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  1. Is Val Kilmer playing a CGI character in this?
  2. The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent. Great fun. Cage and Pascal look like they're having a great time. The scene with the two of them on acid is fucking hilarious. And Sharon Horgan is in it and she's both funny and hot, so win win.
  3. I was wondering if they'd do a redo of the original pilot episode. Don't necessarily know if it would work as well now.
  4. Finally got round to bingeing the last half a dozen episodes after starting this and stopping. Definitely the best Star Trek show (along with Lower Decks) for a long time. Hardly any of the shit that they threw at us in Discovery. They've also fixed Discovery's mistake by actually letting us get to know the main members of the crew rather than having just let them be glorified extras whilst the main character did everything. I thought it was a ballsy move to try and give us an alternative view of Balance of Terror, considering it's one of the best episodes of TOS, but they pulled it off. Not 100% sold on the new Jim Kirk though.
  5. Just finished the series there. If absolute joy could be condensed down into 30 minutes, this would be the result. I long to be as excited about something as Bob is whenever one of them gets a bite on their rod.* *Fnarr
  6. More "Things that absolutely boil your piss" than PTTGOYN: Do G.P surgeries actually do anything anymore? A month or so ago, I got a pretty bad eye infection. Filled in the online consultation form, attached photos and sent it off to the surgery, only to be called a few hours later to be told by one of the harridans that work there that they don't deal with eye problems and I need to go to the optician. Filled one in today for my son who has something going on on his tongue, white marks and ulcers down one side, only to be told that he needs to see the dentist. This is despite the doctor prescribing cream for the same thing about a year ago. It was hard enough seeing a doctor pre-COVID but now they just seem have decided to palm every c**t off onto someone else. edit to add: I actually like the online forms that you fill in now, as you generally get an answer from them pretty quickly, but when the answer is invariably "f**k off and bother someone else" it sort of takes the shine off it.
  7. Watched the first 3 episodes and i'm really enjoying this. Definitely agree with @capt_oats about it being a stressful watch.
  8. I realise that this is basically a TNG reunion/sendoff, but f**k sake Spiner must have some big tax bill to pay the amount of times they keep bringing him back.
  9. I've rattled through the whole season this week. Absolutely brilliant stuff.
  10. 2nd and 3rd Sevco? Have we gone bust another twice?
  11. I'm counting the Matondo one that was cleared and the Colak one. Don't take this away from me.
  12. He's a smashing wee player but that's a shocker from Devlin. Absolutely no need for it either.
  13. My October Medal got scrubbed because of the weather this morning. I was on 6 and playing really well. Carried on playing. This was taken on the 13th
  14. Just watched that there. The wee kicker at the end was incredibly sad, as he's spoken about his mum a few times and you could see how upsetting it was for him. Whoever is in charge of how they shoot this programme doesn't get paid nearly enough.
  15. The ref shat it from sending off 2 of their players. I was convinced we were getting a red for the first soft challenge that went in.
  16. Words I never thought I'd type: Porteous was MOTM there. Had a great game.
  17. I'll be honest, I was more offended by him finishing off with an Ed Sheerin song, I'd much rather have had another papish one.
  18. I'd be very surprised if Jack doesn't start now.
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