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  1. I'd imagine this could be slightly embarrassing for posters that spend more time on their rivals threads.
  2. I've never been a huge fan of Tydesley's style of commentary, but I'll admit that having him there instead of Tom Miller is a huge step up in quality. Kevin Thompson is pretty good, but just needs to inject a bit of personality.
  3. KnightswoodBear

    The Boys

    This looks tremendous.
  4. Looks like I spoke too soon. Looks like the Sevco hoardes weren't socially distancing properly in the boozers in Aberdeen before the game on Saturday.
  5. Any brave stenographers willing to ask David Cunningham King if this month's wages are to be paid? My guy indicates that Mr Let's Go is less than happy at El Buffalo being sold out from under him and is currently seeking an escape via Bristol. Please donate, dear readers.
  6. I almost wish we'd dropped some points at Aberdeen or kicked over some sandcastles, because this kit chat is brutal lads.
  7. Played Cardross today and really enjoyed it. Apart from hitting 2 out of bounds on the 4th and ending up with a 10 and a couple of stupid holes on the back 9 I was really happy with my shots off the tee and approach iron shots. My putting was abysmal though and I reckon I left 10 shots out there on the greens. Lots to work on.
  8. I initially thought the red should have been shown to both players, but when you see it again Arfield is trying to protect himself from getting a sore one. Nice easy 3 points to start with. Would have liked to have seen us finish the game off as a contest earlier.
  9. I like Koepka a lot. He seems like a genuinely nice guy and there is the bonus that he seems to dislike deChambeau and doesn't hide the fact. Him three putting from 3 feet was absolutely fantastic though. Seeing any professional golfer make a rip roaring c**t of something does always make you feel just a little bit better about your own game.
  10. I got caught by a camera in France last year. 90 Euro fine waiting for me when I got home. That was it. No points.
  11. I had that on tap in Stac Polly in Edinburgh a few years a go. Absolutely lovely. I need to check out their online shop because it was mega expensive for a case of it last I checked.
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