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  1. If it's been said, I'm sure somebody can find it. I have no recollection of this.
  2. That was obviously what they did, but again, earmarked to leave by who? Ashgar? Fox was caretaker - they were obviously considering him for the job full-time, but they moved Clark on anyway. And brought in another forward. Im not even suggesting there’s anything wrong with this - it’s always made sense to me that clubs shouldn’t devolve all transfer decisions to managers that are often around for a year, or less. The point is decisions are clearly being made without a manager, so I doubt JR had the freedom most appear to presume. Had he always had his eye on the two Aussies for example? I as a fan would just like the club to be honest about the decision making structure.
  3. I have no idea what’s going on with recruitment- that’s what pisses me off, but if the manager has the final say, why was Clark released when we had no manager?
  4. Didn’t he? I know he said he didn’t, but what input did he actually have on transfers? Listening to Sportsound before the game, Liam Fox was asked if he would’ve liked to have kept Nicky Clark and he responded… “That wasn’t up to me so I won’t answer that question.” Maybe JR did want one but Fat Tony was making the call.
  5. For much of the second half, Smith was running about pretty much anywhere other than CB, but kept retreating back into position when the ball went dead. I don’t really understand why he wasn’t just officially slotted into midfield alongside Levitt with us going 4 at the back. Also, what’s Sibbald done? He struck me as our most industrious midfielder when he started the season.
  6. HT thoughts You ostensibly go five at the back to make yourselves more difficult to break down… which is hilarious in our case. Liam Smith putting in the effort and prob best of a bad bunch there but shouldn’t be playing CB. From the back, we are just SOOO fecking slow and laboured, we’re not progressing up the park. Eriksson looks bewildered whenever he has the ball at his feet. Levitt looks completely uninterested - wouldn’t be surprised if he wellies another guy so he can escape for an early bath. Harkes is just shit. We all know this, yet there he remains. McGrath is at least trying. The forwards have had almost nothing to work with. Sack the board yada yada yada!
  7. Yup. I honestly don't know who would deserve most of the credit, but it's obvious to me that the players coming through these days are technically better than what came before. And I remember Levein not only advocating for this but helping making it happen at both United and at the SFA. United's performance school partnership with St John's was setup circa 2009 - a few years before the SFA took it over. Regardless of who, what report etc, from around that time the notion of training kids to be better took hold and we seem to be reaping the benefits of that now.
  8. Literally impossible. Especially if we continue to produce players at recent rates. Kerr Smith could be a Scotland regular or never get a game. Ben Doak looks brilliant but I once said the same of Ali Coote.
  9. No, seriously! I don’t think anyone would argue that we currently have the strongest squad for quite some time and a youngish group at that. But who’s responsible for it? I don’t actually know, but I propose that Levein must be among the leading candidates. While manager at United - around 15 years ago - he completely revamped our youth setup with a focus on getting promising youngsters more coaching and more time on the ball to improve them technically. He also teamed up with a local school to do help do this. When he took over the Scotland gig, he demanded that Scotland do the same - thus the performance schools were born. Now, not all our good players have come through this setup, but I do think Levein was fairly instrumental in shifting the focus in youth football to a more technical basis. Obviously at the same time he did a shit job as the actual Scotland manager, but hey-ho, he had Jamie Mackie to play with. I’m very probably overlooking some other influential voices in the game, but there’s no doubt that the new generations of Scottish player are technically better than a decade ago. So thanks Sir Craig
  10. After years and years of despairing at the lack of centre backs (and right backs), we’re now overflowing with them. That said, it’d have been a brave soul to predict that the likes of Hendry, McKenna, Souttar and Porteous would be our saviours. Honourable mentions to Gallagher and Considine for past service.
  11. Tierney is only 25 and Doig looks promising too.
  12. To be fair to McLean, he is an odd choice to play out wide. Armstrong or Christie would give us a much better balance. Would like to see Gilmour on too. We need to keep the ball.
  13. It's more important than your typical qualifier. Get a result and we're guaranteed a play-off spot.
  14. All agreed, though Clarke will probably go with McLean or Jack to replace McTominay. I remain forever a Gilmour fanboy though. Love Armstrong, but you only need one of him or Christie in the team imho - Fraser offers that extra pace needed.
  15. No issue with this. While there are other forwards, Adams and Dykes are well ahead of the rest in the pecking order, so really need to be interchangeable and able to lead the line. So one for the other shouldn't be a concern. And further to (prays) the end of the McTominay at CB experiment, we seem to also have stopped trying to pair Adams and Dykes together. It didn’t work.
  16. Was Mellonball really all that different from the eye-bleeding fitba of Neilson or Courts? Can't say I noticed it. I'll hope that Fox is some new great coach that'll have us playing great fitba, but...
  17. Fcuk it. Most will say, I'll give them my full support. I'm just fed up of this shitshow now. So, I'll just watch on the TV occasionally and carp from the sidelines.
  18. McTominay should have been playing in our midfield years ago - fcuking stupid defensive experiment that went on far too long. But anyway, aye. I'm one of Gilmour's biggest fans, but he has to be playing well enough that he can shift McGregor from the team. If he can do that great, cos he'll have to be playing really fcuking well.
  19. Oh Jesus suffering fcuk no! Andy Robertson has never been and never will be an attacking midfielder. He'd be about 10th in the depth chart in any named squad for one of those positions. Just because we played well last night with 4 at the back doesn't mean we should throw 5 in the bin. Tierney and Robbo together has proven to work. We just need to stop putting McTominay at the back when we play 5.
  20. Wasn't really on top form either - just used his arse when needed to most and finished brilliantly.
  21. Amazing what happens when you play someone in their natural position.
  22. It’s one of those where refs have no understanding of the game they’re officiating. That sort of body check with that force is far more violent than the typical red card challenge you often see because of ‘studs’. Lucky Adams is pretty big and the defender not all that. Imagine a Lee Wilkie type doing it on a Christie/Gilmour. They’d never get up!
  23. The club sending out an offer of a glass of jizz and a disabled DJ is embarrassing. Pissing off the *** was glorious.
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