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  1. Looking forward to Rangers Twitter having a massive barney when the team is announced. Battle lines will be drawn along a "Too strong" / "Too weak" axis. Is it Thursday yet?
  2. I wouldn't even be considering playing Roofe or Ramsey on Sunday. Or Jack for that matter. Itten was brought back from loan, but isn't in the UEFA squad, so I'd be astonished if he doesn't play some part on Sunday. I think it's bigger picture time. We've made a c**t of the league with too many draws this season, and even if we win on Sunday we are still requiring them to drop points in two more of their remaining games and us to take maximum points. We'll win the league next season, or the season after or whenever, European Cup Finals don't come around too often.
  3. Good defensive performance tonight, but didn't do enough on the occasions we pressed forward. Sometimes you have to hold your hands up and acknowledge a top class goal. Definitely would have taken a 1-0 at the start of the game and getting them back to Ibrox. We're still very much in this tie.
  4. Kent and Wright out wide and Aribo playing as a false 9?
  5. I do hope that I make it into her Britannic Majesty's Honours list one year.
  6. f**k sake Michael, calm doon, you'll get us in bother.
  7. I've eaten an entire After Eight Easter egg just to try and keep me off the beers
  8. No, no. Rangers have somehow convinced UEFA to create a blue one just for us.
  9. I was genuinely upset when I read that Maxim Tsigalko died a few years ago. edit: Christmas Day 2020, to be more precise. Fitting, as he was a gift to us all.
  10. She sounds like one of these Live, Laugh, Love arseholes.
  11. Barisic has regressed back to the timid player he was for the first 6 months or so of his first season. He needs another St Mirren moment, but he can't be trusted at LB at the moment, the game at Parkhead being a prime example.
  12. That would probably be my XI as well. If Morelos not fit I think Roofe fits in there ok, but maybe doesn't give us quite the same options as Alfie.
  13. Me: Thank f**k the License tests are done and I don't need to obsessively try to achieve Gold anymore Luca: Missions are now available.....
  14. 2:25.4. Get it fucking right up you, Spa.
  15. Have managed a 2:29.8 at Spa for Silver. From thinking I'd be unable to get Gold I'm thinking that it's not unachievable with a bit of luck. Stuck on the demo ghost and my fastest lap ghost and was on a great lap. Right on the demo ghost tail and my fastest one was miles behind. Om the back straight lifted off for the left hand curve on the dry line and ended up facing the way I came. Possibly the closest I've ever come to launching my controller through the TV. Seething. Utterly seething
  16. You're taking far more of the kerbs than i'm able to. I find as soon as you put a wheel anywhere near them you get to see where you've just come from quite quickly
  17. I managed to do a 2:39 and get bronze. I think I could probably get down to silver but I think that would be my limit. Behold me tiptoeing round Spa!
  18. f**k Spa, f**k that Porsche and f**k the rain.
  19. A better performance in the last 30 mins. Roofe made the difference. The away support were an embarrassment today.
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