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  1. Said to my mates after the gig last night that I've been to numerous gigs at the Barras, but I've never seen or heard the place bouncing like last night when they did I Need Never Get Old. I love going to see bands that genuinely look like they're enjoying themselves rather than contractually churning out their songs
  2. Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats absolutely blew the roof off the Barras last night
  3. Without sounding patronising, which I'm sure is the last thing the Jambos want to hear, but the fans were fantastic today. Really made it a proper cup final atmosphere.
  4. About to head off for the train to Hampden. My son's first ever game. Can't wait.
  5. Well, he has two Scotland tops, so probably. Was that not the answer you were looking for?
  6. Never felt as gutted after a game of football in my life. I think it's worse this time than 2008 as we really could have won that game. Proud of the team for the achievement of getting there, and I know that eventually this sick feeling I have will give way to a better feeling about the whole thing. I can't explain how good it felt watching the game with me wee boy sitting there with his Rangers top, hat and jammie trousers on. Seeing how caught up in the thing he was when we scored. Sake, i'm tearing up again now.
  7. Was just about holding it together today as well. Sake.
  8. Don't get me wrong, an ice cold Cruzcampo in sweltering Spanish heat is just lovely, but I'd rather have a cold pint of T and i'll fight anyone to the death that disagrees.
  9. Suppose we should let yous have that if it distracts you from singing about all that other stuff.... John Lundstram?
  10. I was bullied to a certain extent at school. Never to the same extent as some of the poor c***s that they targeted, but enough for it to have left it's psychological scars. I always found it amusing in a twisted sort of way on the odd occasion that I was unfortunate enough to bump into them in my adult life and they'd speak to you like you were long lost best pals. I don't care how much you've changed, or how much you regret what you did, or the problems you had in your own life at the time that made you do it, you're still the c**t that made my life miserable and I wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire.
  11. Yes they are. We've got a song about them and everything. Betting on us and backing us up on matters horticultural. Big team found.
  12. I'd be surprised if it wasn't the same starting XI from the Leipzig game at Ibrox.
  13. I don't really think anyone actively hoping for bother can claim the moral high ground on anything, imho.
  14. I think i've got an STD just from reading the last few posts.
  15. None really. I was just making an observation that passport queues happen here too
  16. It took me 2 and a half hours to get through passport control at Edinburgh Airport in April.
  17. I think you could make an argument for Davis, the 2008 version, and the wee Captain.
  18. The Lincoln Lawyer series on Netflix is very enjoyable.
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