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  1. I would expect Dundee fans to come along and have a good troll, but I can't disagree with a word of this. Weren't we negotiating a fee that would have been at least a couple hundred thousand for Safranko a few weeks ago? They even splashed out on giving Connolly a 3 year contract extension not so long ago. Madness!
  2. Signs McNulty one week. Asks the players to take a huge pay cut the next. Makes no sense at all. That's not to say its not true. I've long suspected Tony Ashgar doesn't have a clue what he's doing.
  3. We’re saved. According to FIFA21, Fuchs will be our best player! 😏
  4. On a semi-serious note, folk like to slag McMullan, but I do remember the odd occasion when he could create something. Would giving him a chance over Bolton be the worst thing in the world?
  5. Ok. Let's pretend both Chalmers and Sporle were available yesterday. I think its probably fair to say Mellon would want to play 2 up top - Shankland and McNulty. That leaves us with two realistic formations - 352 and 442. In a 352: Sporle doesn't displace Robson and Chalmers probably doesn't get the nod over Bolton. Maybe, maybe one of them plays in place of Clark in the no.10 spot, but I cannae see it. In a 442: You would probably see one of Sporle/Chalmers come in on the LW with Clark dropping out, and Smith playing RB unless you drop Bolton in there. So Clark in this context is shit and either of Sporle/Chalmers who replaces him is meh. Forgive me if I don't get too excited!
  6. Lets ignore Fuchs for a second, given that we have no idea if he's any good yet. Sporle and Chalmers are pure 'meh', and saying things will be better when they're available again is the ever-present delusion that somehow we'll eventually have a complete fully fit squad. You mean like identifying a real weakness at the heart of the defence and bringing in Ryan Edwards to fix it? AND giving Connolly a 3year contract extension! I'm a long long long way from calling for Mellon to go, but lest we forget, most fans wanted rid of Neilson BECAUSE OF THE EYE BLEEDING FITBA on offer.
  7. I suppose a newly promoted team should be relatively pleased with any point away from home, but there's only so much more of this horrific brand of 'football' that I'll be able to stomach. Attempting to bring on Appere as your first positive move of the game just as the referee blew the final whistle sums up this shitfest we're witnessing right now. Whoever signed Powers needs to be taken out and shot. I've legit never seen a slower fitba player in my life.
  8. Imagine being Appere or McMullan on that bench. Yer allowed to make 5 subs, but the only change yer gaffer has made is to sub a striker for a right-back.
  9. Straight from kick off. When our midfielders get the ball they want to go back. When our defenders get the ball they want to go back. Repeat ad nauseam. 😩
  10. Random Guy not knowing what he’s talking about. Must be a farmer thing.
  11. I’d presume it’s a 352 with Clark playing behind the front two. Sort of setup where Cammy Smith could’ve been a decent option off the bench 🙄
  12. Maybe this is it. Anyway, I'm not gonna bang the drum for Cammy - I just have a feeling that he's a better player than what we've seen of him. He probably should have stayed in Ireland - Dundalk are currently beating Molde in the Europa League.
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