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  1. In terms of seeding, yes, but would rather not draw them if they drop into non-seeds.
  2. Pathetic. Similar to the Celtic game, far too passive, no urgency and continually allowing crosses. The worst thing is this seems to be a specific tactic. Grim to watch when we were winning games that way and sitting in the last 20 mins, let alone losing.
  3. Soft pen, but theres a pull of the jersey. That's enought to allow Beaton to give it. Happens all the time, but with 10 mins to go at Ibrox with Rangers losing its an easy one to give.
  4. As I said earlier, if Celtic fans are claiming a red for that, then Ralston's tackle on Roberts which put him into the East Stand wall is also a red for the same reasons.
  5. Not sure where the red on Turnbull shouts are coming from. Won the ball and ref didn't award a foul. Could argue it was a bit robust, but Ralston put Roberts out of the park with a similar challenge in first half. Again - Nothing given (except a shy)
  6. Frustrating. Should have pressed a yard harder and KVV should jave started. Celtics backline an absolute bombscare when you're them pressing high. Disappointing game all round tbh with the only real bit of quality being Turnbull inevitability pinging one in the top corner. I'll leave the ref chat as its a formality.
  7. Phew. Get the Backstreet Boys to f**k as well.
  8. Aye, they'll only sell now if you have a customer ref and have purchased tickets directly from the club in the last 3 years.
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