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  1. There is rumours that Lowry's attitude needs a bit of work before he starts getting game time again.
  2. Rory's drive up 18 there is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever seen
  3. Went along to this after my wee boy was playing for St Cadocs 2015's at Glasgow Green this morning. Final score was a deserved 3-1 to Thorn Athletic. Some of these young lads are fucking gigantic!
  4. I highly recommend Agent Elvis on Netflix.
  5. Whilst it wasn't a cocktail umbrella, as a foolish young buck, I went home after the dancing with a girl of low morals and in the following days contracted a very itchy, weepy boaby. I eventually plucked up the courage to visit the Sandyford clinic in Glasgow. Part of the test they did was to insert what looked like a flattened cotton bud up the eye. It genuinely felt like she'd driven a number 42 bus up there.
  6. Was at PSG - Nantes last night. Mbappe scored his 201st goal for the the club and became their all time top scorer
  7. Watched the Poulter and Joel Dahmen Full Swings last night. Poulter is a w****r, Dahmen just comes across as a really nice guy.
  8. I quite enjoyed the Brooks episode of Full Swing. Certainly more than the first one. Yes, it was a bit hard to feel sorry for him whilst he trudged about his big mansion, but you could see how much not being able to compete anymore, whether its injury or something else was absolutely tearing him up. That period where he looked like he was going to win every major he played in was like when Tiger was winning everything. Shame he seems to have burned brightly for such a short period and disappeared into the LIV ether. Needed more absolutely hating DeChambeau as well.
  9. I wasn't aware that was who she is. But I'm absolutely positive they used the same sound effect for her appearing on the bridge screen that was used in Undiscovered Country. God, I'm a fucking nerd.
  10. Deserved win for Celtic. Beale made a fucking c**t of it with his selection today. As soon as he brought on the 3 that should have started the game we competed. I'd like a Rangers manager just once to pick his team against them based on our strengths rather than trying to stop them playing. Gio learned that lesson the hard way.
  11. And springtime begins because either he, or one of his progeny are back tapping f**k out of every window in my house.
  12. Aye. I think they've finally given in and done the TNG send off we've all wanted for so long.
  13. I was at that show. ETA: someone mentioned Reginald D Hunter. I saw him at the Pavilion years ago. Someone in work had spare tickets going and he was someone I'd quite enjoyed on the TV. It was a really weird show. He seemed to die on his arse and he knew it, did about 60 mins and ended it very abruptly.
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