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  1. I think it was last season I said it, but some of the football Gerrard has us playing is as good as, and better than anything we played under Advocaat.
  2. I've not seen the video but I've seen folk talk about it. I've no problem with it. They've avoided all the big CL teams, and I'm sure our players were breathing a sigh of relief as well. Nothing there to get angry about.
  3. McGregor, Patterson, Wright and Kamara all played last night, m9
  4. I think this is a winnable tie, but they'll be looking at it exactly the same way and after putting Leicester out they'll be flying.
  5. The higher you build your barriers... The taller I become....
  6. As I've had f**k all reason to actually wear mine and it's been in its box for almost a year, I've taken mine out to give it a bit of fresh air.
  7. This is an astonishing rewriting of the facts. At no point since we've come back to the top league have we been favourites at the start of the season. edit: It was closer this season, but Celtic were still huge favourites with the bookies.
  8. What makes a man turn neutral, Kif?
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