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  1. the polis guy is doing a stern job of wishing he was elsewhere...must be of a non Jambo nature
  2. 2 months later, The Herald gets round to doing an obit for him. Loved watching him playing the classic Number 9 moochers role. Different class
  3. sure the wearing of socks up & over his knees is unintentional.... utter thug. This time the SFA will act of course.
  4. why has this sorta thing not happened before ? The possible routes in this country are unlimited. Hope its a success & they are allowed out of the central belt.
  5. "Supporters should note that the Bar 58 facility will no longer be available, following a decision by the Licensing Board and Police Scotland" Sounds like the peeps in charge of denouncing scum have designated the clyde supporters as scum. Utter Scum. The truth is out.
  6. Douglas Ross got paid £60 for his 30minute inspection. MPs expenses
  7. is this the same Norrie Innes ? translated text says you are gonna have a Spanish adventure at some point
  8. not even the locals want to know about the wasteland that is Broadwood ...Cumbernauld central ya bass
  9. they are asking £45 for bronze debenture holders in the South stand & £65 for Silver debentures. They can stroll on at that price. Dread to think what they will be asking for the england game.
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