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  1. I don’t apologise. This kid is going to be huge for us. eg - The screenshot shows Gilmour receiving the ball from his RB with two Everton players behind him. You all know that 99% of players would have passed it straight back. Instead Gilmour turns, plays the ball into Giroud’s feet and five seconds later Chelsea have scored. In the modern game every team needs a player like this, but they’re rare.
  2. MoM again today. Get him in!
  3. I can't believe folk have been watching the fitba we play and blame it on the opposition.
  4. Six months on I feel the same. We'll get promoted. We might even compete for a top six finish next year, but I simply can't enjoy Neilson's eye-bleeding brand of fitba. He obviously won't be sacked, nor should he really, but I wouldn't be upset if he was.
  5. Appere has been on the park five minutes and has already had as much impact as Pawlett had.
  6. Reynolds playing at Left Back when we have Robson and Sporle on the bench makes my heart ache.
  7. He's played there many times before for Scotland, Celtic, Dundee Utd and whoever else. Just because he's our wide right now doesn't mean he's not also a centre mid. Fucking simpleton stuff. Armstrong rarely played at CM for United - more often than not he was one of the 3 attacking midfielders in a 4231.
  8. 1 performance in the FA Cup, or the best player on the park against the best team in the world? Depends how you look at it I suppose.
  9. Pretty much nailed it. Our defenders are horrendous on the ball and there’s nobody in midfield capable of coming and taking the ball off them.
  10. a star is born get him in the fcuking squad
  11. I doubt there’s a single United fan who would have picked that team tonight. That doesn’t mean shit, but...
  12. We have to go into next season, clearly identifying 5 or 6 players that will improve us. Quality (Shankland) not quantity (nearly everyone else) is key. For one thing, we'd have to pay off a load of players if we sign too many, reducing the budget we have, resulting in us signing more shite that we then have to pay off a year later. Sound familiar? According to that ArabArchive, under McKinnon, Laszlo and Neilson, we have signed 72 players since June 2016. Now if that sounds crazy, consider that from Laszlo's 26 signings only Clark, Wardrop, Siegrist and Watson are still here. From McKinnon's 29 signings only McMullan and Mehmet remain. Can you remember any players that went on to bigger and better things?
  13. I said after two performances, that I was concerned about the signing of Powers - why were we wasting on our money on what was imho a lesser version of Butcher? If we are to go up (which I'm fairly certain we will) then we are going to need 5 or 6 quality signings to go straight into the starting XI, and I gotta say I don't hold much confidence that Neilson will get it right. If we ignore Shankland (because literally anyone would have signed him given the chance) then this season's signings were Smith (decent), King (godawful), Powers (why), Sporle (who), Brown (temp), and Bingham (meh).
  14. This. Even if we to collapse on a scale never seen before, the teams behind us are too shite to take advantage!
  15. It’s the norm. He’s good at making a five yard pass - he’ll complete those b*****ds all day long.
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