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  1. Loved Caramac but the new Cadbury Caramilk are amazing, definite upgrade - Far more flavour. Fan of Fry's Turkish Delight also. Kindef Bueno esp white one. Riesen chews.
  2. Apparently The Queen has cancer and its an open secret in medical/legal circles
  3. Rangers were penalisedin Europe for a similar instance of that were they not. Remember the media saying it was a ludicrous decision, only for it to transpire that it is actually a foul if you block someone in the process of a pass/shot etc.
  4. Alan Burrows has now dished him out a 'Telt'. ETA: the boy is 50. First World problems.
  5. I guess with Moult, he is a known quantity. Calculated risk. Some players just fit particular clubs. If he manages to stay injury free it will be a good signing.
  6. There were a couple of guys running around taking pot shots at Livi fans outside Club100/Edward Street last week as well.
  7. Morris keeps being played on the Right for some reason, despite being the most left footed player ever and his good stats coming from LM.
  8. Lafferty as cretinous as ever. Should have been booked for a wild dive. Kille #33 going down under every single challenge also. Quality goal. Need to hold the ball more though.
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