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  1. Its always been that way. Its only now that certain teams aren't getting what they want/winning things that the toys are being thrown about
  2. https://soundcloud.com/richiestephen/richie-stephen-stuck-home-syndrome-004
  3. https://soundcloud.com/richiestephen/richie-stephen-stuck-home-syndrome-002
  4. Generally you'd need to approach the copyright holder - usually record label Unless its Mozart or something - I think that stuff is exempt. https://medium.com/@adamcolefreedman/entertainment-law-mythbusters-your-questions-about-legally-sampling-music-answered-c44aa8fbd3bc
  5. Been Djing on and off since mid-90's. Until August was still exclusively vinyl and using 1210s, but bought a pair of XDJs and now playing off them. This was my first mix on the XDJs
  6. Was about to say this. The bigger picture is no debt and a decent cash buffer. Very much in the black. I like him and he has potential, but objectively Scott isn't all that integral to the way we play and hopefully the loan boy fills the gap for the rest of the push for 3rd. Losing Gallagher or a Polworth would be a bigger dent to our aspirations this season IMO.
  7. Richie


    Yeah, registered for Live Nation. They've got presale as well without needing to pay the Membership Fee.
  8. Richie


    No idea. Found a way round the membership, so just went ajead and got them for a bit cheaper.
  9. Richie


    Ticket prices are a bit of a pisstake. £75 +2.75 handling +9.4 service charge +1.5 facility charge +£32 membership for presale
  10. Demi is v nice. Not particularly liking Rebecca. She went in all girl next doory, but the mask has slipped. Sophie is quite fit, but something about her irritates me. Overall the lassies are a bit meh tbh.
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