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  1. As player he could be an outstanding defender, but would occasionally get a bit big for his boots and drop an absolute clanger. He started demanding to take free kicks, which 99 times out a 100 would end up in row Z. After being relieved of the captaincy he seemed to settle and concentrated on defending much to the improvement of his game. tldr: He wis a kafflick. Never liked the c*nt.
  2. 1) Yes I have. It's really not very nice 2) See 1) I'm also fairly sure they do sell Bud in Aldi, but I don't buy it because it's fizzy pisswater.
  3. throbber rhyming off beers that maybe aren't the best, but saying he prefers Fosters or Carling to them is the most throbber thing I think I've seen him post.
  4. We've been having occasional, smaller bust ups, hopefully to stave off a much larger one further down the line.
  5. I thought Charlotte's line about remembering that she was a predator hinted at William/Man in Black? eta: Whilst I didn't get the hate from some quarters for s2, the first 3 episodes of s3 have been absolutely fantastic.
  6. I've got him on Facebook and I'm sure he posted something in the last week. I know he spends a bit of time in Germany with his girlfriend, but his account seems to have been deactivated. Hope he's ok, he's a good lad.
  7. Don't worry @Bairnardo, i'm done making the obvious jokes for today.
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