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  1. Yeah it’s gone a bit further than opinions he is ripping into everything and anything the club is doing. A bit concerning for a forum labelled as official. Seems to be getting a free reign. Mentalist is good lol.
  2. Take a look at official forum. Mr Dickson and his hangers on will leave you digging out those Tena men. Guy has serious issues.
  3. To be fair to Cooke I saw him on Monday against Hamilton reserves and I know it was only reserves but he worked his backside off, won more than his share in the air, put a lovely ball through for our first goal and took his penalty well. He does look as if he isn’t ready for the physical side of the game at this level as he was often just eased off the ball. Maybe it would be worth it to see if Jackson could get on end of his head flicks. Certainly no worse than what we are doing now.
  4. Agreed the ref had a shocker as per his usual but it was the linesperson who called the wrong offside.
  5. 2 International breaks coming up in the next few weeks. Please God let it be one of those. I’ll be in Rhodes for the October one which is exactly where I was when he was appointed.
  6. You might be correct there. His reactions to some of McGinns decisions/passes shows he is not all that happy.
  7. Confirmed https://www.stmirren.com/news/club/all-news/1989-kpekawa-signs-for-saints
  8. Also Also expect St. Mirren to sign ex-QPR defender Cole Kpekawa after he impressed on trial with gk Danny Rogers likely to agree a loan deal from Aberdeen.
  9. http://www.trurocityfc.net/news/departure-cooke-heads-north-of-the-border-2318003.html
  10. Was Donati at the club purely as a back up defender or was there another reason. Just thought considering how often he was involved it was a bit strange.
  11. Correct http://www.scottishfa.co.uk/scottish_fa_news.cfm?page=1986&newsCategoryID=1&newsID=17220
  12. Funniest bit about Saturday was the row of bald middle aged bellends in the front row of hospitality. Their performance towards us old farts who can't stand for a whole game was embarrassing to both themselves and Morton. What Neil Lennon is being accused of was mild compared to their actions during the game. Fair brightened up what was a shit day!!!
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