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  1. wellboy1991


    Heading this weekend on a Stag Doo as mentioned a wee bit above. Any help on best places to go to for a group of guys in our late 30’s & 40’s. Decent music, beer and some candy for the eye would be preferable.
  2. wellboy1991

    The Expanse

    I’m new to the Expanse party. Half way S3 and really enjoying it. However one main gripe I have is the Belters accents. Part Afrikaans, Cockney & Welsh. Irritating as f**k at times.
  3. And he also missed an utter howling sitter. But it’s cool he has a good pension to fall back on....
  4. Tonight episode has been cancelled.
  5. wellboy1991

    Bond 25

    I like it. Defo suits the Craig era. Listening to this definately gives you the Bond goosebumps as can just picture the start of the film and opening action sequences. Can’t wait.
  6. Is it just me that finds the whole hideaway thing a bit weird how they all celebrate them going to bed together.
  7. wellboy1991


    Actually gutted at how this has turned out. I am getting less and less invested especially with no Bjorn or Lagertha.
  8. Jamie deserves a bout of the Coronavirus. Rodent bad mouthing Scottish Football ...
  9. I’m really struggling to watch this this now every time that Shaugna is on the TV. She is really irritating me and a nasty bitter piece of work.
  10. Rebecca is a total black widow. Anyone that had anything to do with her in a couple has been papped out.
  11. Ooft. Wee Nas has fucked himself with Casa Amor. Shaughna can go at any point. A total fud.
  12. A stunning looking c**t mind you. Wee boot just using him to get in the Villa.
  13. Might not if I was you. The legend is potentially bit fit to play. Seemingly he has ran 40k+ over the past three games.
  14. What’s the script with the lad Luke M. Seems the nicest guy in there but all the lassies just f**k him off.
  15. Also to add, Rebecca is poison to a couple. If I was in there I would not want to couple with her. Connaugh and now Wallace gone due to her. Black widow....
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