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  1. The 'goalkeeping' at the disallowed goal was arguably even worse.
  2. Not often I feel for a decently paid professional fitba player, but aye, that one's gonna bug him forever. At least he had the honour of battling it out against with Messi at the World Cup yesterday while most of the squad were struggling to keep track of Swansea at an empty Tannadice.
  3. Not promising signs. And I know its only a friendly, but the defending, oh my dear lord, the defending!
  4. Would be ironic if the club finally made some decent money... out of a deal that took place before the current owners came along.
  5. Is Behich the first United player ever through to the knock-out stages of the World Cup? Credit to Harry Souttar too.
  6. Just won a few headers again today Saw Australia through to the last 16.
  7. Aye, he does. Starts every game when fit. Haven't seen much of the boy, but he was brilliant today - doubt any of our defenders would've done better against France.
  8. He's good enough to be drafted in, in case of emergency but he's never going to be a better option than either of the incumbents.
  9. I'm all for it if we automatically qualify and get seeded in the group. But it is all a bit of a farce - not only splitting it between five countries, but having a joint bid where Scotland only provides one host, and that ground is probably the third-best stadium in the city in question.
  10. And while it is offside, it should only matter to folk who sleep on a bed of rulers. The offside law exists to prevent goal hanging, not this. Ruining the game because a guys fcuking kneecap was offside! I hate you all!
  11. VAR decides to rule out the opening game of the World Cup, two minutes after it’s scored, because someones offside. Kinda, technically. I hate anybody that ever liked VAR. You’re all mad!
  12. So we're having our most successful spell since 1986?
  13. I predict... Dundee United 2 - VAR 3 - Killie 2 We all lose.
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