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  1. If fans want to find out the rats who voted yes then boycott said club then they have every right to do so,
  2. Not one for getting bored easily but by f**k your post's are boring me to sleep.
  3. Just been released from hospital after being the victim of a hit and run incident.
  4. I'm goinf to shit all over your breakfast.

  5. Sad to see HibeeJibee leave this site me and him used to talk through-out the night about football matters. Keep in touch wee man.
  6. I suppose since she is dead it would be classed as a dirty ride!! but this dirty ride is still alive.
  7. Can anybody guess who this ugly duckling turned into? She is in Corrie...
  8. I came across this old pic and thought some of you older enders fans might like too.
  9. Done...cheers.... http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/mbpointsofview/F1...?thread=7174179
  10. The money wasted on this utter pish must have been massive. I'm actually trying to find out if the bbc have a website which allows people to leave complaints about t.v proggrammes.
  11. You start shit threads, Timothy

  12. Posters who think they own this site and speak to people like shite.
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