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  1. I think how were react against Young Boys on Thursday will have a bearing on how this goes.
  2. Thanks mate, you're definitely the best and most handsome of the Bears on here. No Surrender. Shut the f**k up, you spider posting c*nt.
  3. Is there a contactless limit for Google Pay at petrol stations?
  4. Reminded me of watching a Tommy Burns Celtic team dominate against us but come crashing up against an unbeatable Andy Goram. Gutted.
  5. Did I just pick up 2 cases from the Gulf garage along the road from East End Park? Not for me to say. But, yes, I did.
  6. We had balcony standing tickets. Once you get in to the gig you just take whatever one you can get. I was surprised at how much room we had up there.
  7. Tastes like fuckin Irn Bru to me, ladz.
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