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  1. A cup of scalding hot beef juice seasoned with lots of pepper at the football on a freezing cold day is magnificent.
  2. Yes Martin, we get it..... eta: I mind when I went to the cinema to see it, and Martin Sheen's character takes the header off the building. When he lands there is this huge comedy spray of blood like something from a Monty Python film. I burst out laughing in this quiet, full auditorium. I don't think I was popular.
  3. I'm a huge Scorsese fan, but this one for me is one of his stinkers. See also Shutter Island. I think it's shit that this was the one they finally gave him an Oscar for.
  4. Was away to Spain over the October holidays and played at a club nearby that I've played quite a few times, La Estancia. After 30+ years of golfing, I got my first ever eagle at the par 5 13th. Hit a decent 3 wood up the left hand side that was in the rough but sitting up nicely and caught another 3 wood perfectly that rolled up to 4 feet and knocked in the putt. Was practically cartwheeling off the green.
  5. I can go out to the shops, get a big shop in, and be home in 45 mins. She will disappear for over 2 hours.* * Away getting pumped, etc.
  6. That's a couple of games now that young Poretous has came to our rescue when we've been struggling. Thanks Ryan.
  7. Anyone that's for this is a wrong 'un. Pass it on.
  8. Bassey, Lundstram and Morelos are 45/1 to all receive a booking tonight.....
  9. What an absolute c**t. Too late deleting it as well.
  10. I wonder what Russel has been told his role will be? He already looks a better driver than Bottas and he's going to Mercedes to win a world title. I wonder if it's a case of "2 or 3 seasons as rear gunner, then it's your turn" once Hamilton retires. Assuming the 2022 Merc is up to it, that is.
  11. I've just finished it. Pretty good all in, but I felt that once you find out/figure out where it's going it loses steam a wee bit. The boy playing the Priest and the woman that plays the pious headmistress/acolyte are both outstanding.
  12. A Mega City, you say? Can I put myself forward for law enforcement?
  13. I've got a pump that came with the Renault I had years ago, but it's a bit gutless and seems to stop inflating once it gets to about 30psi.
  14. Petrol stations that still charge for the use of their air pumps. Who the f**k still carries money?
  15. Confusingly, I didn't realise that the lassie in the video isn't Julia Cumming, but Welsh actress Aimee Ffion Edwards who was in Peaky Blinders
  16. My kids are 8, 5 and 1. At the moment it's still mummy and daddy, but the eldest is starting to throw the odd mum and dad in to test the water. Doesn't bother me, but my wife keeps correcting her.
  17. Personally I'm delighted Sutton didn't get it. The man is an imbecile. Lennon should have been carried shoulder high onto the pitch at half time so we could show one of the heroes of #55 the respect they deserved.
  18. Tell him if he watches it his hands will stop growing. Tell him thats what happened to you I can only imagine what you watched. Was it Bambi's maw dying on a loop?
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