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  1. I’d like to see Pawlett play in the ‘Clark’ role. He’s good on the ball. Just don’t think he’s all that suited to playing out wide anymore.
  2. It would, slightly, but if he's been told his contract isn't getting renewed (and most wouldn't argue with that with a view to next season) it's only fair to let him go if he has an opportunity. Also opens the door for Glass, if he wasn't already ahead in the pecking order.
  3. No doubt it's early to judge, but I'm gonna do it anyway. By the by, does anyone know what Appere's natural position is meant to be? Every fibre of my being screams out that he's a forward, but he's consistently played out wide (left).
  4. Yup, and that’s why I said he was fine. But we want to progress and I don’t think he’s what we need. Most teams need a Butcher - that aggressive fcuker who breaks up opposition threats. And every team needs that guy in the middle of the park who DEMANDS the ball. Us even more so given our centre backs aren’t that great on the ball. ie Mark ‘McPunty’ Reynolds. Butcher doesn’t give us that, neither does Harkes or Stanton, and I don’t see it in Powers.
  5. He did do ‘fine’ but what does he add? If you think he’s an upgrade on Butcher, then fair enough, but I don’t see it.
  6. Slightly concerned by the signing of Powers. He’s not terrible. He just appears to be a slightly slower, slightly less aggressive version of Butcher. What we need in midfield, desperately, especially if we go up is someone who WANTS the ball to play.
  7. Pawlett has looked like Zidane in comparison to McMullan.
  8. I’d play Pawlett centrally in place of Harkes, who doesn’t really seem to WANT the ball.
  9. One of those games where we are as well punting the ball out of the park rather than passing the ball to McMullan. He’s gotta be replaced at HT. Glass or Appere please!!!
  10. Was just about to slate Harkes for doing nothing, and then... SHANKLAND
  11. Suprising line-up (formation probably bollocks) Reynolds on the bench? Would have prefererred to have seen Appere in the side instead of Harkes or Pawlett, but hey-ho. Cammy Smith can't even make the squad? Ouch!
  12. Not sure why Crystal Palace are willing to pay 'significantly more' to get him six months early. Not as if he's gonna get a game for the first team in that time. Hey-ho.
  13. Folk just remember the games earlier this season where Clark appeared to be playing about 40 yards behind Shankland. As long as you have the midfield supporting Shankland - ala Sporle's goal - the actual formation we line-up in doesn't bother me one jot.
  14. Why? Clark more often than not didn't play as a striker. Pawlett could play in the no.10 role, as could C.Smith, Harkes, Stanton and Glass. The league is as good as won, wasting more money on players we don't need isn't the route we should be taking.
  15. Poor Caley! I'm glad we've given Freeman a contract. He was a very talented kid, so worth a punt, albeit our right back has been one of our best players this season.
  16. What chances? Has he started more than 1 game this season?
  17. Not saying Cammy is going to be a player for us, but its a bit of a joke criticising him for not performing in the few minutes he got on the park when he was probably instructed to run down the clock as best as possible. When was the last time he got a real chance to deliver? According to this he's got more than 20 minutes on the park on just 4 occasions this season.
  18. Listening on the radio, they said Glass was playing on the right and that Nicky Clark was playing deeper. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  19. I think what we would want for him will outweigh what any other club is willing to pay for him. Fairly confident we'll have him until the summer at least.
  20. Think he had a pretty bad injury and his contract was up until New Year, so this would make sense.
  21. Preferred foot on a centre back should be fairly irrelevant at this level. If they were capable of passing the ball at all it would be a welcome improvement on what we've got.
  22. Yup. If we sign someone like Stephen McGinn, I will weep!
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