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  1. If Dundee can sell their tickets, they should have them - if they're struggling, well then the Jerry Kerr can be segregated. Part of what makes the Dundee Derby atmosphere so special is the relative number of away fans.
  2. Well ignore me, the club have confirmed that only tickets in the Shed are left - that's pretty phenomenal! I hope if/when we go back up that the club take the same approach against the Old Firm and the Sheep - let's keep The Shed!
  3. Seems unlikely, no matter how quickly tickets are selling, that there already isn't a single seat left in the corners of the ET or Dode. Still, looking forward to another packed Derby at Tannadice - cannae beat it!
  4. Correct! The game against St Mirren at Tannadice a couple of weeks before, we were fantastic, but that day we took it to another level. Probably the best United performance I’d seen live since the 1980s. Shame it couldn’t last.
  5. I really liked Dillon at right-back. Any disdain for him probably hinges on the latter part of his career where he morphed into a pretty crap centre-back. However, he is in the team principally because, well, who the hell else is there for right-back? A crocked Mark WIlson, a crocked Keith Watson, or Ryan McGowan? At the other end of the pitch, the competition is such that I had to leave out Craig Conway, who, I think a lot of folk forget had a pretty decent career after leaving Tannadice. In fact at 34, he's a winger that could probably still get a regular game for us.
  6. This. Gauld was by far and away the most exciting talent of the group. Sad to see he's never really kicked on.
  7. Given all the fantastic players we have had at times over the last decade (the first half of it at least), neither Rankin or Dods should be in there. Fine players for us no doubt, but not team of the decade worthy imho. For me both Johnny Russell and Nadir Ciftci (suck it haters) are ahead of Daly. And, whatever may have happened to him now, at the time, Ryan Gauld was the best of the lot out of that team of 13/14 So... gk: Pernis rb: Dillon lb: Robertson cd: Webster cd: Fojut cm: Gomis cm: Buaben rm: Armstrong am: Gauld lm: GMS cf: Russell subs: Cierzniak, Watson, Douglas, Souttar, Dods, Flood, Robertson, Swanson, Conway, Ciftci, Daly, Shankland.
  8. Kuhl was horrendous, but I'm giving sympathy points as he was just a kid. Rabitsch and Briels I can't say I ever saw much of - that was during the phase when I would rather go to Tesco than Tannadice. And yes, Paul fecking Paton.
  9. Kuate wasn't just the worst player on the park that day. It was perhaps the worst individual performance I've ever seen from a United player.
  10. Attempted to pick a team not with guys that were just shite, but that played far too often!
  11. This. You play folk like Clark and Watson in their natural positions, and they perform better - crazy huh?
  12. McGowan has had a few good games against United, but he was dreadful tonight. I was worried about United's midfield tonight, but they were well on top.
  13. Special mention to Callum Butcher - great performance after an insanely stupid early booking. Him and Harkes were excellent, which is something I've not often said. I also think Watson deserves to keep hold of his jersey now - been brilliant since stepping in at centre back. Pity we don't have another pacey wideman - I reckon McMullan could do with a couple of games out of the starting XI - looks a little jaded. Oh... and we've got, Lawrence Shankland (apart from next week)!
  14. All the talk is about United spending £4m on wages. But Dundee are spending £3.5m?
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