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  1. We've lost a Scottish Cup Quarter Final, Away from Home, in a game where on another day the result could have been different. Let's go back to 2006 - 2007, and three consecutive Home games against Cowden 'fookin' beath. 12 August 2006 Ayr United 0 Cowdenbeath 4 24 February 2007 Ayr United 0 Cowdenbeath 2 1 December 2007 Ayr United 1 Cowdenbeath 4 Can't remember which one of those Games the Club sent hordes of Stewards and Police to the Somerset Road End. Monday Night was a sore one, but it was a bloody pamper-session at a Spa Resort compared to the above.
  2. IMO We should Play Dipo off Bryden. Dipo is more than capable of playing a bit wider and deeper, ( Ref. his weighted pass to Mullen at Cove ) and it appears that Bryden enjoys a wee tussle with a Centre-Half.
  3. Hoofball: There is a big difference between Route One and what Ayr United are currently playing. Greenock Morton are certainly closer to Route One than we are, IMO we try to get it up to Dipo 'quickly'. For the majority of this season our possession stats are usually less than the opposition.
  4. Oooft. We've only won 11.5% of games he has been in the middle, next worse percentage is St. Mirren at 21.9%.
  5. I made Butternut Squash & Pancetta Risotto last Night....................
  6. Hewitt played in the last round for Peterhead, I do like the idea of starting Bryden up front, might encourage JML to hit the byline more often. IE like just after half-time on Saturday.
  7. ' If ' we are to sign any players, IMO we need a wee bit of experience. The average age of the team that finished against Dundee was 23-ish.
  8. How often do we read, " But, the Directors ARE fans of [ the Club ] " .........................book ended by, " How are Fans going to run [ the Club ] !! " For Fan Ownership, read Community Ownership. Directors should run organisations within the clauses of the 'Constitution' or whatever Rules are adopted. Current Limited Models can be hidden behind, Community Ownership Models CAN ( and should ) provide a degree of Transparency. Put the 'journalists' on the back foot.
  9. He contributes to a tighter back four by defending the 18 yard box better than others. We lost 6 goals in the three games before he was introduced, and only two since. We now have a pragmatic back four, which allows us to retain our attacking options.
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