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  1. Auchinleck Talbot v Montrose Roselea will need to get the “Mental Aitken Brothers” looked out for this one!!
  2. Scottish AGM Monday 21st June & North Region Sunday 27th June Not sure of Midlands. Didnt realise that these Leagues were turning Senior? My understanding is that they are remaining Junior for the time being anyway?
  3. In a very interesting move Forfar west end have applied to EOS Forfar West End ANNOUNCEMENT: The club would like to announce that we have officially submitted an application to join the East of Scotland Football League next season. This is a significant move for the club and a decision that has not been taken lightly however, following weeks of consultation with the committee and management, it has been unanimously decided that this is the best route forward for the club. Should our application be successful, it will see us move into the SFA tiered system. Further updates will be provided in due course.
  4. Think Ian Stewart did not too bad with his side and no money! Quite disrespectful forgetting that little memorable spell if you have been watching for 50 years. His successors made a right mess of what he built with lots of funding from Mr Keith!!! This is an amazing spell and Petrie is taking the team to new levels each season. Hopefully match Alex Stuarts spell in the 70s. Funny the name Stuart/Stewart has been a very lucky omen for Montrose?
  5. North Region Junior Clubs have voted 19/13 in favour of a Null & Void Season in line with the East Region Management decision. Wont be popular with all and you can see it from both sides of the argument
  6. North Region Junior Clubs have voted 19/13 in favour of a Null & Void Season in line with the East Region Management decision. Wont be popular with all and you can see it from both sides of the argument
  7. In the Sunday Mail today. 4 West Of Scotland League teams have declared they won’t be entering the Junior Cup our Association so to concentrate on the new set up. Clydebank Kilwinning Cambuslang and Darvel. Could this see a flood of more teams and the end of the trophy?
  8. Yes as far as I am aware and would also include the North Caledonian League
  9. I believe that there was a meeting between the North Region JFA and the Highland League last week re the Pyramid. No details but understand it is a case of agree or be left to graze on your own.
  10. Banks o Dee springs to mind in the North as mentioned earlier. Stonehaven is other one I can think of but its just a case of you can see the pitch from the high bridge on the way to Aberdeen, to land a ball on the tracks would be superhuman although once played with a defender who could attempt that. There are not many in Tayside especially Dundee as the line runs along the banks of the Tay where there are no grounds however Jeanfields old pitch Simpson Park had trains running by and Luncarty would have at some point a line running by it but not in the last 30 years. Fife must have some but cant think of them at the moment?? Maybe the criteria for this should be if you can land a ball on the line then it counts!!!
  11. East End v Montrose Roselea 100 yards away is on but to be fair you have to allow for travel in such decisions. Both pitches probably both unplayable at 7am
  12. Say it every season but get the first two rounds drawn now or could have been done at AGM to prolong the 38 minute meeting and at least give delegates a little bit of excitement! If it was drawn now then clubs and League Secretaries could plan ahead..........
  13. I can confirm that Montrose Roselea would have no inclination to join the SHFL at the moment. That is not down to lack of ambition it is more down to resources. In a town of 13,000 people it would be very difficult to support two Senior sides and financially at the moment it would be disaster. Our club runs on a shoestring but does very well all the same punching above ones weight. Maybe there is something we are missing like additional revenue from the SHFL that we are unaware of but cant see that being available somehow. Yes we have the ground although we dont have first call on it so that could be an additional problem. We moved from the East to North to cut down on travel so the SHFL would put us back to where we were. In saying that we are in favour of the Pyramid system but that doesn't mean we have ambitions to enter it and go to the highest level. Some clubs have their comfortable level and for us at the moment it is Junior or whatever it may be called in the future. I can see how Banks o Dee would be a natural fit however the talk is that they are not keen.
  14. Sorry been a while but been getting last 4-5 home games filmed
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