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  1. Just got 3 points to make after watching these highlights 1.Poor defending from Dick for the first goal just head it out and deal with it. 2.No idea how Spencey doesn't get a penalty McKeown had no intention of playing the ball and just went into the back of him. 3.Cracking strike for the 2nd goal but the amount of space we left on the edge of the box wasn't good enough.
  2. Amazing stuff from De Zwaan here showing MVG no fear or respect.
  3. first signing target for next season needs to be getting Kirkpatrick back permenantly he was brilliant over the 2 legs.
  4. shitfest your way without killing the games off and that's what happens, come on Alloa!
  5. Apart from the fact we scored 4 goals over 2 legs............
  6. serves me right for trying to name an opposition player Carswell ;).
  7. That was an awful game to watch, Dumbarton just sat back after scoring 1 goal we passed the ball around well but had no final product. Cracking goal from Dumbarton not sure how Carsley got that much space though.
  8. https://twitter.com/BigScotsBear/status/965258289863852033
  9. Twitter is a laugh today Rangers fans talking about Mike Mulraney
  10. scoring let him down tonight and his old double issues came back, Feel missing the double top after double 16 was great though.
  11. On both form's tonight Phil will slaughter Gary tomorrow.
  12. people are now saying they could see it coming after last season but after the end of the season people were saying he should be kept on, IMO Jim got lucky last season with the points Jack Ross amassed and the team Jack put together, Some of the team selections decisions he made last season were baffling and his signings this season have been poor and we just haven't hit the ground running hopefully the board don't wait till we get cut adrift from the top half before making a decision.
  13. Raw in Glasgow and attending WM 33 have to rank up there for me although I think I was at the same house show as cb_diamond or a year previous and I met a few of them coming out the Marriott across from the Metro centre, meeting Austin was surreal.
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