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  1. No cvnt is going to listen to the fans because 90% of us are morons and the remaining 20% of us can't count.
  2. The 40 or so teams who make up the professional league in scotland is too many. The clues in the name 'professional'. The part time clubs who have zero ambition in getting anywhere near the top league, who field players on £50 a game or even no fee should never ever be part of the senior league set up in Scotland. Let them go play in the amateur leagues where they belong. Then we start with the clubs who are full time and talk about league reconstruction from there. I can't even be arsed looking but If that is only 20 teams then so fekin be it, we have a league setup that works for the 20 full time teams and no team should be promoted unless they are prepared to go full time. At least that way the decisions on the professional game won't be made by a chairman of a 3rd division team with 200 fans and a £10k annual budget.
  3. When will McInnes walk for the sake of the clubs dignity and his lack of ambition? or are Aberdeen about to do an Arsenal and let the manager get away with 7 years of mediocrity (and mediocrity in the SPFL is pretty low) as they try and recoup the new stadium bill.
  4. So, which one are you, Frankie Boyle or Kevin Bridges, cause that wiz funny...
  5. take Uefa to CAS and challenge it, they're imposing restrictions on home leagues managing themselves. I don't really care as long as the interests of the scottish game are managed within the scottish game and not restricted by a 3rd body who are only interested in their own sh!t
  6. So don't pay them. Coronavrus has changed everything. time for a reboot, and that reboot puts scottish football interests at the heart of scottish football and if UEFA don;t like it they can go f**k themselves
  7. and at what point do we tell UEFA to go f**k themselves and put our own interests first. time for the tail to stop wagging the dog and we just tell them what we're doing and f**k em.
  8. If Falkirk aren't just plain old Falkirk then I'll just give up. I'm 80% of the way there anyway and it's simply the fact I've been going week in and week out for 34yrs that keeps me coming back. Every season gets harder to justify and the last 3 seasons have really tested my resolve. The away trips aren't what they were, the banters non existent and the fans are on the whole a bunch of whining p***ks who like watching Barcelona on tv but are happy with Buckie Thistle on the park. And I'm not one to slope off and pretend I've a 2nd team in the English Premiership either, I'd rather just give up the game completely.
  9. What's the fvcking point anymore. time for Saturday afternoons be about DIY and going to the pub for drinks
  10. 1. Use current league standing to determine European places for the SPL, that way clubs can register in the competitions in plenty of time. 2. Then finish the league no matter how long it takes. 3. Have a quick 2 game knockout play off in all leagues to determine promotion and relegation, this includes the shambolically lop sided SPL play off. (play offs' would be complete in 1 week) 4. 2 week break after play offs to rest players and let clubs sort contracts or just extend the transfer window for a period 5. For next season, if necessary get rid of both League cup and Scottish cup replays and you can schedule more league midweek games if that was needed. 6. As a last resort, reduce the number of games next season or extend the league by a couple of weeks. 7. optional. Relegate Dunfermline straight to the League 2. (Mo'n the Bairns) Points 1, 2 3 and 4 can be decided now. Points 5 and 6 can be decided once the leagues know the duration of any further delay sorted
  11. Can we please stop critiquing the players abilities. We're a diddy team in a diddy league on a diddy budget with a diddy BOD taking the club nowhere but down. The players are what they are and if they were decent they wouldn't be playing for FFC Wind your necks in and just enjoy Christmas FFS, this p*sh will still be here in the new year, and the next year.
  12. Don't start with the Houston pish! Housty for President.
  13. Just let the club die and start again if anyone can he bothered. It's been a complete waste of a Saturday afternoon since Houston left. Those who called for his head and wouldn't give him the chance to fix the slump in form after everything he did for us should hang their head in shame. We can also get rid of the pish stadium and shite artificial surface at the same time as we reform as Falkirk 2020 Newco.
  14. Who's the goat that wants to keep Paton? he's the worst footballer I've seen in 30 years. Actually, I take that back, he's not a footballer.
  15. I don't care what the financial reasons are for having it but that plastic patch has to go. No professional football should ever be played on a plastic pitch. you may as well play in the street
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