing of beauty and certainly not expected.
  4. 2019 Royal Rumble Pool

    double me up
  5. Alloa v Morton

    I applaud the bravery of these posts ahead of next week. Fair play. Alloa 6 ahead of Falkirk, 7 ahead of Partick. Not too unhappy with that outcome.
  6. Partick Thistle vs Falkirk

    Didn't want to disappoint.
  7. Partick Thistle vs Falkirk

    Scoring an og to cut both your showers further adrift at the bottom.. Pleasing.
  8. Morton add Dylan Dykes after he left County.
  9. Dykes confirmed. https://gmfc.net/2019/01/11/dykes-is-mortons-first-signing-of-the-window/
  10. This much closer to Dundee? Tap me up lads.
  11. Shame Snake Mountain is already taken.
  12. Partick Thistle vs Falkirk

    Deal. Well, we can do our part but unfortunately Caldwell gonna Caldwell.
  13. Scully the other way.
  14. Should call on him to explain his decisions, seems the done thing. No threats mind or his Police escort will get you.
  15. [emoji38] As I said, the EdiBrain user is genius.