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  1. Premier League 2018-19

    Would quite liked to have seen Liverpool winning the league. Not sure about the plucky runners-up chat though. They blew a 10 point lead.
  2. Premier League 2018-19

    Some atmosphere at Anfield
  3. Exactly this. For stuff like the paranoia/conspiracy/referee strike stuff Celtic would piss you at the time, but then they slipped under the radar a bit during the Rangers meltdown etc . It fluctuates. I guess alot of it comes down to who you've played more recently as well.
  4. Manager Meltdowns

    Was genuinely going to post similar about Petrov myself.
  5. Manager Meltdowns

    This was rather amusing. Especially at the end of his rant when he concedes he didnt see it.
  6. The pinnacle of this being the league cup in 2012/13, which turned out to be one of the most embarrasing and gutless results/performances I can remember. Absolute shitebaggery on the pitch. Keith Lasley actually apologised to Lee McCulloch for tackling him at one point IIRC.
  7. It was only the other week the Celtic fans were going apoplectic about unsportsmanlike conduct.
  8. True. Childish antics and disrepect shown towards fellow professionals all the time. Celtic fans lap it up though.
  9. Rangers bottlers v Killie battlers

    That will be Killie being branded 'Hammer Throwers' etc at every turn for the forseeable then.
  10. This is very true. Being out of the bubble, Baraclough's 'ignorance' of the OF mentality definitely helped here. As you say if McCall or McGhee had been in charge, everything from the press conferences to the team selection and tactics would have been full of shitebaggery and deference. Baraclough ultimately didn't work out long term term, but I'll remember him fondly - By hook or by crook he kept us up while facing what was the worst possible scenario.
  11. Remember going to Ibrox that night hoping to limit things to a 1-0 defeat to at least have a hope in the home leg. Was nigh-on a miracle to get through that over 2 legs, particularly given our previous at Ibrox. Absolute scenes though Thought I had put my hip out at Ibrox - Flying over rows of seats, limbs everywhere for the goals. For me the tie was over when Zaliukas blazed one over from 6 yards just before half-time at Fir Park.
  12. Aberdeen v Sevco - Scottish Cup QF

  13. Aberdeen v Sevco - Scottish Cup QF

    https://www.pscp.tv/w/1vAxRykXzrkJl ^^^ This one looks to be from the official feed. Best one so far.