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  1. Naw. Where does he play? He's not a wide player and he doesn't have enough to his game to partner Fuchs or Butcher in a 442. You can play him in a midfield 3, but then you're doing that only because you know your midfield 2 isn't good enough. Fuchs is a decent player at this level. Butcher struggles and Harkes is nowhere near it.
  2. Not my cup of tea because he's fairly obviously not cut out for this level. he may have the odd good game here or there, but he's poor on the ball, he's soft and he ain't very creative. Running about only gets you so far!
  3. Robson was brilliant in the opening games of the season. He has it in his locker and its frustrating that his form can fluctuate so much, but, he's still a Premier League standard full-back, he's one of our own youth products and he's still young. Left-back is way down on our list of priorities for improvement.
  4. You really need to be hoping for better than Butcher in midfield!
  5. He may be an absolute tosser who consistently talks shite without even bothering to check the facts, but he has given me the opportunity to revisit this moment in United history, and it weren't half bad! 🤗
  6. You've clearly been tempted by other things!
  7. He wouldn't be replacing Jack - he'd be replacing McGregor! McTominay is nailed on for Jack's role.
  8. Well if he's shiter than Harkes he must be really really shite!
  9. Is he even shiter than Harkes? Shiter than Powers? Shiter than King? Whereabouts on your shiteometer does he shite?
  10. Take a chill pill man. This absolutely grim squad just stayed up with eased and papped Aberdeen 3-0 to get through to a Scottish Cup semi. Sure, we need to strengthen, but let’s be realistic. If we manage to add a couple of players who improve the squad over and above what what we’ve got and might lose, we’ll be doing well. Pawlett clearly still has a role to play - as long as he’s not on a good wage I’m content with him staying. Plenty of other players that need to be shown the door ahead of Pawlett and prob a few others looking for the door.
  11. It's bizarre. I've watched some of Gauld's games recently and every game he's been the stand-out player every time - madness that he hasn't been given a chance!
  12. I was thinking about this recently around the Forfar game. We were reminded of how it took a last minute equaliser to beat them at Tannadice in 87. Perhaps if we hadn't and didn't have that Cup Final to play prior to the second Gothenburg game things might have turned out differently.
  13. Stuart Duff probably had a good game or two in his United career. He was still shite. I wouldn't be so unkind to call Harke shite, but I wouldn't be offering the kid a new contract.
  14. I hope not. The players don't need a two week break! We're playing Ross County next weekend and the semi is the weekend after that. If there was a game midweek prior, fair enough, but there isn't.
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