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  1. Don’t pin your cray-cray on the rest of us. I was neither particularly concerned about relegation when Courts was appointed nor did I think we were really all that when we won a few games. I was cynical about Courts because (well, obviously) but I am neither calling for his head nor worry about shedding a tear if he departed. Right now I’d suggest the team is less than the sum of its parts - albeit a few of the parts could easily be discarded - which reflects badly imho on the manager, but the season has a way to go yet.
  2. Maybe the club accountants look at it in such a manner. I think fans (generally) take a more rounded view. At the minute we could easily finish top 6 or bottom 6, but either way we're pretty shit, so...
  3. Nor me. And I’d have been more surprised and worried to see Watt straight into the starting XI. Most managers will have an idea of their team days in advance and will be setting them up with that in mind in training.
  4. You say that, but... It’s all well and good wanting a winger in, and I agree we need one, two, maybe even three. Remember though that odds are whoever we’ll bring in will be meh - and if you disagree, I’ll compile a list of all the wide/attacking midfielders we’ve signed over recent years that’ll make you greet! If Shankland was available we’d be fools not to snap him up - a proven asset. Anyway - plenty of players we could/should dispense with to free up space.
  5. Folk seriously suggesting they wouldn't take Shankland? Wild!
  6. Levitt is very very very obviously a deep lying midfielder.
  7. Courts has been manager for seven months now and I still have no idea how he wants the team to play. Maybe that's my fault and I'm just not spotting it, but week to week it just appears random. I take a little issue with this request from 90% of posters for a 'creative player' - who? I mean, we'd all love the modern equivalent of a Charlie Miller or Ryan Gauld but they're rarer than a piece of fruit in Leigh Griffiths kitchen. If they give a f**k on any particular day - Fuchs and Levitt are a decent midfield base - you can play any one from Glass, Mochrie, Pawlett, Harkes or other to give you a bit of forward drive, but we're then left with the fundamental problem of only having one out-and-out wide player - Niskanen (and just like every wide player we will ever have, they tend to go through spells of being shite). FFS Conway! So you chuck Watt out wide, McNulty out wide, Clark out wide, Appere out wide, Pawlett out wide, Chalmers out wide and the fans all bemoan the lack of creativity because, well, obvz!
  8. I’d certainly take that - would prefer a wide player to a defender, but hey-ho!
  9. That's Kerr Smith off. No idea how much we got for him, but just hope they've inserted a big sell-on clause, just in case he turns out decent!
  10. This. Waited fucking years for them to remake the JP and they gave us that monstrosity. The black and grey? Meh!
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